Mr. president, I do

Mr. president, I do

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She was a Crown princess of the most powerful country. Kidnapped at a young age and thrown in the hands of an abused mistress of the weaver family.She becomes a mistress daughter. since her mother died, she was forced by her father to live with him and his second wife, they hate her. Kally, her stepmother, hates her because she was a mistress daughter, and her own father hates her. They troubled her so much that she is on edge, insecurity, loneliness, dread, emptiness, is all which she described her life.> Her father forced her into a business marriage, where she has no say in it, Her heart shuttered knowing that the little hopes she has left have gone. It was a business marriage with the prince of one of the five royal families who disguises himself as a CEO of a company. Rean Windsor.Whom she did not know. She thought her father forced her to marry a man who will be just like him . who will hate her, insult her just like her father. But she got just the opposite of what she thought."Let me love you let me worship youlet me cherish you " "you are mine", he whispers in her ears."I will always protect you just give me a chance.""I will destroy everyone who bullies you, my precious wife"Will she find the truth about her real family after marrying the prince or will she die in the labyrinth of these royal families.

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nice very interesting...
2022-01-01 01:30:26
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Yuki Yui
LOVE THIS STORY...... But what happen to Chap 81 till end... Dear author or person in charge, please correct the mistake...
2021-11-15 04:46:39
user avatar
too many error..
2021-09-17 08:33:12
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Leonie Walker Everett
waiting for book 2
2021-09-10 03:17:15
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Leonie Walker Everett
so for this book gets ..............................masterfully written a few grammatical errors but excellent
2021-09-06 09:06:14
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Mitzi Coetzee
I Loved it
2021-08-04 01:55:40
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Shawnnamanda Keller
great book will there be a second part to this book it kinda left us on a cliff hanger but i couldnt put it down lol
2021-08-03 04:07:31
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Michelle Bolton Green
Great story
2021-07-20 11:32:49
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Toni Rohrer
great book.
2021-07-11 23:50:01
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Dawn Povish
Good book.
2021-07-08 09:52:06
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Winnie Nyaboke
loving the story, hope it won't be twisted and not long
2021-07-03 13:11:29
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hello readers hope you vote for my books🥰
2021-06-05 02:50:57
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Himani Rana
2021-06-02 06:43:28
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Kree Geraldine
Just started reading it and already hooked.
2021-06-01 01:57:25
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Gel Dingcong
Nice story
2021-05-27 05:12:49
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Chapter 1
This is not long book which goes on and ,this book has two parts first one with contains 87 chapters ,which is this one. And second one which will contain 30 or less then 30 chapters. I have finished this book till chapter 78 , from 79 to 87 chapters will be completed and edited by 24 August. As for second book ,it will come soon.  Thank you please enjoy.       WAKE UP YOU BRAT!!" Says a girl splashing a glass of water on a sleeping female."Do you have anything to do other than sleeping!! Get ready and come downstairs" Says a  girl to a now wet wide awake female.This is how every morning of Anne weavers the step Daughter of Andrew weavers and the Ceo of  Weavers  Enterprises is. Sometimes she thinks about what did she do to deserve a life like this. She did not choose to be like this. It was not her mistake that her father chooses to cheat on her mother with some random girl wh
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Chapter 2
Anna POVI really ever the most unlucky person ever on this planet,Here we are in Mr Windsor house for dinner and meet but to my bad luck, I am in no position to stand, I had a very bad stomach ache because I haven't eaten anything from the morning and I am totally exhausted cause there was so much in company.I looked around to see two people in there 50’s or so smiling at us, they must be my future husband parents. But I stopped in my track to see the handsome man standing beside them.My jaw nearly drops as I take in the sight of the man entering the room.Straight, styled, jet black hair with a pair of soul-piercing dark blue eyes enter my field of vision. Perfectly sculpted face with light pink plump lips, straight nose and incredibly well-defined jaw with high proud cheekbones accentuate the plains of his face. He stands surprisingly tall–compared to his mother and father that is– and from where I am, I can tell he
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Chapter 3
Slap!!!!“What the hell is wrong with you ungrateful bitch  why so late, you really have the guts to embarrass me in front of them, I told you to be on your best behaviour didn’t I, you must have lots of fun embarrassing me in front of them.“but it’s just –" she tried to defend herself but she forgets who she is talking to.Slap!! “ Don’t talk back you pathetic piece of shit” Go to your room, don’t ever come down for dinner, don’t show your face unless say so “ Her father shouted at her.“s-sorry father,” she said before she runs toward her room. Closing the door, she cried. “what d-did I ever do you them, it’s not my fault to be born here “ she whispers and cried herself to sleep with an empty stomach. Next MorningAnne was about to go to her office but stopped by her father’s word.“Sto
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chapter 4
Next day“wake up bitch “Emily shouted at anna, throwing a bucket of cold water on her. It 5-degree temperature outside. But who cares.Anna woke up immediately but salted when Emily jumped on her grabbing her hair. “ you slut, you must have seduced my man, I wanted to marry him, and  you snatched him away from me, you slut .”She didn’t give anna time to speak and slapped her. Anna was so used to this treatment that not a single tear left her eyes.  She rolled her eyes at her and pushed her off her bed. “What the f*CK Emily, I did not do anything which men are you talking about. I never snatched you, man” Anna shouted.“you did, I was supposed to marry Rean not you, why did they choose you over me a mistress daughter,”  Emily shouted but in return, she got a slap from Anna.“You can say anything to me don’t bring my mom into this “Anna spoke calmly. But Emily st
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chapter 5
"Why me? I mean... there's a lot of girls that I know will offer their life at you," she added.“I mean you can get any girl you want, I am not what you think, I am messed up, my life is messed up. I can’t take care of myself. I Can’t be beside you or near your level, you are beyond my reach Rean. You are someone I can dream of, but can’t achieve, you are a really good person Rean, you should find someone who can love you just the way you are, cherish you and it's definitely not me ” He was sitting there listening to her, he was silent too silent she thought. She was done eating and got up, Was about to leave but he immediately got up and picked her up in his arm, it was so sudden that she did not realize what happens and in a blink, she was in his car. He was driving really fast his nerves was poking out of his skin, his hand clench on the steering wheel. Was he angry 
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chapter 6
Rean was now on his business trip and every night after his work he came to the hotel he took a shower and had dinner and then he calls Anna. It's refreshing to talk to her. about his day to her and listening to her babbling about something happen on her day. Today he came late to the hotel because of some complications that occur in business. he just took a shower now contemplating if he should call her or not. He wants to talk to him so bad so he just decided to text her.  He waited for her reply but never got reply back. He was not feeling so good about, he tried to console his mind that she must be sleeping but he was not so sure himself.  Anna came back from work and was passing by the living room when she heard the conversation of her stepmom and Emily. “Mom the man you found her is the most handsome man, he got money, power, I got to marry him, I want to marry him. I to
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chapter 7
“where are we going Rean “ she was excited going out with him today. “hmm well actually I am not going with I will just drop you off , you are going with my mom to shopping “ he spoke “ shopping??” “ya for our wedding love “ He spoke smiling . “oh “  Mall“ Hello, Mrs  Windsor “ Anna greeted her, bowing.Mrs Windsor smile at her and hug her . “o my pretty girl how are you, where is that boy “ she asked "He dropped me and off, he was busy Mrs Windsor I sorry ” Mrs Windsor had a wide smile on her face “ oh my god look at this girl, you are so sweet my dear, already taking the role of his wife. That idiot is lucky. Come on let's buy you a beautiful dress. “  Mrs Windsor walks
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chapter 8
"can you see this, that smile on her face, every time she walk-in with her so-called husband, you told me she would cry, she will suffer, I can't take it, mom, it seems that she is rubbing her lovely relationship on my face can you see that? " Emily shouted at her mother. "its seem like I have to take the matter in my hand; you are a useless mom." Slap!!"shut the fu*CK up, everything I am doing is for you and your future, and here you are shouting at your mother, go to your room and reflect on yourself, we will talk when you are calm yourself", she spoke, walking out of the hall. Emily sat there with a red cheek, red eyes and clenched hands " As she steps into her room, she threw the decorative vases on the floor; the force made it shattered into pieces. "ANNA YOU JUST WAIT, JUST YOU WAIT for BITCH " She screamed.  ----------------Anna has completed all her work and was leaving for friends
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chapter 9
Rean looked at his future wife, sleeping soundly on his bed. He was supposed to bring her to the mansion, but he decided to bring her to his penthouse since he felt a little tired to drive all the way to the mansion.He thought he could rest and sleep immediately from tiredness, but it was washed away as soon as he entered the unit. He decided to take a quick bath before engaging himself in reading some documents while drinking some coffee in his home office. He was in the middle of his bath when he heard someone scream and followed by pleading words and sobs. He immediately took a robe, covered himself and ran as quickly as he can to the room. He then saw Anna sobbing, with a tear falling on her cheeks, from having a nightmare. He went closer to her side, lightly tapped her arm and soothed her with warmth, "Shh... I'm here. Don't worry." If anyone sees this scene, they will be shocked to the bones. After all,
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Chapter 10
Rean opened the door for Anna which the girl gladly accepted. He drove his rolls Royce to Anna's mansion. The area is also known as where rich people live. "Thank you,  Rean, you help me a lot, so If you need help I'll be willing to help you out," she said, Rean smiled and kissed her forehead as Anna went out of his car. ----"Emily, I got the pictures from the club, but the man you hired suddenly went missing. Do you think we can trust to not speak about this?" Emily's assistant came as she shared what she had found.Emily smiled wickedly and viciously, "Good! That man didn't know that it was me, so don't worry.""Oh, before I forgot... here," She said giving Emily some printed pictures. "Who's car is this?" Emily took it and asked looking at the picture"I'm not sure, but it a limited edition car. Look at the silhouette, it's a man's car." the assistant
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