Bound To Be Mine

Bound To Be Mine

By:  Amana-Deena or Madinah_Writes  Completed
Language: English
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Winston Churchill said "Writing a book is an adventure..." This book will take you on an adventure of: *********Love, Lust and Deception... A tale of woe and hardship, where love and friendship can change your life in an instant. Anabella Andrews is a daddy's girl, being the daughter of wealthy business man, only having him to guide her, as her mother was out of the picture. She was cherished and treated like a true princess, however when her father marries his secretary. Things go awry, when her father dies during a regular business trip, leaving her parentless and in the hands of her evil step mother. Nothing can ever be the same. When her step sister steals the only man she has ever felt devoted to. He was her rock and now he was in the arms of a girl who hated her more than ever. Find out what happens in these events like no other.

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27 Chapters
Chapter 1
*** Years ago, somewhere in Los Angeles. There was a successful businessman who lived with his daughter in a very big mansion, located around a wide, blue beach. Andrews made sure his princess, Anabella had everything she ever wanted. *** One Saturday Morning, On The Seashore... She added water into a pot of clay mud, mixing it together with her hands and a tiny stick to give a good moisture. She dig her soft hands in the pot of white clay again, taking a little to build her glorious castle. And on this castle were two statues, her's and her father's. With so much effort and hardwork she's put in this molding, It wanted to fall when all of a sudden, a bigger, stronger and cleaner hand supporte
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Chapter 2
For the last two days, I’ve been feeling feverish. I complained to Mrs. Jane, my step-mother but she paid no attention to me and called me names. I had to use half of my savings to buy myself some drugs. With all of these, I was forced to do all the house-chores or else…… 
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Chapter 3
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Chapter 4
***********************              *** AT LUNCH *** I quietly arranged my books into my old, worn-out, white school bag. My classmates stared at me as they left the class, one after the other. Some murmured something I couldn’t hear clearly while others simpered. I shyly walked to the cafeteria, got some salad and a bottle of water on my lunch tray. I really have no friends at all except for Rilynn Blonca Thompson, the second child of the school’s headmistress even if she doesn't show it. Just then, I saw Kaylle coming to where I was, with her so called 'cliques' or should I say 'upcoming cliques'.  “Hi Bella!” Kaylle muttered as she walked majestically away. She calls me "Bella
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Chapter 5
*************     ?            My  jobless classmates were glancing at me godlessly, all through. As if I had become 'Ariana Grande' overnight. Everything went well untill the last class. It was music class. Mrs. Rafaella Johnson, our music teacher had taught us how to use all the various musical instruments to play diverse music including the waltz. She taught us a new lesson, asked us to go through the notes and learn how to play it with any instrument of our choice. Just as Mrs. Johnson completed her note on the whiteboard, all the students grabbed their schoolbags, ready to go home. “Not yet! Attention please!!” Mrs. Johnson yelled.  All the students k
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Chapter 6
********THE FOLLOWING DAY*** A high pitched voice woke me from my wonderful dreamland. “Wake up, Anny!!!” She added more emphatic stress to my name like she was the one who named me.  Even in dreamland, I’ll definitely recognize that voice. It is Mrs. Jane’s. "Oh jeez! I so hate when she did this, disturbing my beauty sleep. But I have no other choice than to get the fuck up! Perhaps, I've never had any beauty sleeps since dad's death." I snapped out of my stupid thought, hissed and stretched my lazy body out of bed.  “Come clean my room, It’s really messy!” She screamed even
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Chapter 7
*** EIGHTEEN HOURS LATER *** I was busy with some school work when Kaylle entered my room. She looked beautiful but her dress was too tight and revealing. It was so tight that she could hardly move.I guess what I called her yesterday was even better compared to the way she looked. Whatever! I don’t fucking care!! “Hello darling…?” She gently greeted. “Hi Kay, I see you’re ready for the party?” “Yeah, of course. I just wanted to ask you… How do I look?” She asked stylishly. “You look so lovely.” I blushed with a foolish smile.  “Really? I know y
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Chapter 8
Weeks Later. I caught a fever and stayed away from school for a week. I couldn't eat, sit, speak, stand or walk well because I was really sick.  Kaylle and stepmum feared it might be followed by an irritable fever, the terminal kind. So she called Mrs. Aurora, the home doctor to check on me. She prescribed me some drugs that would quickly heal and improve my health. The home doctor told stepmum to let me have a week of absolute rest and eat properly. Mrs. Jane promised to take good care of me in the best way but what surprised me most was that she and Kaylle suddenly became nice to me. Kaylle served me on my bed every breakfast, lunch and dinner. With all of these care, I freaking don't enjoy myself because I wasn't used to it. She even feeds me.
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Chapter 9
This chapter is specially dedicated to all my wonderful readers. It's impossible to name all of you but I'm sure you guys know yourselves. I love you!                         #Amana-Deena. ✴✴✴ The next day finally came... Evan didn't come to my desk. I'm sure he thought by now, I must have read everything. If he won't come now, then later... 'At the library' I thought. "Our topic for this week is cell." Mr. Rios introduced. Just then, Brim suddenly banged the door open. She boldly went directly to her seat and sat comfortably. Meanwhile, Mr. Rios only concentrated writing on the whiteboard as if no one entered. 
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Chapter 10
The Next Day... Everyone in school got the video of what happened. One of the girls must have recorded and sent it to others. Students turned to her, side by side in an idiotic manner...but it seemed she's yet to watch the video. We were on our table eating when a junior student burst out laughing (at the video of course, drawing people's attention).Brim annoyingly went to her seat, pulling her hair violently to the centre of the canteen. Other students turned to watch what'll happen to the girl. "What's funny?!" Brim roared at the shivering student. "" She whimpered. "So what made you laugh, fucking moron?!" She barked. Not caring if she was the one that recorded the vi
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