Billionaire's Touch

Billionaire's Touch

By:  Jamila  Ongoing
Language: English
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.." Miss Davis, how long have you and Mr Ashton known each other?" Someone asked from the crowd and Elisa's eyes widened in shock. " How long have you been dating?" Another reporter asked. " Was it your idea to keep your relationship a secret from the public?" Relationship? " How is Mr Ashton treating you as his lover? Is he as romantic as many of the ladies think he is?" Elisa, a young girl whose passion was acting and dream for bigger platform even though her dreams seemed impossible but something happened, a scandal that binded her fate to that of the richest billionaire in the city, a scandal that changed her life and made her dreams reachable. Love and passion, power struggle, betrayal, secrets and truths. Will Elisa have a happy ending especially with a man like Noah Ashton who didn't believe in love?

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When Elisa discovered the secret affair between her sister and boyfriend she felt her world shattered into a million pieces as everything felt like a dream. She felt her world moving to an end and the whole world had forsaken her when her family disowned her in favor of her younger sister." For once, be happy for your sister, Elisa. She has suffered more than anyone can take" her mother said, not caring for her happiness. It was like everyone only cared and supported her younger sister, Betty even when the man in the picture was her boyfriend.Was it because Betty had been sick since young?Hurt, devastated, and broken, Elisa agrees on a trip to one of the most expensive resorts in the country with her best friend to free herself and her mind from the stress and pain of breaking up with both her boyfriend and family. But the fate that took away her life drew her path closer to that of Noah Ashton, the billionaire uncle of her ex!------------------------------------The quiet enviro
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Reaching his presidential suite, Noah rushed to the shower for a cold bath to calm the heat in his body. He still couldn't believe his grandfather would dare do this to him. The fact that he was allergic to women didn't mean he was gay but of course, he never paid attention to the rumors.Being a businessman with an excellent IQ, Noah knew better than to pay attention to whatever rubbish goes on on the internet. Besides, the media was made up of a bunch of hungry individuals who sold others' stories for a living.He stepped under the shower immediately after pulling off his clothes. A growl rambled down from his throat as the cold water touched his hot body. The drug was taken to its full effect, he was feeling insanely hot in and out. And to top it all his dick refused to lay low as it kept swallowing at every passing minute and that fucking hurt! He doubted he could hold himself for long. He could feel every bit of his self-control wearing off.How the hell could his assistant agree
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Elisa couldn't wait to get out of the resort as she didn't want to imagine the embarrassment that she was bound to face if she had not woken up before him. Immediately the elevator door opened, countless lights flashed in her face as a crowd of reporters gathered at the front line of the elevator with their cameras and microphones ready." Miss Davis, how long have you and Mr Ashton known each other?" Someone asked and Elisa's eyes widened in shock.Did she mean Noah Ashton, the billionaire CEO of the Heirs Cooperation?" How long have you been dating?" Another reporter asked, interrupting her thoughts." Was it your idea to keep your relationship a secret from the public?" Relationship?" How is Mr Ashton treating you as his lover? Is he as romantic as many of the ladies think he is?" " How does it feel to be touched by a billionaire?" The questions kept coming as each of the reporters had different questions in mind which she didn't have answers to.Elisa who was yet to understand
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In the car, Elisa contemplates whether to go home or to Mia's place. She still hadn't told the driver where to drop her yet and she was sure the man was going to ask her soon." Miss, where do I drop you?" The driver asked as he stared at her disturbed face through the front mirror as Elisa stared at the two roads ahead, one of them leads to the Davis mansion and the other leads to Mia's simple two bedroom apartment " To the left" she said after recalling the Manager's proposal. She stared down at the script on her lap and instantly forgot all her worries. She couldn't wait to share the good news with her family.She couldn't believe after all this time she was able to grab a lead role. Making it to this far was a dream come true. And she was sure her family would be happy to hear it.After a few minutes, the car halted in front of the Davis mansion which was one of the beautiful buildings in the area.Elisa stepped down from the car and immediately her gaze traveled to the modern gate
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Before the black Rolls Royce, a black benz pulled over at the entrance of the park and a man dressed in black suits stepped down in the rain, he adjusted his suit and with an open umbrella he walked towards the next car which was the expensive Rolls Royce and pulled the back door open.The car's flash light went off and darkness took over once again.As the most famous man in garden city stepped down from the car in all black attire, the man immediately adjusted the umbrella to shade him from the heavy rain.His sharp gaze stared around the place as he stood elegantly under the umbrella, his hands moved into the pocket of his black pants. The place was quiet and dark since it was already late and raining.A while ago he was informed about the woman who dared left him in the room after a fucking night was sighted at the park and according to his source she was still there. He wanted to meet her or maybe speak to her directly perhaps because she looked exactly like Emelia Jones, the only
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Elisa stepped down after having a change of clothes in Mia's room but paused on the last stairs when she noticed the male version of her best friend sitting on the couch. He seemed calmed and harmless but she wasn't sure to what extent since it was her first time meeting him in person. And that was because Marvin wasn't your typical type of heir, he preferred doing what he wanted than taking care of his family business or sitting in an office in a suit. He preferred traveling around the world and exploring whatever piece of infor hidden. He was like an astrologist, a wild cat, his path as a traveler had also earned him a spot light as he was known as the best photographer in the world. She recalled how Mia used to force her to talk to him on the phone but that was in the past and she doubts he recognized her that much.Even though Marvin was Mia's twin, they have never spoken to each other face to face before and that was because he was never around. Marvin wasn't the type to stay at
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While lost in thought, the beeping of her phone drew her attention. ' Enjoy your new company and thank me later, Elisa Davis ' it was obvious Betty wanted to disgrace her which she has obviously succeeded, unfortunately.She stared down at the few dollars she had in her bag and sighed. What was she going to do now? It seemed she would have to make the payment sooner or later. Running her gaze over the desert Betty ordered which was barely touched, Elisa mentally slapped herself, how come she didn't discover Betty's plan earlier?Now how was she going to get that much money to pay for it? She grabbed her phone from her bag contemplating whether to call someone for help even though she wasn't sure on whom to call. If only Mis was around. She thought of who to call and then bit on her lips nervously before dialing the familiar number on her phone.” Hello” the sound of her voice made her drop silent as she thought about it again where to ask. She had water to end the fall immediately sin
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Noah was perfect just like the magazines always show. He was good looking and more pleasing in reality. His hard sculptured face, cold aura and mysterious sea blue eyes that seemed to stare into people's souls.Elisa was still processing what just happened, she was trying to recall where he knew him from when she heard his cold powerful voice. " Get in" He ordered, looking at her smooth angelic face coldly and emotionlessly as he let go of her arm. Elisa hesitated but at the end, she decided to get in after recalling how the reporters were bullying her earlier. She didn't want to deal with them right now, her gaze ran up to the entrance of the restaurant before lowering herself into the car." Where do you live?" He asked after a few minutes' drive on the buddy road and Elisa couldn't help but stare at her side at his hard cold face which was buried in his tablet. He seemed to be doing his business so who did that voice belong to? He gaze ran up to the driver who was driving with a hig
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BREAKING NEWs; Noah Ashton was spotted on a date with his fiance Elisa Davis at jolly restaurant. The billionaire and heir of Ashton empire was later seen bullying his fiance, everyone believed the couple were having an issue. Could it be true that Noah Ashton is gay? ' Benson Ashton slammed the newspaper on the table " How dare them publish such nonsense about my grandson?!" He growled standing on his feet with the help of his walking stick. " Mr Ashton, please calm down" David, the butler of the Ashton mansion tried to calm him down even though he knew his words wouldn't make a difference because once the old man was angry, no one could calm him down unless his grandson who comes into the mansion once in a blue moon. " I want you to get rid of this news immediately" he ordered, holding onto his chest and then a violent cough erupted from her throat as his hand squeezed his chest painfully. The butler immediately picked his phone from his pocket and contacted the family doctor si
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A tear slipped from her eyes as she stepped out of the premises. What did she just do? Her eyes went down to staring at her hand which was still shaking. She just signed a marriage certificate with a man she met for only a night by mistake.How was she going to survive knowing she was married to such an arrogant man who thinks of himself more than anyone else?She stepped into the taxi and the driver drove off. The huge building of Heirs could be seen a mile away as Elisa turned back to look at it with tears stuck in her eyes. She didn't know what this was about but it was obvious something was going on. He didn't trust her when she told her she had nothing to do with what was happening so why would he trust her now and decide to get married to her? She clenched tightly onto her bag as she sat silently in the car waiting to reach her destination. When the car halted in front of Mia's two bedroom appointment, Elisa hesitated before stepping out. What would he think when he finds out s
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