Called by Fire

Called by Fire

By:  Pixie Auri  Completed
Language: English
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It was a small pull, that had her confused at first, but kept bothering her like a strand of hair attached to your arm that you can't find and remove. When she focused on it, the pull drove her to touch his chest lightly. She cleared her mind to make sense of the foreign sensation that spoke to her and when she did, it was strange and dark. He was calling for fire. ---- Brianna is a witch that tends to the needs of nature by controlling the four elements. Nathaniel is a phoenix assigned to her village by a mysterious and suspicious organization, the Council. He is a master of fire, unwaveringly dedicated to his life's work. She is an untamable force of nature. Can their unexpected encounter alter the path of fate?

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Lídia Aline
I loved the story! So different and creative🥰😍
2021-05-24 15:35:14
user avatar
lovely book, great love story
2021-03-17 12:26:18
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Martin Cobos
This is a good story and concept. I read it. Wry quickly and I am already looking forward to book 2.
2021-01-26 01:01:10
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Purushotam Kumar
Getting goosebumps from this book while reading,I love this book.
2020-12-30 08:44:22
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Kindra White
There should be more stars to give out. This story deserves them all. Good plot line, and the story sucks you in to never let go.
2020-11-11 03:01:09
user avatar
Story line easily hooked the readers....very interesting plot...
2020-10-04 23:52:24
user avatar
I just love how detailed your books are, and I love how much this book was able to grab my attention from the very first chapter! Great work Author ✨
2020-09-06 06:18:50
user avatar
I read chapter 1 and it caught my attention, Very detailed... and easy to understand... I love it???
2020-09-06 02:13:17
user avatar
The story was very detailed. I felt your strong sense as the author. The words caught my eyes. Very poetic. Characters and scene 9. Good for the heart. It calms me. Thank you for sharing this. Overall, almost 10.
2020-09-05 21:09:36
user avatar
Miss Vainj
I read the first chap and all I could say, your story is interesting. Even though I saw some errors, but it's fine it is minor. <3 Keep writing.
2020-08-20 10:10:37
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Phoenix Still
I don't regret asking it ?
2020-08-13 02:16:35
user avatar
Joanna Jimenez
This is a well-written book! Minimal errors, a solid plot, and lovely characters. This should be more popular.
2020-08-12 20:08:36
user avatar
I read and scanned your chapters, you are good. Just a little improvement in your character's emotion will do.:-)
2020-08-20 10:01:44
user avatar
Genevieve Malone
Lovely story, really enjoyed it!
2021-09-02 13:34:33
40 Chapters
Brianna woke up to the familiar pull of the earth. She had been so accustomed to it by now that she almost didn’t need to open her eyes to follow the short path from her bed to the forest across the yard. The pull was strong, and she had no reason not to tend to it immediately, so she shook the sleepiness away and got on to it. As soon as Bree’s bare feet reached the grass, they started to tickle with the typical sensation of the earth’s calling. Each element had it’s own, and it was only fair that the earth would tickle instead of burn as the fire used to. She almost wished it was indeed the fire calling, for the slight burning would perhaps warm her a bit on that cold
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Brianna ran towards the sound trying to make sense out of it. The village was deep asleep and even if there was an insomniac awake, there was no reason for him to be this far from home in the middle of the winter. When she arrived to the recently burnt land, her heart clenched at the sight of a laying male figure. Coming closer she noticed he was covered by ashes, but very much naked. His chest was moving up and down, which was a major relief. She was not a fan of accidentally killing people. She shook him up a bit, trying not to look bellow his waist. It would be extremely awkward it he were to wake up to her staring at him. Unfortunately for her, he didn’t move, so she underst
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Brianna stood frozen in place trying to make sense out of the calling she heard. How could she call for fire and place it within a person? She had never experienced a call from something outside the raw elements and was ultimately confused by it. She knew the elements like childhood friends and although they sometimes played tricks on humans, she’d never seen them go straight for the kill like that. Placing fire within that man would kill him, wouldn’t it? She backed away from the sleeping figure to think and decided to go by her day. He wasn’t going anywhere in that state, so she had time to think about it while performing her daily tasks.
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“Who are you?” he asked, sensing he was dealing with more power than he originally thought. She noticed the change in attitude and decided to leverage his reduced aggressiveness. She let go of the water and allowed some branches to retreat, which was a major relieve for them both. She took a deep breath to steady her own voice before talking“I am Brianna of Hawthorne, and I would appreciate if you cease to attack me for no apparent reason” She felt drained and still scared but was glad her voice didn’t tremble.&
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He watched her cook for a while, but got a bit confused by her ways. She was obviously powerful, and by now he was positive she had domain over all the four elements. However, she cooked as a peasant. She got water from a bucket she clearly got from the river, and he noticed a fireplace bellow beside the stone oven, which meant she didn’t even use air to stoke the fire. When she got the flint to start the fire, he couldn’t help himself.“Are you really going to use that?” He pointed towards the stone. Her confused expression made his eyes roll and he ignited the wood inside the fireplace with a small hand gesture.
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The day after his awakening, Nathaniel made the quick walk towards the witch’s cottage to begin training. They meet by her door and she swiftly took him through the woods, into the clearing she described the day before. The spot was perfect for training and the man noticed how comfortable she was in the nature.“Where do we start, Nathaniel?”“I was the one to make the offer so it’s only fair I start teaching. Perhaps you can show me what you can do.”
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Bree regained consciousness before she opened her eyes, which allowed her to enjoy the feeling of being taken care of a bit longer. The gentle strokes on her hair and cooling sensation on her neck took her to a blissful state and when she opened her eyes, she met a pair of hazel ones that gazed her with such intensity she found it impossible to look away. Nathaniel froze when her eyes fluttered. He wanted to stay there, but he was not known for his self-restrain when it came to matters of the flesh and escalating things with the witch would only compromise his endgame. He opted for a harsh approach instead.
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  About a month into their training, Nathaniel was finding the nights exceedingly long and the days spent by Brianna’s side way too short. As he made his way to the clearing, he reminisced the day they practiced way after dark. At dawn, he asked her to start a fire pit for practice purposes, but in truth he just didn’t want to leave. In return, she asked him to kill the fire with water from the river and though the water started to move, it was not enough to perform the task. The woman held one of his hands and he felt a surge of power coursing through him, allowing him to call for the water and lower the flames. The memory almost put a smile to his face, but he frowned, shook his head and kept his morning path towards her.
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That night, Brianna laid in bed lost in thought. She did not plan for any of that to happen and was puzzled by the consequences of her acts. The construction of a rational train of thought was constantly broken by flashes of his hands on her body, the softness of his hair, and then the agonizing detachment of their lips. She shook her head trying to focus. There was something there, just bellow the surface. It needed to be thought through and brought out.She was a master of the elements and her purpose was to answer their callings and tend to their needs, not the callings of men. Mankind had a way of satisfying their needs without her and she had no business messing with the natural flow of th
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 His kisses trailed down her neck and she tilted her head invitingly. He groaned at the movement and she felt his manhood swell against her skin. Her knees weakened and she felt his grip on her tighten, but Bree decided the gravity was not helping her stay vertical. She called for the wind and it wrapped around them like a cloak, lifting them gently and placing them back on the ground on a horizontal position. She made sure to end up on top of him and backed out just enough to see his eyes widen in surprise.Her heart was racing, and she felt daring, so she went down to kiss him again but not missing the chance to lightly brush her nipples against hi
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