Chapter Forty eight

6th January, 1999

Federal High Court

Freddie Rawlings

Another day, another battle. It goes on and on. A motion already in place, only one fatal evidence would halt this moving storm. Deep down, I knew it was coming, sooner than expected. The presiding judge arrived soon and the court was fully ready for today's proceedings.

          "Good day everyone, welcome to today's court proceedings. Without wasting much of our time, let's begin. I'll call on Carl greenwood to begin his cross-examination of his first witness.

Carl stood up smartly, adjusting his toe as he made his way to the witness stand. The witness, a willowy tall brunette was ushered in. She looked out of place in a court full of vibrant people. She looked like someone who should be shielded from the wickedness of the world, someone who should be kept, like an egg. If her sunken eyes didn't give the impression that she was always hungry, her l

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