Born For The Alpha

Born For The Alpha

By:  Pen Glowy  Ongoing
Language: English
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PS: If any male asks you out, tell him that you're already taken because, you belong to me and I will mate you at the right time.I am The Alpha you will soon get to know.STORY;Can you run away from your destiny? Arda is a normal human girl who dreams of settling down after school and raising children with a nice loving boy. Just when her dream starts to come true, she unexpectedly discovers that she is marked by the moon and fated to marry Gillow, a ruthless and dominant werewolf with vampire blood, in fulfillment of a prophecy that concerns mankind.

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43 Chapters
1:You Belong To Me
Dear Arda, I know that you have no idea who this is but at the nearest possible time, you will. I wish you a happy twenty-first birthday and hope that you like the present attached to this note. PS: If any male asks you out, tell him that you’re already taken because you belong to me and I will mate you at the right time. I am The Alpha you will soon get to know. Having finished reading the handwritten note, Arda was at first filled with fear and uncertainty. The handwriting was clear, cursive, and written with dark ink on a plain sheet of white paper. She could not make much sense of the note. Alpha? Mate? What did that even mean? And why would the anonymous man say that she belonged to him? She was a human being. She belonged to no one. You cannot just own someone. Why was she even letting the message bother her? It could be a prank. Resting on that thought, she rolled her eyes and cast an amused gaze upon the note, believing that it was probably a prank from one of her friends.
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2:The Awakening
Arda woke up to the beeping of the alarm clock on her bedside table. Without looking, she already knew that it was 7:00 am. She had set the alarm clock the previous night to sound at exactly 7:00 am so that she would have enough time to prepare for the day. Although the room curtains were down, the evidence of daylight was obvious as brightness lurked behind the curtain in the background. The room was already bright and from the windows of transparent glass, natural light effortlessly seeped in through the dividing space between the sliding window curtains. Arda found herself frowning at the alarm clock even though it was only doing its job. She had to report to her project supervisor at 9:00 am and then meet up with Luke for lunch. It would be their first date as a couple and the thought of it excited her. The thought also brought to her mind, the bizarre note and gift she had received last night. She hated to admit it but she could not completely dismiss the message as a prank
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It took her a few seconds to make her decision and she ended up leaving the jewelry where it was. She did not think it wise to tag along, a constant reminder of the current puzzle in her life, be it a prank or not.Arda exited the bedroom and walked into the corridor. On either side of the corridor, there were shut doors to the other rooms in the house.When she emerged from the living room, she saw Jacob at the dining table studying the morning paper with a cup of coffee before him.He looked fresh from a bath and wore loose grey slacks beneath a white vest. He smiled at the sight of her but she threw him a pout as she drew closer to the table.“You promised to make me breakfast.” She reminded him. “You promised.”“Calm down. You didn’t even say hi to me.”“I’ll greet you when I see my breakfast.” She said as she came to stand beside him.“And some folks envy me for living with you girls.” He said with mock bitterness. “If only they know what I’m going through.”“Drama king.”“You loo
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4:Surfacing Revelations
“You’re the only student I’ve ever asked out,” he said as though that was reason enough for her to consider his proposal.Arda knew she probably could believe that because students usually walked on eggshells around him.“I don’t want a sugar daddy,” she repeated.“If you change your mind, let me know, Arda.”Arda did not believe that she would ever change her mind.“No problem.” She told him still.“Don’t worry,” he said to her. “Refusing me won’t affect your grades or my responsibility in guiding you properly in your project.”“Thank you.”He pulled out a file from the table with her name on it, retrieved a copy of the paper she had with her, ticked the last project topic among the three project proposals, and stamped Approved on it. Then he handed it over to her and she gave him the one in her hand. He endorsed it too and stuck it in her file.“Let’s talk about what is expected in your first chapter.”“Okay.”He spent some time teaching her while she took notes and when their sessio
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5:Daring To Love And Breaking Kisses
Homeland was a small city at the end of the earth. It was surrounded by forests, mountains, hills, lakes, and valleys which gave it a suburban outlook mixed with epic civilization.The surrounding natural habitat gave its inhabitants diverse means of income hence, Homeland accommodated folks that survived with white-collar jobs as well as skilled work from carpentry to sculpting, other forms of art, fishing, and hunting.Arda drove through the streets in quite a breeze, grateful that the traffic flowed freely, the day being early, still. She wanted to hang out with Luke. It would be a welcome distraction, she hoped. It wasn’t long before she reached her destination.Landmark was a nature park. It had a neat field on a wide expanse of land where people could be seen sitting, walking, talking, and having fun.There were benches fitted around the area- some lying single, some in clusters, and some in squares. Dogs were being walked by their owners while some persons could be seen riding b
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6:Questions Amidst A Powerful Attraction
“I don’t understand. Why would they keep their relationship away from me?” she wondered aloud. “I’m their friend.” Arda was starting to feel betrayed and disappointed.Luke shrugged. “I guess you have to ask them or something.” He said. “But don’t sweat it. They may have a good reason.”“Three good years, Luke. We have been friends for three good years. It just doesn’t make any sense.”Luke reached out across the table and held her hand comfortingly.“Now I feel like I shouldn’t have mentioned it,” he said regretfully. “I don’t want you in a sour mood. Come on. Though, I must confess that you do look pretty when you’re mad.”She could not help but let out a faint smile, which lightened up her dark mood a bit. “Thanks.”“Let’s just enjoy ourselves, okay? You can confront Jacob and Karina later. And try not to be too hard on them.”“I’ll try.”“That will be nice.” He said and earned a bigger smile from her. Their gazes were connected and his eyes fell on her lips. She pressed her lips to
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7:Guarded Hearts And Shadows of An Uprising
That evening, it was quiet inside the reading room as the occupants, Arda, Karina, and Jacob minded their business, their heads buried in their books. They sat around a large square table that bore partitions above it and provided privacy for each reader. The table could accommodate about six persons, which was useful in case they had friends over. A combination of green and burnt orange paint beautified the wall and several inspirational quotes graced it. Arda’s mind was far from her studies as nagging concerns disturbed her mind. She sat there, attempting to start writing her thesis but she just could not concentrate. Flashes of Luke’s headache episodes haunted her and replayed before her eyes. Memories of the children interrupting her first expression of intimacy with Luke also flooded her mind. Why it bothered her, she had no idea but she
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8:Love In Trouble
Arda, Karina, and Jacob strolled towards an event center on the day of the birthmark show.It was in the late evening and the event center was a bungalow of a building with a spacious parking space that currently contained very few vehicles.A stone fence went around the building and the entrance gate was locked with a huge padlock.The signpost just outside the event center displayed a marquee that proudly announced, Marvelous Event Center.Arda and her friends joined the crowd to stand outside the gate.It was not a large crowd and a flamboyantly dressed woman in her forties holding a megaphone, came to stand beside a man around her age just inside the gate.The man had no hair on his head and it was shiny. It seemed to be the only bright thing about him. He was dressed in a black suit and wore black shoes, his face grim.“We regret to tell you that we have canceled the event.” The woman announced, shocking them all.“But why?” demanded a few people from the crowd.“We figured out to
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9:The Alpha's Voice
“What did I do?” Arda was confused. Her heart was pounding incessantly with fear and disappointment.“This only happens with you,” he stated matter-of-factly.“What are you talking about?” she whined.“Are you just playing dumb or you’re dumb?” he demanded. “I’m talking about the kiss. This headache which by the way I think is strange only happens with you.”“So, what exactly are you trying to say?”“Why not save me the trouble and tell me exactly what you are?”“Luke…”“I figured it out…witch.”“I’m not a witch, Luke.” She said, her eyes wetting up with tears of pain.“Then maybe you're just a monster with a pretty face. And that’s what I came here to find out.”Arda started crying softly as she stood before him. “I’m not a monster, please.”“I’m just so sorry that I wasted so much time waiting on you. You should have told me you were a witch.”“Luke, please.” She begged, moving closer to him but he took another quick step back.“Stay away from me. Gosh, are you cursed or something?”
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10:Who I Really Am
Gradually, Arda’s shock left her and she placed the phone back onto the table. It was barely touching the table when her phone buzzed with a call from her younger sister.Arda took a few more seconds to calm herself down before receiving the call.“Hey, Sis,” she said.“You’re not my sister.”“What?”“You are not my sister and I think it’s about time you knew.”“Mabel, what are you talking about?”“Ask my dad and my mum.”Arda did not fail to notice how she stressed the word my in her statement. Before she could say anything, her sister was off the line.For a moment, she chose to believe that her sister was joking. Arda redialed her number and it kept ringing but there was no response. She decided to call her father who received the call in a single ring.“My dear, you’re still up late?”“Yeah, studying.” She responded. She didn’t want to talk about her problems.“Okay. Take it easy.”“I will. Where is Mabel?”“She’s around somewhere in the house.”“Look, Dad, I know that Mabel and I
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