Blank Canvas

Blank Canvas

By:  Letterhead_Blanche  Completed
Language: English
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Ever felt being just a white paper having nothing written? Or a white crayon? Like feeling useless? Cause I do. I'm Amira. A Blank Canvas.

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A. O. Anjay
Amazing start! Love the introduction of the characters. Keep up the good work! 😊😊
2021-07-01 17:45:03
49 Chapters
Hi I'm Amira, 25, a lawyer. I live here in the Philippines. Guess what? I'm nothing unique. I'm just like any other person in my occupation. Only that I don't accept criminal clients. I only accept victim clients, and well, also those 'criminal' clients but only those I know are innocent. One thing I have learned in my profession, is to see who's lying or not. But, love is blind. One more thing, my life, is full of things i've never wished for.    "Stay back! Don't touch her you-" "I would shoot her if you don't shut up!" Shout the man holding the gun followed by bullets shot in the air. Screams. Gunshots. Dead pepole. Blood covering the floor. When will this stop? How did I got into this? I feel sorry for the families, the children, waiting for their dads or moms to come home without knowing that they're forever gone in the world. I know that feeling, worst is I can do nothing for them
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I slaped my face to confirm that it's just a nightmare. Mom, Dad, i miss you. So, so much. I can't help but cry. Tears are rolling down my cheecks non-stop. I'm sweating so bad. It hurts. It still hurts even if so many years have already passed. I'm just 8 years old back then. I'm 20 now. Already 13 years have passed. But who can get over that kind of thing? You parents being killed in front of you? Frick! I can still remember their position. My mom was hugging my dad until her last breath. Then she looked at me. Eyes saying goodbye. I cried so hard. The door opened then it swallowed Elocin. Maybe she heard my cries. "Hey, did you have a nightmare again?" she said as she sit beside me, rubbing my back. I see concern in her face. She's trying to stop me from crying. But the comfort is still not enough. But it did make me feel better a little. I cried on her shoulders. She hugged me tight, letting me. I cried so hard, i also hugged her tighter,
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Then a i heard a phone ring. It's his phone. "Excuse me, i have to take this call, I’ll be back in a minute," then he left his office. Right after he left, I let my eyes wander around his office. My neck almost cracked while I try to look at the back.  This office is big! This is twice or more than twice the size of my house! His table is placed facing back the view of all the building and roads of Manila. If he turned back on his swivel chair, he’s gonna see the beautiful view of the lights of Manila at the night time because it’s glass!He also have a balcony where he can enjoy the cool breeze. He must be so rich! On the walls, he have so many expensive paintings. They’re so pretty. He also have a side where there are bookshelves full of so many books. This is heaven for a bookworm like me gosh! He’s living a luxury life! If I we’re him, I would donate some to charities or help people in need. But with that personality, I bet his not gonna do that.
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He smiled evilly at me. Then he stood up. Looks like he’s enjoying the view that I’m panicking. I’M SO NERVOUS! GET ME OUT OF HERE AHHHHHH! “As I was saying,” he looked away trying to hide a smile, obviously, “we don’t have to do the wedding ceremony. We don’t have to perform the veil. We just have to sign the documents, the certificate of marriage, and we have to change your surname to mine. You’ll be Mrs. Villamorannas in an instant. Just like that. Also, send me your bank account so that I can transfer money to you. We also have to shop for your clothes. You’ll also move in with me. You’ll be with me in all events, you’re gonna introduce yourself as my woman, as my wife. We need to act as if we are inlove or what soever that couples do.” My jaw dropped at his straight statement. He didn’t even stutter! I just stayed like that for a few seconds before I closed my mouth. I still need some time to process and let these things sink in my mind! “Does that mean
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Amira's POV I reached out for the tray of mouth-watering foods that are on the table. This looks so yummy! I tried first the fries, and I don’t know if this is from mcdonalds or what. But this is fire! I also ate the whole burger, and all of the foods here. Wow that’s yummy! I wiped my mouth after I ate. Only 15 minutes have passed since I have been left alone in this office. I looked around again. What should I do? This is boring. Well, not until my eyes landed on the books. SO MANY BOOKS! I want to read! I stood up the sofa and half run to the books. Damn all my fav’s are here! This is heaven! I got a book entitled ‘The stars of us’. Just as I was about to read the first page of the book, my phone vibrated from my pocket. Ohhh, it’s Elocin. I know what she wants, probably can wait to hear what I was gonna say so she would like to talk about it on the phone. Gosh! “Hello” I answered. “Hi! I just got home! I don’t have anything important to do
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Elexier’s POV: “I want you to fix this Elexier. I don’t want any trouble here. Make sure it’s all alright in a week. If not, I bet you already know what will happen to you.” his voice is serious although it's not loud, you can hear the power and emphasis. *Phone beeps* He ended the call as soon as he spit those words. I furiously put my phone back to my pocket and took a deep breath. I placed my hand on my forehead trying to calm down and think properly. I am driving to my company and just stopped to answer the call. Living in this world coming from this kind of family is exhausting. But I can't do anything. This is the life I have. I have to life the rest of my life with them. Or do I? I took a deep breath again and the engine of my car roared to life when I finally started it again. There is a problem in the plane where our drugs are kept. Not ours, actually. His, my Dad. I don’t want to do this. I didn’t want to. I have never want to. I didn’t imag
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Amira’s POV I reached the Villamorannas company by this day's afternoon. I looked at the whole of the building from outside, This building is extremely huge. But that is not shocking. They zae one of the biggest in the country. Or maybe even in the whole Asia. I walked towards the door. As I was about to eneter, the jtwo tall guards stopped me.  "Excuse me Ma'am, do you have a pass?" One of them said that made me stop. I didn't know that they need a pass here to get in? I scartched my neck nervously. As I couldn't show them anything, I just pretended that I am finding something in my bag. "Good morning Sir," the two guards said at the same time to someone who I think is behind me. I looked back because maybe I'm blocking his way. When I looked back, I saw the familiar face of that one guy who saved me from the taxi driver. My eyes widened in shock. They called him sir so that means he really works here! "What's happening here?" he then sp
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Elexier’s POV I may not show it, but damn I’m so embarrassed that she have read those files! Frick! Next time I won’t leave such things on my desk! Frick! At the elevator, good thing she remained silent and did not tease me about what she saw. In her personality, if I’m a close friend of her, I know she’ll tease me. And I can say, she has a good attitude. I have a camera on my office. I can clearly see her and hear her. I heard what she and her friend talk about in the phone. I know that I’m violating her privacy, but I can’t help but to admit that she’s lively and funny. She also get’s shy easily. Earlier, I locked her in between my arms while I’m leaning on the bookshelves. Funny and I guess, cute? I don’t know. All I know is she blushed. I can see how hot her cheeks are that time. It’s a new thing to me. I never made Athena’s cheeks blush before. I didn’t even know if I’ve already made her hearth flutter. It’s just that they are so different. Athena is intimidatin
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Elexier is a bad person. He is mafia. And I was very scared of him at first. Who wouldn’t be? He can kill me anytime he wants, beat me up or anything he wanted.  But, he is also soft I guess, he fires employee whenever he wants, but he gives them last salary worth 3 months of their work. I know because I have read in his table. He isn’t all bad after all. I was just staring at the window when I suddenly felt hunger. Ugh! I just ate! But I’m hungry again huhu. No Amira, hold that! I continued watching the view avoiding to think about food, but, I thing a cold Ice crream will be so tasty as the sun shines so bright and it’s so hot. Then the taste of McDonalds buger and fries will also be good uhmmm. Huhu I’m so hungry. I looked at Elexier who is also facing the window. And ohhh! A little trivia. I made him smile earlier! I thought he’s the kind of guy who always intimidate people, a kind of person who isn’t built to smile. Just poker face all the time. But heck no
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Elexier’s POV   It makes me think, should I still let my family do this stuff? I know I’m not a good person all in all, but I am also not that bad to let all this continue to run and grow. I don’t want to let my family down. I don’t want them to be imprisoned. But I also don’t want what they are doing. I don’t know what to do damn. I’m educated. I know the harmful effects of drugs to a person. And it also ruins their life. Many people are being sent to jail, or worse, being killed just because of that. Dad loves to see people dying. He kills people. I still remember how he killed a family in the park. In front of me. A Husband and his wife, and their 5 year-old daughter. “Uhm Elexier, well, uhh sorry. I shouldn’t have made us go in there. I didn’tknow it was gonna happen.” Amira suddenly spoke in the middle the debate on my head. I was shocked for a bit beacuse why is she saying sorry, and I am also not used to a girl apologizing to me. “
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