Blue Iris

Blue Iris

By:  Gia Hunter  Completed
Language: English
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Hunted by her captors, Iris Clayton seeks refuge from the group of pandemic survivors protected by the strikingly handsome badass Colt Snow, who doesn't give a damn about her. But action speaks louder than words. Every time he looks into her unique blue irises, Colt wants to protect her from whomever is hunting her.

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30 Chapters
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Colt I BARELY slept after leaving the guard post. Now, I wanted booze, but nowadays you felt like a goddamn billionaire if you had a bott
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Iris  IT HA
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Colt “WHAT’S GOING on?” I was the last one to enter since I was a watcher last night. Now, it made me scowl upon seeing the familiar faces at Gael’s office, and something didn’t add up.
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Iris 20:00
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Colt I KNEW it!
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Iris I STAYED at the watchtower when Colt left. I formed into a ball, crying my eyes out for as long as I could, hoping to ease away my pain. It was hard to recall the things I’d seen and experienced. I’d never expected I would survive, b
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Colt IRIS ARRIVED with her skinny jeans that fitted her sexy long legs perfectly. My brother’s gray shirt layered over the top of dark
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Iris  “HOLY CRAP!” Lois gush
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ColtFROST DUCKED and crawled down the moment we spotted the campers’ location. He took off the nocs to scout the distance. The stream water in a slow current that separated us from them. A few trees hanging out over the water that blocked mostly the views of the other side.
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