CONQUER • Ava Celestine

CONQUER • Ava Celestine

By:  Azelea Avery  Completed
Language: English
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I slumped on the floor and hugged my knees into my chest. I glanced up at Blake and my eyes started to pool, looking at him. "I- I am scared. I-I am scared to have kids. I am scared to have feelings l-like this. I am scared of everything that is connected in love." My voice broadcasting sadness when I said those words and tears started streaming down my face."I have f-fear Blake. I have a fear that I don't want to encounter but they are still coming after me." I broke into sobs and I buried my face into my knees. --Ava Celestine YuA 24 years old girl, independent, strong on the outside, hard-working, reached her dreams at the age of 24, have a simple life on her own, no fairytale dream in life. What can happen when someone comes into her life that makes her feel the feeling and emotions she does not want to experience because of her fear that she hid for years? Blake Adam EcollinA 26 years old, fourth youngest billionaire in New York City, handsome, charming, a hidden billionaire who doesn't like paparazzi but still everyone loves him, rude, cold, and ruthless CEO who owns BLADE RUSH Techno. He knew that almost all the women chase after him, he isn't the one who chases her. --Is it a choice between love and fear? Which one she will she choose?Or is it a battle of love and fear? Which one will prevail?---GRAMMATICAL ERRORS- (Read at your own risk.)IG: azelea_avery

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My Sweet Mistake
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Chapter 1
Ava Celestine I saw a sleek black stopped in front of the door and our expected client came out from the car door. Cleah looked at the expected visitors' list and released a sigh. " You are in charge of that." She said, pointing to Mr. Sawyer and his company. 
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Chapter 2
Ava CelestineI walked over to him as he ended his phone call.  "Hi," I said with a smile. He stared at me confused. "Hello?" He replied hesitantly. "Sorry, I didn't mean to eavesdrop but are you talking to Joshua Qeud earlier?" "U-hmm.. Ava
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Chapter 3
Ava Celestine Multitasking. My hand on my hips, while the other one is scrolling on my phone, and my eyes, are battling to the phone and my dresser, thinking which one should I wear. Blue... Black... That one. Maroon it is. I quickly picked the suit and wore it. It is an above-knee skirt, a white tube inside, and a blazer with slits on the side and four buttons. 
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Chapter 4
Ava Celestine A loud beat surrounds the bar sending vibration to things in here. Pop music that most people love was played. I don't really like going here. It is a famous club. Yes. But when you are in the club you'll be spending a lot of money, going home drunk, and probably have sex with strangers. "Let's dance. Come on. Ava." Cleah pushed me but I didn't budge.
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Chapter 5
Ava Celestine "Ava Yu and Cleah Fermit, the president, Mrs. Lambert is calling you in her office. You must go immediately." The voice in the intercom beeps. Cleah and I looked at each other as our eyes widened. We hurriedly fixed ourselves. 
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Chapter 6
Ava Celestine Continuation of flashback: We came back home. My mom started finding my dad when my sister came downstairs with a frown on her face. "Where is your dad? I have been call
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Chapter 7
Ava CelestineI was still eating while sending my personal documents to all the company that is hiring a receptionist. Cleah called earlier and she recommended me hiring companies.   "Ava." Josh voice out.
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Chapter 8
Ava CelestineI spent my four days doing nothing aside from cooking and all the chores which I always do every day off. One thing that had been different was I packed and put all the things that I bought for my mother and sister in the box. I will go to my hometown after three months. I think that is enough to get myself ready. 
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Chapter 9
Blake AdamA normal day as it seems. I checked my wristwatch it is past 7 am and damn, my P.A. is on leave my secretary is in charge of it. My P.A is better than my secretary. She is working really hard. She can balance her time with her child. Very understanding. I sometimes snapped at her but only sometimes. She always finished her work on time and don't have to remind her what she will need to do My secretary or should I say sexytary is always looking at m
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Chapter 10
Ava Celestine I watched him, entering the room coldly his eyes roaming around the conference room. I quickly averted my eyes when his eyes stopped at me. These feelings I have never felt before, that I don't want to feel are spreading throughout my body. Why?! 
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