CHAOTIC LOVE-The CEO's worst nightmare.

CHAOTIC LOVE-The CEO's worst nightmare.

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"Would you please remove your ring, Karl? I don't have to feel bad about fucking you," I whispered sensually in his ear. I get pissed off when I see his wedding band or anything that makes me think of his wife and how much I hated her for destroying my very existence. "Anything for you, darling Amihan, " He said softly. *** Driven by her thirst for revenge, Annabel William plotted and carefully found her way back into her best friend's life with a new identity as Amihan Jude. Dalisay, the supposed best friend, betrayed Annabel and took over her company just when Annabel was at her lowest. Annabel was so calculative, there couldn't be a way to take revenge on Dailsay that was better than having an affair with her then-husband, Karl Rodriguez. Maxwell, with his own hidden agenda, managed to smitten the heart of the cold-hearted Annabel which was something he had to do. Along the line, he found himself wanting more of this mysterious woman. Maxwell also has his dirty secret which would hurt Amihan as she thought he was different. How chaotic could this love be?

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This book is a real page-turner. The story kept me engaged from the start.......... The character of Amihan(Annabel) was so compelling and I found myself rooting for her throughout the story. Couldn't stop myself from adding to my library ...️...️...️
2024-02-26 04:49:10
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I enjoy the first chapter,I love Amihan Journey and I can't wait to explore more ...I'd definitely recommend this book .
2024-02-14 23:30:40
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PD's pen 🖊️
Dear readers, thanks for stopping by, please drop a review and comment for the author. ...️...️...️
2024-02-11 01:23:58
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I just hope Judith would genuinely let Carter love her and stop forcing herself on Maxwell......I feel sorry for her. I can't wait to see how things turns out.
2024-02-05 06:32:29
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Absolutely love it! Highly recommended
2024-02-01 00:48:04
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Peejo Elohor Oriefo
I love how detailed the characters are represented in the story. nice outline
2023-12-18 23:44:32
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You are a good actor. The story is captivating
2023-11-29 06:57:00
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synopsis is kinda comfusing
2024-01-23 18:26:52
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Morning Coffee
I'm enjoying it! Thanks for the recommendation
2024-02-01 02:47:17
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I am an Author
Thanks for the recommendation! I'm going enjoy this journey of reading I guess! lol
2024-02-01 02:44:18
user avatar
Well, let's give it a go! So fat so good
2024-02-01 02:42:49
134 Chapters
A long night- Amihan's POV.
I looked at him with a smile on my face for a few minutes before giving him a warm kiss on the cheek. "I've missed you so much, Amihan." He said passionately. My rage and bitterness overflowed me after hearing his words. There was going to be no going back, ever, so I forced a smile. After putting him gently on the bed, I gave him a few minutes of intense kissing. "Would you please remove your ring? I don't have to feel bad about fucking you," I whispered sensually in his ear. I get pissed off when I see his wedding band or anything that makes me think of his wife. "Anything for you, darling." I struggled to keep a straight face as I secretly scowled at his comment.I silently frowned at his comment and tried to maintain a blank countenance. With haste, he took off his ring and swooped down to press his face on my breast, which was already exposed due to my sleeves without buttons. I laughed sexily and pushed him away, saying, "Not so fast, MR." I enjoyed the desire I saw in his
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A Long Night- Karl P.O.V
It felt right, even though it was only my second time having sex with this stranger.But this time, the sex was extremely hot and more intense. As I strolled back into the bedroom holding two glasses of chilled juice, my penis hardened at the sight of her well-rounded breasts."You are one badass bitch that knows how to turn a man on, " I managed to say as I tried too hard to look away. She was deliberately trying to get me into fucking her hard again. "I'm not inviting you in, darling, " She replied seductively and touched her boob fondly. I could tell by her voice that she was making a lot of effort to hide her want for another round, but her eyes were always betraying her as they sneaked glances at my firm cock, and I wanted to be between her legs.I loved how she had sucked my cock passionately. I've never felt such a vibration from any other woman. Not from Dalisay or Sarah. They were the two women I have had more intimate moments with because they were both my wives. And No
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Maxwell's P.O.V I stared at my mom for a few minutes without uttering a word. "Max, you don't have a choice right now. I wished I had a way to make this easier," she said. I looked at my mom and smiled, then glanced at the photo of the lady given to me by her. She looked hot and harmless at the same time. "Everything you need to know about her is well-detailed there," She said and handed an envelope to me. "Her name is Amihan Jude, the only daughter of Mr. Angelo Jude, Although he has a son who is an autism patient. Making her the only heir of her father's wealth," she added while I gave a disapproved look. "Max, my darling, This is the only way to save our company. We are almost bankrupt and need the support of a multinational company. This is your dad's only legacy he left for us. We can't let it go down without trying to save it." "What if she is married or Even in a relationship?" A grin appeared on my face, but a questioning one. "No, she isn't married. She is single. Go
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The phone call.
Annabel's P.O.V I took my phone and googled about Karl Rodrigo on my way home; not much was said about him except that he was a businessman happily married to Dalisay Gabriel with different loved-up photos of them that made me chuckle. "Believe the internet at your own risk," I hissed. I dialed Judith's number. "Hey, sis," I said when she picked up. "What's up, Bella? Your call came in right on time, baby girl. I was worried if Karl had added you to the list of his wives." Judith said, and I raised a brow. "List of his wives?" I questioned. "Yes, girl, you had me right. The motherfucker is a gold digger, just like his public display wife," She added, and I became more confused. I've known Judith for over five years; she has been the private investigator my parents had hired to help me with my findings. Although, she is more of a family to me now. We relocated together from New York to the Philippines. Getting along with her wasn't easy at first because of the trauma I had go
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Amihan POV. It's been Ten years since I last stepped foot on ANWIL company premises and somehow it made me feel nostalgic. As I got out of my car, I felt tears welling up in my eyes. I wiped them quickly so no one would see. Ten years ago, I was a different girl. Life has cracked, honed, and hardened me. I no longer felt afraid of being in the dark or being darkness itself.I missed the former me most of the time, but she passed away ten years ago. I waved and grinned at Karl as soon as I noticed him heading in my direction. "Hello Amihan, you look stunning as always," Karl complimented and I smiled. "You don't look bad yourself," I replied. "We have to keep it official here," He whispered and I nodded. "So where's your wife?" I asked. I couldn't wait to see Dalisay after a decade. "She asked I come to welcome you. We didn't know you would be arriving this early. She is in the conference hall with some important clients but I've informed her of your arrival, " Karl said a
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Maxwell's Pov. The moment I checked into the hotel my mom had booked for me in the Philippines. I searched through Amihan's Social media pages and couldn't find any intriguing biographical information about her life. From the sparse photos on her walls, I could tell she was a workaholic who had no social life.I sighed at the thought of winning such a lady's heart, but I was stuck with the arrangement unless I wanted my mother dead. She had made it clear that I was her last hope and if by any chance we went bankrupt, she might not survive the heartbreak. My thought all through the night was on how to get into this mysterious lady's life and make her fall madly in love with me within this short duration. I had to put my life on wait to complete this task, and I would never want to ruin it.I let out a frustrated sigh as my phone rang. It was my mom, the last thing I wanted was her emotional talks but avoiding her calls wouldn't help either. "Hello Mom," I greeted her with a for
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Dalisay's Pov. I had anticipated collaborating with Retribution Multinational since it opened its branch in the Philippines. It was the largest international company and how it had managed to take over the shine of other businesses within months of its establishment in the Philippines was still a mystery. It was unbelievable to me that the daughter of the CEO was sitting in front of me, presenting a proposition for my company. I've always wanted a major victory that would announce my name as the CEO.A collaboration with Retribution Multinational would be that finishing touch my company needed. As we shook hands, I had an odd feeling. It was a familiar feeling but I couldn't place the face and she also had the same voice as that of my late best friend. The least of my concerns was attempting to determine who possessed a comparable touch impact.Annabel William is dead and gone. I witnessed her being buried. There's no way she would be alive, perhaps I'm hallucinating since it's
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The new employee- Maxwell's pov.
Maxwell's P.O.VThe following day, I arrived at the company where Judith and I would be working. I had been restless all through the night as My mind was muddled by how to fulfill my mother's wish to save my family from debt and bankruptcy. I was eager to visit Judith and get to work with her. She was the bait and No matter how tough she could seemed, I was determined to make sure I got along with her. While I waited for the CEO to arrive, I glanced around the reception hall. The ambiance of the company was so good and enticing. It was one of the biggest Fashion designing companies in the state. I still wondered how my mother expected me to handle a job at a fashion house without any prior expertise. Since I have never worked for one, I was curious as to what she would have said to the CEO to convince him that a novice employee would be a good fit for his company. My thoughts were disrupted by my phone's vibration. It was a call from my mom. "Hello, Darling," She greeted with
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The new employee- Judith's pov.
Judith's Pov. I reluctantly got off my bed as Annabel knocked at the door. I knew she was worried about how last night had gone with Jake and I. Even when I made a concerted effort to maintain a straight face to hide how pained I was over my breakup with jake, Annabel always had a way of reading my emotions no matter how hard I attempted. "Hey, sleepy head! She called out to me as I approached the door, "Open the door!" I gave a grumpy yawn and replied, "You don't have to wake me up this early, Bella." "Early? I guessed you had a lot to drink last night and had slept so deep. It's almost Eight A.M," My eyes widened in shock. How would I meet up work? The general staff meeting was scheduled for that morning by the CEO. That month, I had skipped three meetings in a row. The last time was because I was unwell, but the first two instances were because my boss had allowed me to take care of an important client. Although my boss was the carefree type who didn't mind if you miss
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At the Cinema- Amihan's pov.
Amihan's pov. Judith approached the car with a gloomy expression on her face. She must have had a hectic day because she had broken up with Jake. I jokingly said, "You look so exhausted like the company's burden was placed on your shoulder," and she gave me a feeble smile in return. "Seriously, I'm worn out. She exclaimed angrily, "I'm exhausted!""What happened? Did your boss query you?""No. I couldn't concentrate at work today, Jake's unending calls and text messages made me sick...."As she talked, I felt sorry for her since I had never seen Judith behave so moodily about anything."As if that wasn't enough, the new employee was deliberately irritating me," she said, and I arched an eyebrow."Your boss hired a new employee? I thought he had done that a month ago and according to what he said the last time I visited, there was no vacancy for a new intake," Judith rolled her eyes as she shook her head. "so we all believed not until this morning, he introduced an annoying g
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