Bloody Christmas

Bloody Christmas

By:  Maria  Ongoing
Language: English
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Christmas time,a time of joy,happiness and laughter for most families. A time of opening presents and most importantly a time of giving. Sadly,this was not the case for the people at the white house.A Christmas celebration going on peacefully suddenly turned into a bloodshed with the President's daughter Lana kidnapped by the most feared terrorist group in Washington D.C. Find out more as dark secrets are unveiled in this thrilling book.

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51 Chapters
   "Mr President, we've just received word that the Christmas  party the first daughter is attending has been hijacked and she's been kidnapped to an undisclosed location" Agent Dylan said. "What" president Freddie shouted. "Report reaching us now is that no fewer than twenty persons have been confirmed dead including Agents Harry and Bob". "How did this happen" First lady Samantha said, already in tears.  "We don't know yet ma'am but we believe its linked to the terrorist group".Just then, the private phone of the president rang.Picking it up, he growled "Who is this?". "Hello Freddie long time no see". ~~Hi, thank you for checking out this book ?. Your beautiful comments and constructive criticism are welcomed. Also, don't forget to drop a review. This book is purely a work of fiction.~~Dedicate
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Chapter One
21st December, 1998The White HouseThe White House, the government building that serves as the office and residence of the President of the United States of America sat peacefully in the heart of the nations capital, Washington D.C.This building housed the most powerful and the most respected man in the world: President Freddie Rawlings. President Rawlings rose to power after serving as a senator representing his constituency and having done well, with the support and encouragement of the people he contested for the office of the presidency and won.During his first year in office, he performed wonderfully well giving free education to those who couldn't afford it and providing free medical assistance to the ill. A tall well-built man with raven dark hair and bright blue eyes like the ocean,  he won so many awards in his youthful days and once graced the cover of the New York times because of his exemplary feat.He
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Chapter Two
22nd December, 1998First lady Samantha Rawlings could be described as an epitome of beauty. With long blonde hair cascading down her back like a stream, light blue eyes and pearly white teeth.Meek and gentle in nature, she smiled easily and was actively involved in a number of projects mainly on women's right. Growing up in the ghettos of New York city where she lived with her single mother and two younger brothers, she knew the values of hardwork, having had to take up a job at a tender age to support her struggling mother. She met her sweetheart, the President at a conference organised by the then first lady and from there they went on few dates and after one year of courtship they got married and had their daughter two years later.From being a wife of a Senator and now a first lady she would always say "it hasn't been easy but we're here now because we didn't give up".She was also a big fan of books an
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Chapter Three
23rd December, 1998Lana Rawlings, dark haired just like her father was tall and very pretty. At sixteen years of age, she was in her first year in senior high school.Though most people referred to her as the "first daughter", she didn't know the significance until she got older. Her relationship with her friends became strained all in the name of protecting her. If only they knew how much she hated it.Sometimes, she wished she could be allowed to go out, have fun with her friends, party just like teenagers do but she knew her father was not going to allow it. It was like a dream come true when her father informed her that she would be attending the Christmas party she's been invited to, at least it would give her an opportunity to make some friends.     "Dad is just too protective, I'm not a baby anymore" she mutteredHer thoughts were disturbed by a light knock on her door.  "Come in". "Good mo
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Chapter Four
24th December, 1998In an old abandoned warehouse, downtown Washington D.C housed one of the most deadliest terrorist group. This group was responsible for so many notorious activities sometimes targeted at places of interest or people who had in one time or the other had some form of disagreement with.The group was headed by a man; Joel Gustav, a dangerous man. 'JG' as he was fondly called by his close allies was in his late forties, heavily bearded, tall and built and he spoke with a thick German accent. He was a lone man, having no wife or children.JG's eyes are like no one else's. At first, you'll think they're utterly devoid of colour, a pale grey that reminds you of a winter sky about to unleash a truly biblical storm, but if you look long enough, there is the faintest hint of blue there.Just enough blue to give you some sort of forlorn hope, just before he crushes it completely.He was a man of power not only did he control the most fear
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Chapter Five
25th December, 1998Day of DisasterThe White HouseLanaI woke up at exactly 7:30a.m, I was so excited about the party today. After brushing my teeth, I skipped downstairs happily to have breakfast. Mum and dad were already at the table drinking coffee as usual. Most people think I'm weird when I tell them I hate coffee, I just can't bring myself to like the taste talk more of being addicted to it.       "Merry Christmas mum, dad" I said.     "Merry Christmas honey. How was your night?"dad said.    "It was fine thanks".   "I see you're excited about today" mum said, giving me a big smile.   "So excited" I grinned.   "Well, you know you won't be leaving without an escort" dad said.   "I know dad" I said, feeling slightly annoyed.   "And there is g
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Chapter Six
26th December, 1998The White HousePresident Freddie RawlingsI knew it, I just knew it. Its been over five hours since the party ended and I haven't seen my daughter. I tried contacting the Williams but it kept going to their voicemail. By now, I was beyond frustrated and absolutely had no idea what to do.Just then, one of the secret service agents- agent Dylan rushed in panting heavily.        "Mr president, we've just received word that the Christmas party the first daughter is attending has been hijacked and she's been kidnapped to an undisclosed location".        " What!" I shouted, knocking my chair over.        "Report reaching us now is that no fewer than twenty persons have been confirmed dead including agents harry and bob" agent Dylan said,with voice so strained.        "How did this happen?" Saman
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Chapter Seven
27th December, 19981254 Golden StreetPresident Freddie RawlingsI was currently at the address Joel said I should meet him at. Alone. Earlier, having discovered who Joel was I decided to keep that discovery to myself at least for my daughter's sake. I had a fake moustache and a black cap shielding part of my eyes to avoid passers by wondering what on earth their president was doing in such a place without an escort.It was a miracle that I managed to escape from the white house without any of the security agents knowing. Somehow, agent dylan who was present when joel's call came in decided to keep this meeting a secret.It was twenty minutes past six, Joel was late and by now I was already restless. I was just heading back to my car, calling it quits when a voice said from behind.          "I wouldn't try that if I were you".  Startled, I came face to f
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Chapter Eight
28th December, 1998The White HouseFirst Lady Samantha RawlingsIt's been three days, three days since Lana was kidnapped.To say that I was devastated would be an understatement, I was crushed. At times, different thoughts run through my  mind. I can't afford to lose my daughter to those terrorists.    Freddie has been acting strange since he returned from the meeting with Joel. Whenever I approach the issue, he finds it difficult to look me in the eye and always tries to dodge any question I ask him. I have a feeling he is hiding something and I intend to find out what it is.                ************************************ "Darling, you still haven't told me how your meeting with JG went" I said, leaning on the kitchen door drinking my usual black coffee.      "Its nothing really. All I kno
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Chapter Nine
28th December, 1998(mid day)The WarehouseLanaI woke up with a start, having no idea where I was. I was blindfolded and gagged. I tried adjusting my sitting position but I was rewarded with a severe pain. I felt hopeless as tears ran down my eyes. I didn't know who these men were, I only hoped my parents were working on my release because I didn't want to spend another day in this evil place.Just then, the door burst open as I heard footsteps approaching. The blindfold was roughly pulled away as my eyes slowly adjusted to the light in the room. Two heavily built men with masks covering their faces stared down at me with menacing eyes.         "The boss wants you" one of the men said, in a hoarse voice as the other removed my binds.I was led to a well furnished living room with floor to ceiling windows, the most beautiful chandelier I had ever seen and an indoor pool at my far r
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