The Malevolent Tribrid

The Malevolent Tribrid

By:  Ladipo Michael  Completed
Language: English
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He was supposed to be the Supernatural World's first miracle, a blessing. Instead,they rejected him,they made him a monster. Will the Tribrid ever find a path to redemption or shall his darkness consume him?. Join Nicodemus as his journeys his way in the World of Supernatural.SEQUEL TO "IN LOVE WITH THE COLDBLOODED."

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72 Chapters
Year 1019 "This child will bring nothing but havoc to the supernatural world. It will be nothing like we've ever seen before,he will grow to be a man that will ruin our peace and even a menace to the society to come. His powers shall be flawless whilst he shall be unstoppable in his cause. This child must not be born into this world." Lady Beaumont uttered with her body trembling greatly by the powers that engulfed her whilst the other witches of the coven watched in fear as their leader spat out a prophecy that will bring bad fate. "He must not be born!,he must not be born!!,he must not be born!!!....."  This time she began to scream as the power continued to consume her. Her state further terrified the rest of the coven. They were helpless on what to do,they just continued to watch the drama dumbfounded. This was not the Prophecy they were expecting. Moments ago they were holding a celebratory festival for their Regent. Regent Theresa
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"Nick!,Nick!!" Nicodemus heard his father call, nevertheless,he still remained in his room choosing to brood in silence. His father joined him on his small bed with a comforting smile."What's wrong?" His father asked.He looked up to his father with a saddened countenance. "Why am I different?. No one wants to play with me and it is no different with you and mother always keeping me locked in this house." Young Nicodemus sighed.His father pulled him into his grasp with his smile deepening. "You're different because you're unique Nick. We're simply keeping you from the outside world because it's not safe."The door cringed open with his mother peeking inside before joining them. She rubbed his dark brown hair gently. "I've found a way to hide his magic,Barron" He heard his mother say yet confused what
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 "If you know you want to live join me,let me be your Alpha but if you choose otherwise..." Nicodemus pursed his lips with a sinister smile as his finger poised at their dead Alpha. "You shalt face the same fate as this wretched fool." Fear toured down their spines as he pronounced those spiteful words. They easily remembered the chicken death their Alpha faced;how Nicodemus twisted the neck without fuss.The bowed their head,all falling to their knees reluctantly whilst Nicodemus let out a smile;a conqueror's smile."Alpha Geraldton is dead!,spread the word and tell the witches that Nicodemus is coming!" He announced with ego filling his tone. They all bowed their head in fear while he approached his father's throne with the feeling of nostalgia. No one dared to stop him,he was the heir after all."Today...Regent Beaumont shalt die by my hands!" He pronounced when he finally sat. Their bo
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"The tribrid killed Supreme Alpha Geraldton,he has broken the rules for which he must be punished. Let us waste no time and gather our army to do justice to that abomination!." Alpha Rai,the second in command muttered amidst the meeting of the supernatural."Let's not forget that Nicodemus is part werewolf and belongs to his father's pack therefore killing Alpha Geraldton is the werewolves business and not the supernatural community." Dragon lord Draxler commented whilst the leaders of each community turned to him in awe of his words."Dragon lord Draxler!,we should also not feign ignorance that Nicodemus massacred scores of witches and warlocks,let alone abducted one of our leader,Regent Beaumont." Liliana,second in command for the witches community retorted."He is also part witch!" Draxler answered firmly."You know the law, Draxler" Mirabelle,Alpha Queen of the hybrid community interjected. "As a breed between t
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"Dragon lord Draxler..." Nicodemus mentioned as the Lord of the dragons emerged into the dungeon alongside his wife and guards. "I never thought someone this innocently looking could be such a monster." The old man bellowed with a sad smile comforting his face. "Your father sacrificed his life to save you from death,to save you from becoming the monster the prophecy termed you but look at you now..." Draxler uttered with disappointment expressed on his face. "I was not born a monster,I was just a little lad whose parents were forcefully taken away because they loved him." Nicodemus paused with a saddened countenance hanging on his face. "It is the supernatural community that made me a monster." "We had no choice...the prophecy told us clearly that you will be our end" Draxler responded."So you all summoned yourselves up to kill an innocent child based on a prophecy that coul
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Year 1046"My name is Nicodemus!...Son of Great Alpha Barron and Regent Theresa." Nicodemus bowed courteously in front of Mirabelle whilst the other hybrids in the woods jumped to their feet ready to attack as their ears picked the words of the famous tribrid.Mirabelle signalled to her guards,holding them off before a smile crossed her face."I am honoured to meet you,handsome lad." Her smile deepened as she stared into his grey Iris. "What do you want?,for you are no fool to walk into my lair without counter measures."He grinned at her with pleasure flooding through his veins. "Of all leaders that I have met,you are the most reasonable." He acknowledged casually.She smirked with a scoff. "I have been ruling the hybrids for a century now,of course I should have some wisdom." She responded confidently.Nicodemus sighed briefly before touring round the grounds."As
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"This prophecy will surely come to pass and there shall be no stopping it." Mirabelle sighed heavily while her hands ruffled her hair braid lines. Her closest companion,Jacob only stood by her watching the former alpha wallow in confusion and sorrow.The cold wind that blew across the forest sent shivery shocks down his spine at the thought of Nicodemus. In times past he was good at advising Mirabelle,showing her the ways when she went wrong but this time he was just as dumbfounded as his leader."My Desires has caused me my downfall. I let that bastard tribrid outsmart me,Now I'm in trouble. Once the Supernatural community hears of my betrayal they shalt waste no time slaying me neither can I side with Nicodemus. His cunningness is beyond normal." She glanced at him briefly before resigning to the woods."What do you plan to do now?" Jacob asked with concern. He knew that regardless of her fall she'd remain firm.She held his
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  "Help!... Help!!....Help me!" Were the screams of the young lady as she ran past bodies of her fellow villagers laying lifelessly on the ground with Vampire bite marks appearing across their necks. She came to an halt abruptly,terrified at the monster that appeared to her in the night that hung deeply. His glowing red eyes pierced through the darkness with a threatening growl. Her hot tears couldn't stop itself from streaming down her cheeks as she trembled. "Are you scared,my love?" Nicodemus asked huskily as he approached her close enough to feel her wavy breaths. She shivered as his hand toured down her teary cheek."Please don't kill me" That was all she could mutter in her shivery status. 
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 "Mother" Theresa turned to her 16 year old son as he stood in his sack cloth watching her gather dry woods for the night. She noticed the burdened eyes that hung on his usually happy face."What's wrong?" She easily asked with a concerned expression while she dropped her work to face him squarely."Why do we keep on running?,I lost my father,why do I feel like I am going to loose you too?. You do so much for me and I can tell beneath your happy smile you're still sad,I hate it that I can't help you in these burden you carry." He pursed his lips. "Am I a burden?" "No honey.." she arose to him touching the warmth of his cheek with tears forming slowly in her eyes. "You're not a burden. You are my light,the world's light." Her hands caressed his cheek gently with a comforting smile. She brought him to the small hut making him rest on her thigh."Let me tell you a sto
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    As Nicodemus entered his secret Chambers alongside Greece he stopped with his back turned towards his Gamma."No matter how many that swears their loyalty to me,there are still traitors amongst us!."Greece sighed silently but Nicodemus could still hear. Even after demonstrating his ruthlessness who would dare to betray him?,Greece thought."I know you think I'm problematic but you will agree with me that majority out there only joined me because they had no choice. Hence,they have no respect for me nor sworn loyalty." Nicodemus turned to him. "How do I win this war?, Greece."Nicodemus watched his Gamma swallow his saliva down his throat,pinching the area between his eyebrow."Like you said before,we fight with our strong will."Nicodemus scoffed. "As far as I'm concerned,only I have the strong will. As my Gamma,you'll have to do better in your thinking and be stronger
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