Blind Fate: The Beta's Regret

Blind Fate: The Beta's Regret

By:  J. Tarr  Completed
Language: English
21 ratings
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HELLFIRE HORSEMEN: BOOK 1 Ruin is not only a Beta to Alpha Ryker; he's the reincarnation of something much darker. When Alpha Ryker sends him on a mission to be the bodyguard to a prominent Alpha's daughter, he expected it to be a straightforward thing. But when he first lays his eyes on Chloe Jane, and inhales her scent, he feels the pull of the mate bond, but since she is blind, the bond seems to be one-sided. Oh, fate can be cruel... Chloe Jane wasn't born blind. But she has always known darkness, and it is not only from being sightless. When she first meets Ruin, there is an immediate attraction even though she cannot see him. His scent seemed familiar and felt like home. But how can the Goddess mate these two, who already share a dark history? *** I narrow my eyes because I know this man. He's older, but…The last time I saw him was fifteen years ago after a botched rescue mission to save his wife and daughter… I try not to show my surprise at what I've just realized, because there's no bloody way it can be true. There's no way this is the same man from back then, and there's just no f*cking way that this woman in front of me is— “I see you've met my daughter already; this is Chloe Jane, your charge for the next few months, he says, shutting up my doubts. Now I understand Ryker's words better; and as that realization sets in, I can finally hear the word my wolf is saying. Ryker is cruel, but the Fates even more so. How could they mate me to a woman I nearly killed, a woman whose life I ruined by my careless actions?

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Another wonderful story. Can’t wait for the next one in this series!
2024-05-28 02:55:36
user avatar
Absolutely loved this book! J Tarr's books are all amazing, and this was no exception. I binged read it in about 2 days. I can't wait for the next one!
2024-05-23 09:55:59
default avatar
Excelent Book! Mixing different characters and entities. I couldn’t put the book down and I can’t wait for book 2!
2024-04-24 23:36:33
default avatar
C. Morgan
I love all of J. Tarr’s books. I can wait to read the next book!!!
2024-03-27 22:03:12
default avatar
Seriously, does this author ever miss? The answer is no, obviously! Another amazing story that was hard to put down & left me wanting for more. I’ve loved every story by this author & waiting for anything new is truly excruciating, dramatic or not lol Amazing job as always, author, until next time:)
2024-03-27 09:18:11
user avatar
Deb Eff
Amazing! Another masterpiece from the ultra-talented J Tarr. I loved CJ's inner strength, and Ruin was British, so *swoon* The mythology embroidered through the story was just the icing on the cake for me *chefs kiss*
2024-03-11 18:31:42
user avatar
Lori Ramsdell
Loving this book! j Tarr is an amazing author! I can’t wait to read what the author has in store for us readers next! I only wish I had more gems to gift this book! It deserves more than I was able to give! Thx!!
2024-03-06 15:02:16
user avatar
Lisette B
what a great story! another one from this author!
2024-03-01 01:21:22
user avatar
Beautiful just as J.Tarr used us already.
2024-02-29 05:29:09
default avatar
Rozetta Meador Goodman
She is an amazing author. I have loved reading her books
2024-02-17 10:45:08
user avatar
I have been waiting for this book for what feels like ages! But that wait was completely worth it! This has been such a fantastic read. Like always J. Tarr keeps you guessing with her twists and turns. I can’t wait to see where this goes from here. But I am ready for it!
2024-02-07 01:14:15
user avatar
Brittany Vallejo
This novel is incredible and unique. Building on the Tarr universe, and bringing back the Horsemen, you will be left each chapter hanging for more. CJ and Ruin’s chemistry is palpable and the unique circumstances surrounding them have you cheering for them! Check out her other amazing work too!
2024-02-03 09:32:37
user avatar
Kathryn Keogh
another favourite, definitely worth reading
2024-01-18 09:40:42
user avatar
Loving this book so far
2024-01-14 05:34:09
default avatar
I love this story so far. Another great book from this author.
2024-01-13 02:58:33
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88 Chapters
1 - Darkness
Chloe JaneDarkness has been my constant companion ever since the fateful day my sight was stolen from me. Six years old and not knowing any better, the ones I thought I could trust turned out to be my father’s enemies.Kidnapped and blinded at a young age.How does someone remain positive after a traumatic experience? How do you not feel sorry for yourself after your childhood is perpetually ruined? I suppose if it was anyone else other than me, then that would have happened.But I’ve always been extremely positive in the face of adversity. My mother used to call it my gift from the Goddess, but from a young age I’ve just never been one to wallow or be sad. I knew losing my sight would hinder me, but it would also strengthen my other senses.My hearing and sense of smell are a step above the rest. I can pick up on people not being truthful and condescending toward me, and I’ve helped out my father with a few people and allies lying to him.Is my father a powerful man? Well, he’s an o
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2 - A New Mission… Babysitting?
RuinWar-torn battlefields and the stench of death have been my home for centuries, carving scars on my soul that mirror the carnage I’ve witnessed—and caused. A creature of destruction, condemned to forever walk this earth.Before this lifetime they used to speak my name in whispers. I was known as Conquest, the rider on the white horse. The first Horsemen to signify the end times, but oh, how wrong they were. We’ve been here since the Gods created us; watching, waiting.Now they call me Ruin; Wolf shifter and Beta to Alpha Ryker, or rather, The Pale Rider. Every few millennia, we reincarnate as different supernatural creatures, coming into our true power when our human vessels reach the age of eighteen.Beneath my hardened exterior lies a heart burdened by the weight of the lives I've taken. I am the aftermath of chaos, the aftermath of war, and the start of it all.How many people can you kill before you become disillusioned with everything? I know The Creators had a purpose when t
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3 - Hidden Agreements
Chloe JaneThis dress feels like it’s sitting too tight on me, but Kim assured me that it’s not. I’ll be meeting my supposed fiance in the next few minutes and for someone who is calm most of the time, I am feeling incredibly nervous.Not because I’ll be meeting him, but how uneasy I am about the entire thing. I understand why I need to do this and why it’s been decided for me. But it feels like I’m about to be a pawn in something major and I have no idea how to stop it.I hear my sister’s heart picking up its pace and once again, I wish I could see her. “Are you happy about this, sis?” I ask the question that has been playing on my mind since my father announced this.She’s sort of been avoiding me, and I know it’s guilt on her part. I doubt she wants this for me, but I’m sure she thinks I’ll be safer in a pack with a strong Alpha as my husband. Again, I catch a spike of anxiety in her scent, but I know my sister … she won’t be honest about her feelings with me. Taking my hand, she
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4 - Meet Your Grumpy Bodyguard
Chloe JaneLast night’s bodyguard introduction went as well as you’d expect. From my father introducing me to the man who has the charming name of Ruin, to him grunting in response. My sister led me inside and didn’t even ask why I’d been there in the first place.Now it’s morning and I’m blindly staring up at my ceiling, knowing he’s on the other side of my bedroom door. My father apparently trusts this man for some reason, and since he’s seemingly making decisions for me, there’s not much else I can do. Besides, I got more of an odd feeling from Alpha Mason than … Ruin. Gods, I don’t think I can call him that name. Does he have a normal name, I wonder?My stomach rumbles and I breathe out an annoyed sigh, knowing I’ll need to go out there to eat something. Well, I’ve never been one to back down from a confrontation, so here goes nothing!I get up from the bed and inch forward towards where I know my door is. My hands are shaking so much from nervousness, and that anxiety just incr
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5 - Pure Hell
RuinI’m pacing the bedroom that will be mine for the next few months, trying to keep my cool and failing miserably. “WHY DIDN’T YOU BLOODY TELL ME?!”I’m on a call with Ryker right now and I don’t give a shit if he is my superior, he knew what he was setting me up for when he sent me here. He knew this woman was my biggest regret and still he sent me here.“Can you calm down so I can speak?” he says in a low voice, quelling my anger with his tone alone. “I told you to keep an open mind, didn’t I?”I scoff. “An open mind? That’s what you call this, mate? You knew what I was walking into and you kept quiet about the entire thing!”“What does it matter whether I told you or not? You would still have had to go on this fucking mission, Ruin,” he says, bordering on a growl, then he sighs. “Listen, I know this is going to be difficult, but it’s only for six months.”I sit down on the bed and pinch the bridge of my nose. “No, it’s more complicated than that,” I say, gritting my teeth. “Turn
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6 - Could This Get Any Worse?
Chloe JaneI didn’t think things could get any worse, but now I realize that my sister has been keeping things from me. It’s not only the fact that she kept the baby thing from me, but I could tell there’s more. Kim isn’t being honest about things for some reason, and she’s mad at me for something as well. I wish I could tell what was going on, because now it feels like everyone is lying to me.Well, everyone except Ruin.I don’t know why that even counts. He’s just my bodyguard, paid to look out for me, protect me and keep me alive. Basically a glorified babysitter. No, I can’t depend on him, either. I need to find out what’s going on before I go insane and preferably before I get married.I can hear footsteps approaching my bedroom, one foot slightly dragging and I know it’s my father. Great, Kim must have told him that I knew about the baby thing now he’s coming to explain himself to me. Guess I have to get my nod and smile routine ready.Three knocks. “CJ honey, can I come in?” M
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7 - There's A Reason
Ruin I have never hated a wolf more than I hate this pompous fuck in front of me. And the only reason is because he’s trying his utmost best to charm the knickers off Chloe Jane and she’s slowly falling for it. In all my years of being reincarnated as a different supernatural creature, I have never felt what I can only guess is jealousy. It’s like a burning furnace right in the middle of my fucking chest, and I wish it would just stop. They’ve been at this damned restaurant for the last few hours, and although Chloe Jane looked hesitant at first, she slowly started to fall for the fucker and his charms. I can’t even say he’s faking it because he honestly seems into her, but I still feel like shit. I’ve been keeping my feelings in check, or at least trying to, but my wolf won’t stop edging me on. /“She’s ours!”/ he growls, baring his teeth. /“How can you stand there and let her be charmed like that!”/ /“Because it’s my job, you stupid piece of shit,”/ I respond back before quietin
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8 - Planting A Seed
Chloe JaneI can’t remember half of what happened on my lunch date with Alpha Mason, only that I acted completely out of character. I giggled at his jokes, swooned when he told me about our future together, and allowed him to kiss me.My first kiss and I can’t recall how it happened. The only thing I can attribute it to is Alpha Mason’s calming scent, but that doesn’t make any sense at all. I’ve never heard of a wolf being able to control another with its scent alone.This is where I wish I could see, so I could research his pack and its previous Alphas. I doubt my father would even tell me anything if I had to ask, and the same goes for Kim. To them, I’m just supposed to be compliant, and I can’t help but be compliant around Alpha Mason.“This is stupid,” I grumble to myself. I’m back out in the back garden again, and I should be enjoying the last few moments of Spring, but I can’t even bring myself to enjoy my favorite season. All I’m sitting with is the worry that when I’m alone w
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9 - The Meadow
RuinAs I suspected, I do not like the fucker for a good reason and it’s not just because he’s about my marry my mate.I thought it was odd when Chloe Jane asked if she behaved differently in front of him, and now I know why. He probably comes from a long line of Alpha with manipulation woven into their scents. I would ask Ryker about it, but he’d probably just say it’s none of my business or that he’ll handle it.But if he’s fucking with Chloe Jane, that IS my business. I know I won’t be able to do much, but I have contacts I can make use of without raising suspicions. And that’s exactly what I plan on doing while I’m here. Whatever Mason’s plan is, it involves getting Chloe Jane to be compliant and docile; it already has my back up in so many ways. She is currently getting ready for the day when my cell phone rings and I spy Ryker’s name, but before I can answer, I see her father, Edward, walking toward me. He’s looking stricken, so something tells me this has to do with Ryker cal
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10 - You'll Get Your Happily Ever After, Chloe Jane
Chloe JaneSo, Alpha Mason couldn’t make it this weekend to spend time with me, and I can’t say I’m disappointed. I wouldn’t have been myself around him, anyway, and it would have left me feeling hollow again.Now I’m sitting in the sun room, reading my Braille dark romance novel and wondering what will become of my life now. I have less than six months left of my independence before I’m to be someone’s wife and womb. As much as I want to fight the fact, I can’t. It’s been decided by those more powerful than me, and I can do nothing but go with the current.Sometimes I wish my life was one of these dark romance novels I usually read. One where the morally gray man takes the usually sweet virgin girl away from it all and worships her, while she never has to worry about anyone harming her because he would kill those who even looked her way.But my life is not a dark romance novel, although this marriage arrangement is quite archaic. “Something sad happening in that novel, dove?”I smi
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