Love and Death

Love and Death

By:  Belle Cassy  Completed
Language: English
Crystal OduwaMate: Crystal Oduwa
33 ratings
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LOVE is something we always hope for and DEATH is something we're always afraid of, but what would a couple do when they are in between love and death? Ylisha, in one glance she looks like an ordinary woman but who knows what identity she really has? What if the girl you loved the most will kill crave to kill you? What prevaricates will transpire between two lovers? Will you let yourself die in your lover's hand? Or fight back and kill each other till the end?" This is my very first book, kindly tell me if you found some errors and feel free to tell me your honest opinions. And I hope you give my story a chance to read. Wishing you'll like it. Thank you. :)Happy reading. God bless you Keep safe.

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Jherome Pandico
love it so much ...️...️...️
2021-12-11 10:46:38
user avatar
Belle Cassy
Thank you to those who give this story a chance to read. ? Hope you check out my second novel entitled"From Here To You" it is also a completed story. ?
2020-11-02 14:11:19
user avatar
jessebelle casido
love it ❤️❤️❤️
2020-10-24 20:54:40
user avatar
Belle Cassy
This still under editing. Will edit some errors here. ?
2020-09-18 21:01:31
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Hailey Reign
Just finished reading. I love it. ❣️❣️ Keep it up.
2020-08-08 23:45:39
user avatar
Chiaro De Luna
i love this book, the plot is really good and it is well written as well, the characters are also very interesting and on constant development.
2020-07-20 19:25:47
default avatar
Zhaozhen Zhang
its very nice
2020-07-20 15:41:32
user avatar
awesome and interesting
2020-07-14 19:13:11
default avatar
Nice book!
2020-07-12 16:51:38
user avatar
Chibuzor Victor Obih
Wow! Just wow!
2020-07-11 22:08:57
user avatar
Osuagwu Alexander
Very amazing book
2020-07-11 19:12:18
user avatar
Lea Adams
added in my library!!!!
2020-07-06 01:55:16
user avatar
Mary Ohunyan
very interesting
2020-07-01 20:09:03
user avatar
The story is nice and interesting
2020-06-30 21:47:12
user avatar
Tembrevilla A. N.
hello there. it's me from the FB and still reading hahahhaha...
2020-06-29 21:12:03
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38 Chapters
Chapter 1
Chapter 1: Introduction It was exactly midnight here in San Francisco. I ran out from the woods and saw a dirt road, only the moon lights my path. Then I could hear footsteps running so fast towards me. But I couldn't tell where the sound was coming from. So, I gently closed my eyes, emptied my head, and focused only on the sound, she was coming nearer and nearer to me. I slowly opened my eyes, snatched my sword behind me, and blocked her onslaughts from the back. Her glaring eyes were a bit like a demon. I've never seen those eyes before. She was entirely different, she was not the girl I used to know. I could feel how powerful she was and how she craved to kill me with her sword. I fought back as long as I could, but she was too strong. Her strength was unbeatable compared to mine, and she was very much like a girl with no mercy who knows what she wanted to do. From time to time, I always had to keep myself distant to make sure she wouldn't kill me, and the battle went too lo
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Chapter 2
Ylisha's Perspective I rapidly got my first aid kit and went to my room to mend myself."Damn, it's deep, that stupid Clench!" I said while I was beginning to press my wound deliberately with medicine. I moaned and clenched my teeth in suffering."Gosh, Ylisha!"  I returned my medicine kit to where I got it after I put the plaster on my arm, then something caught my eyes. There were 5 albums in the corner of the cupboard, I stared at it at first but a minute later, I grabbed one of them and went back to my room. I opened the album, of course, I already knew what's inside this, I made it.A sighed, "Are we this close, Clench? What happened to us? Stupid! " I muttered while glancing at the pictures of me and Clench back when we were together. The happiest moments and funny memories were popping out from the bottom of my head.I could see his e
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Chapter 3
Ylisha's PerspectiveI opened my eyes when I felt someone fell to me, and I got surprised to see an unfamiliar guy sitting in front of me, what a weight, haha, skinny boy.I wonder who was this guy? Then I heard everybody was shouting with fear. I rubbed my eyes to see the people clearly. What just happened? I thought... That jerk who tried to hit me flew away. "Damn coward," I glared and I looked again at this guy in front of me.“Are you alright?” he asked worriedly, then I suddenly came back to my senses and my eyes caught the thick stick beside this guy. Oh, no!“Damn? He covered me up?”“That Jerk,” I uttered as I clenched my teeth and about to get up, but I was weak and this guy was still on top of me, then, I didn't even imagine that he would pass out. I hold his shoulders trying to woke him up. This wasnn't good, I didn't know what to do?“Hey, are you okay wake up, ” I kept wiggling his shoulders, then unexpected blood ran out from his head.“Damn, it's not good, and damn crow
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Chapter 4
Ylisha's PerspectiveOne week later...Finally, I was going to left the hospital. Before planning to leave, I thought to took a peek at that guy's room. So, I quietly took a peeked at his half-opened door, and I saw nothing inside, but an empty room. Then suddenly a nurse came in, out of nowhere, and fixed the things inside immediately. Then, our eyes met, she got surprised on seeing me unexpectedly.“Are you looking for your friend? He was also got discharged today. His parents were here a while ago and took him. Don't worry about him, he's okay, " the nurse happily said while she was exchanging the bedsheets. I just shook my head as a word of saying, "Okay. Thank you for informing me." ... "No problem, honey," she replied."Well, I'm glad his also okay now," I thought."He's discharged too? Then we must go now Ylisha, you missed too much training, " my father said. I coldly looked at him. I wasn't expecting
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Chapter 5
Ylisha's PerspectiveAfter what happened, the school undergoes a disciplinary hearing and decided to let that senior jerk go along with his friends and transfer to another school.After a week, it feels like nothing happened. And also, like my usual self, I'm just sitting quietly in the corner of our room and studied hard as normal students do. Then, our principal went inside our school with a man walking next to her. And it was Clench, I didn't recognize him at first because of his new haircut but it suits him well.I observed him from head to toe. “So, you're my age then,” I chuckled, and he started introducing himself. He introduced himself shortly but in an impressive way. It wasn't bad after all.*****CLENCH’S PerspectiveMy first day of school just started, finally, it's over! I was still nervous, I didn't know anyone, yet I'm glad it went well, and I'm glad I was in the same room with Ylisha, but she didn't approach me once, so, I decided also not to approach her, she acts like
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Chapter 6
 Ylisha's Perpective  "Turn right Mr. A, " I said.  "Mr. B, there's a table behind you, they are 6 men going in that direction, you can't fight them alone. Hide for a while under the table, be sure that the cover of the cabinet covered you well, " I commanded. "Copy that, " said Mr. B as I lead them while watching the CCTV, that was hacked by our special agents. We talked using the small devices connected to their ears and necktie. For a moment, my only job was to lead them and not to fight, that was my father commanded. When I turned 18, my father explained his job. He said they were secret agents who kill wanted persons which was privately not announced to the public. Since their job is to kill them anyway.But of course, some of them were not just a piece of cake as others, some of them were smart as we were. But for justice, I won't dare to
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Chapter 7
Ylisha's Perspective   I woke up as the sunlight hits my eyes, "it's already morning," I muttered while trimming my eyes and tried to stand up to put down the window curtain when my sheet seems so massive and I was astonished to see Clench sitting asleep right beside me, "Oh my, you startled me" I murmured. I was about to wake him up when I saw the pail on the floor beside him that made my cheeks burning up. Glimpsing at that pail let me recalled what went on last night, "Ylisha, you shouldn't drunk, this is embarrassing, " I mumbled and hurriedly stood up to tidy up my mess and be sure not to make Clench disturbed. After cleaning, Clench was still snoozing, I pulled the blanket and draped him,"Stupid, how can you sleep comfortably while sitting, " I whispered and left him for a while, I was planning to cook some sustenance for him to thanks him for last night, so,
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Chapter 8
Clench's Perspective  *** WEEK LATER**(YLISHA'S BIRTHDAY)  We were here in class, our teacher was busily explaining our lecture while my mentality was not on her. My toes were tapping the floor as my blood rapidly flew inside my body in warmth, thinking what would be Ylisha's reaction when I surprise her since her father couldn't throw a party for her. I was too eager that I couldn't even wait for school dismissal any longer."Clench," a voice kept calling my name, I ignored it yet he was still calling me, it was annoying."What?" I asked, curving up my eyebrows as I faced Harold.He covered his half-face, "Look in front of you," he whispered pointing the direction with his eyes, so, I instantly faced in front and ended up embarrassing as I saw my teacher glaring at me like a lion."It's like your daydreaming
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Chapter 9
Ylisha's Perspective After eating, he invited me upstairs, I wonder what he wanted to show me? Then, he opened the door of his room, I saw nothing but dusk. I was too curious, "Is this what he wanted to show me? It's weird," I curved up my eyebrow as I faced him.“What are we doing here?” I asked.He didn't answer me, then he unexpectedly held my arms, and grabbed me inside then shut the door. I looked like a blind man who couldn't see anything, but that was not the case here, it was about what he was attempting to do? I was too worried. Then I felt his breath near my neck, I creeped out as my hair stand on end.“What is he planning to do with me?" I was sweating like a pig. I wanna step back but I couldn't even move my feet. I knew I could knock him out if I wanted to, but I had this indescribable feeling, I was freaking out inside."He-hey, what are you pla-planning to-to do?” my voice was twitching. Then I heard him hissed, “Shhhh.” I was scared even more, " He can't do this to me,
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Chapter 10
Ylisha's Perspective  I was wandering on the street as I head our school when Clench appeared in front of me. Grinning like Grinch in the movie “The Grinch.”“Nasty boy, don't smile like that, my heart is fluttering. I mean it,” I mumbled. "Why are you smiling like that?" I asked. "Because I'm happy," he replied. I shudder inside as I secretly giggled. I was startled as he grabs my hand then we continued to walk and hold hands. I blushed a little bit, this is our first time dating. And him? he is still grinning like crazy, hehe.  Dear tummy, sorry for the butterflies I'm giving you right now. I swear it's not my fault. It 's his."You look like you won the lottery," I said.  Then he stopped walking and sto
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