Billionaire Spy

Billionaire Spy

By:  Salem Goodness  Ongoing
Language: English
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"There is no second chance in love, I loved one person and he was taken from me. I can't risk that again." Thelma exclaimed in pain. "If you don't risk it how will you know?" He questioned his searching her eyes. "I am sorry but I can't, I just can't." She lowered her head holding back tears. "Is it because I am rich?" He asked. "No!" "Then tell me." He spoke softly, lifting her head up with his fingers. "I...I don't know okay." She ran a hand through her hair. "I think I am in love with you. God!" She covered her face with her hands. "But I love you." He confessed. "What?" Thelma exclaimed in shock not believing her ears. "I love you Thelma Valentine." He closed the gap between them and kissed her. Too shocked to do anything Thelma stood there. What just happened?. A top-class billionaire in love with her this is ridiculous.

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updates is a bit slow but I love the story and setting. maybe Thelma's first husband isn't her true love. ...
2022-02-19 21:29:13
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paradise omega ayodele
please update once more. I love this book as it's still new
2022-01-20 23:47:55
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Tammy Lynn
Will this book get updated?
2021-10-14 21:06:41
23 Chapters
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Ch1: In the beginning
“The solar system consists of the sun and other objects surrounding its orbit including the nine planets-“ Mr Owen the social science teacher was teaching the students about space and the entire universe but Ella Valentine wasn’t paying any attention to the teachings, her entire focus was getting out of class and away from school ‘my exodus' as she calls it. Eagerly she taps her favorite Tinkerbell pen on the brown wooden desk waiting for the class to be over. Her eyes constantly swept the mickey mouse clock hanging on the wall. 'Oh come on!' she whined. Now was the time she wished everything would just speed up and...4…tap3…tap2…tap1…ring!!!The school bell rang loudly through the whole school alerting teachers and students it was closing period.‘Yes!’ Ella exclaimed in pure excitement, snatching her already packed bag and books from her small desk and da
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Ch2: Suspense
“Ella!” Thelma exclaimed in horror at her daughter for putting her backpack on the floor again. After their fun trip from the ice cream shop, Thelma got a call from Emma her co-worker at the Sweet dreams hotel saying her shift had started twenty minutes ago and she needed to hurry up before the manager checks in. And with Ella’s messy nature she might have to take more time before leaving.“I am coming mom!” Ella yelled from the top stairs.Thelma slightly pulled her hair in frustration. “Ella I have told you many, many times never put your bag on the floor, take it to your room now.” She rubbed her temples feeling a slight throb ache there.“I’ll pick let me just-“ Thelma cuts her. “Do it now! Oh Go
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Ch3: Back at work
“Isaiah don’t you think this is all too fast, I mean Orlando has zero interest in the family business, he is just like Uncle Sam in the fortune stories who hates life and everything. Orlando just goes about doing what he likes he doesn’t very much care about anything or anyone.” Ruby tried talking her husband from pushing Orlando to forcefully take over the family business. She knew Orlando too well, and throwing all the family’s hard earn inheritance into his hands will surely lead to a forever disaster. Isaiah looked at his lovely wife, she has no idea how important it is for the first son of the Chester family to take over the business. Isaiah Ivan Chester popular by the name Ivan Senior has worked so hard to build his successful shipping company (I his company has been awarded the best shipping enterprise in America and his legacy must continue, this is when
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Ch4: Arrangement for the event
Thelma reached the sweet dreams hotel by six which means her work shift had started about an hour ago, being a chef at this big hotel was the only job and living for her and Ella, and she doesn’t intend to lose it any time soon.“You’re lucky Kaycee did not find you sneaking into the restaurant this late Elle.” Emma had her covered up till she arrived and took her position in the kitchen where all the meals were made and served to the hotel and it restaurant. Technically there are two kitchens one for the hotel restaurant and the other for room service but most foods were cooked in the hotel restaurant’s kitchen.“Thanks again Emma, I totally forgot about my shift. A lot has been going on lately, it makes me tired and stressed out, I guess it must be the reason work slipped off my mind..” Thelma explained to the nice mi
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Ch5: Encounter with Mr arrogant
“Such a disoriented fool.” Emma rolled her eyes at Kaycee who left the kitchen with a plate of joy in hand. “You know he is our boss, right.” Thelma reminded her, she wasn’t defending him or being sarcastic. Thelma just needed to remind Emma that he is still above them on the job even if they behaved like friends. “Yeah I know. And he knows better than to fire me, I mean where would the hotel be if not for my great culinary skills and good brains.” Emma praised herself. “You work only for the hotel restaurant, remember.” Thelma reminded her with a smile on her lips. “Yes I know, but I rule this place.”  Emma wiggled her brows at Thelma, they both talked and worked while clearing pans and leftover ingredients from the stove and the countertop. When they were done
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Ch6: Getting back home
The sound of a car drifting roughly burst through the cold night. Tires screeched loudly and continuously before it stopped. Ruby looked out the opened window of her private living room seeing the black Porsche parked in front of the house and Orlando stepping out of it. She quickly changed out of her dressing gown into a simple purple gown that went to her knees and strode downstairs a scowl on her face. Orlando burst through the mahogany doors like a drunk, jangling his keys around then sets them into a bowl on a wooden table. “Orlando, how many times do I have to tell you to stop speed driving?” Ruby scolded her oldest son as soon as he came into their family house. She was so pissed at his careless driving she felt like spanking him.  “Mom!” He exclaimed moving to hug Ruby but she stopped him.
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Ch7: The encounter
Isaiah paced from left to right in the basement of his house. The floor was covered with a wine carpet and a table rug placed in the middle. With expensive painting and souvenirs and vases organized at various sections, it is the definition of richness and glamor,  ‘I hope to God this works’ Isaiah prayed and looked down at his Rolex watch counting the seconds that passed. He then paused as the door opened and Ruby’s form appeared. “What did he say?” He asked eagerly. “He said he’s coming.” Ruby replied with a half-smile on her face. Isaiah let out a sigh in relief and put his hand over his chest dramatically, he sat on the bed rubbing his face with the palm of his hands still in utter shock Orlando accepted without causing chaos. “So you told him this ceremony
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Ch8: Back in the past
Five years earlier “Heyyy Ariella, want to know what Aunty Pamela got you?” Thelma cooed five-year-old Ella. It was a week after Ella’s birthday and they promised Ella that they will open all the gifts a week after. The weather was cold, snow and ice coated the streets and houses, Thelma took a green wrapped gift signed by her sister Pamela and opened it with a cutter.  “Aww a tinker bell pen. That’s weird? Right babe.” She frowned at the gift wondering why her sister had gotten Ella a pen, Thelma dropped the box beside her and heard something jiggle inside, she frowned again and carefully carried the box in her hands shaking it again for confirmation, it jiggled again she traced the inside of the box and found a hole inserting her index finger she pulled on it and it revealed a cute golden chain decorated with little fairies and an envelope beneath.
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Ch9: A new Identity
Four hours laterThelma had waited for four hours with no update or call from her husband, she was worried something had happened but tried to play it cool around her daughter. Thelma also tried to reach his phone but it never rings or goes into voice mail ‘he is alright.’ She kept telling herself and she knew things were really going to be different. The wait could not hold on and her daughter also needs to eat. Thelma went to the kitchen to prepare some food for Ella and a bit for herself knowing Ella would not eat it if she didn’t.She was preparing food for Ella when her phone rang from the living room, she stopped cooking, and turned off the stove before going to answer the phone. “Hello.” She said.“Pl
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