Bonded To Sin

Bonded To Sin

By:  Amanda Smith  Ongoing
Language: English
3 ratings
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Sin, a manipulative, flirty demon king who is determined to get what he wants and what he wants, is her. Amaya, a fiery beauty who tries to blend into the background and fails as two men are drawn to her and fight to make her theirs. Lazarus, a socially awkward and abused demon wanting to break free of his mother's grasp and be free to be with the woman he loves. A fight for a throne and a debt needing to be repaid the three are thrown into an adventure of a lifetime as they travel in time, and between Earth, Hell and Heaven's planes in an attempt to save magic, the throne of hell and correcting the mistakes of the past. Loyalties are tested and mistakes are made as they learn more about each other and what the truth really is.

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Lisa Marie Parcher
Very well written book! Now I’m sad because I’ve read all there is lol looking forward to finding out how it all plays out! What’s going to happen to Amaya and Sin? I need to know lol
2022-10-24 13:30:55
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Keith Smith
Gotta say I love your style, and keeps me wanting to read more! Keep it up
2022-06-13 09:15:02
user avatar
The characters are great and I love the chemistry between Amaya and Sin, although the more I read about Lazarus the more I like him.
2022-08-13 01:09:40
61 Chapters
Chapter One (Amaya)
I'm cursed, I'd have to be. Nothing that has happened in the past few weeks makes any sense. For weeks, I’ve had nothing but bad luck. I was fired from my job because my pervert of a boss said I was too distracting, my car broke down, and most recently I was almost hit by a bus. Luckily, someone had pulled me out of the way. The entire time this has been going on, I have the pins and needles feeling on the back of my neck telling me someone or something is watching me. “Miss, your coffee,” the cashier called after me as I opened the door. "Oh, thank you." I murmured, rushing back to the counter. I grabbed my cup and turned to leave. Not two footsteps outside the coffee shop. I stumbled and dumped the hot contents on my shirt, cursing I grasped the material and held it away from my body. “Stroke of bad luck?” A tall man asked as he followed me out of the shop. Something about him told me to run. His jet-black hair fell into his eyes, his unique captivating eyes, the color of fire f
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Chapter Two (Sin)
I stretched to keep myself awake as I watched the scene before me. My subjects had decided that it was time for me to find a queen. Of course, my subjects were offering their daughters and nieces, trying to get their bloodline to become part of the royal bloodline. Tedious, I didn’t want any random she-demon. I wanted someone I had a connection with. My subjects had become so boring, they were too comfortable and predictable. How disgusting. I need excitement. Something different and entertaining. “Sire, are you listening?” My right-hand man, Merula, asked, shattering my train of thought. Merula reminded me of a rat with his slight frame and shifty features, he never looked you in the eyes. He always seemed to be there, listening and watching. He was smart and gave good advice, and he always kept me informed of what was happening in the castle. Merula was surprisingly lucky when it came to women. “Yes, and none of them will be my Queen.” I frowned at him. His beady, black eyes widen
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Chapter Three (Amaya)
I wandered around the area; I was in the middle of a dense forest.Everything was black and I could see no lights. Where the hell am I? Cursing Sin, as if that was even his name. What was he, exactly? Humans couldn’t do what he did. Where did he leave me anyway, and why was he so intent that I make a deal with him? I wandered aimlessly, not really knowing where to go, doing my best to head in the same direction, figuring the woods would have to break into a field, road, or something at some point. Unsure of how much time had passed, I came across a small cottage. I peaked in the window, not seeing anyone. I made my way to the door. Just as I was about to turn the handle, I heard something move behind me. "What are you doing, girl?" A woman spoke with a gravelly voice. “And what on earth are you wearing?” I spun around and a little old lady stood before me wearing a long old style black and white dress with a white bonnet which had a black cap placed on top. She looked at my clothi
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Chapter Four (Sin)
I returned to my throne room where Hellebore was already waiting, a smile on her face. "So, you possess humans now?" I asked nonchalantly, remembering how she had possessed Amaya’s friend's body. Bitch had been spying on me. She shrugged. “Just wondering what you’ve been up to the last few days.” She smiled. I could trust her about as much as I could trust a feral animal. What was she up to? “A little obsessed with the human, aren’t you? Where did you leave her, exactly?” "Are you really questioning your King?" I accused, not liking how invested she seemed to be, like I’d tell her where I hid my little human. Before she could reply. My little brother, Rook, walked into the room. Wearing his normal attire of black dress pants and white dress shirt, he was tall and built like most in our army, his hair cut short and his face clean shaven, he had sharp features like his mother and green eyes that shimmered and changed constantly. Rook was a few years younger than me, and I knew that
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Chapter Five (Amaya)
Abigail woke me up just as the sun rose. She had me fetch water from a well that was a short distance from her cottage. When I brought it back, she made porridge for breakfast and poured me a glass of beer. “Beer for breakfast?” I asked, confused. “Not a custom where you’re from?” she asked. When I shook my head no she replied, “it will help fill you up and give you energy for the work we need to do today. Besides it is safer to drink than water, the water around here has been making people sick.” I nodded and took a sip. It was thick like porridge but smooth and had a bitter bite to it. I scrunched my nose as the bitter taste lingered in my mouth. I was never a beer fan. Abigail laughed, “You get used to it, bottoms up girl. We got work to do.” I chugged the contents and finished my porridge as she put bread, cheese, butter and a jug of beer into a basket and handed it to me as she grabbed another basket which was empty. We left the cottage, and I followed as she went deeper
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Chapter Six (Sin)
“What are you doing here, brother?” I asked as I turned to face Lazarus, who with a grin walked towards me, removing his hat. When I had left the shop, instead of going back to my castle, I stayed in Salem observing the town and its people and when I could feel my brother's aura nearing, I grew suspicious following it and seeing his interaction with Amaya. "If it was your business, you would be aware of it, no?" he retorted. "Put your hat back on before we are discovered." I ordered, pissed that he followed me and was being careless around the humans. “Why would one lowly human get you in such a fix, I wonder?” he stated as he studied my expression, putting his hat back on. His eyes swirling blue, grey and green before settling into black, hatred emitted from him in waves. “She is exquisite even in the puritan getup, you bring her here because of some kink you have or is there another reason?” he pondered, studying me. I shrugged and walked past him, “Maybe the question is why you’
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Chapter Seven (Amaya)
I followed Abagail as she entered another shop. She spoke to the man at the counter and received a parcel. “Have you met my Granddaughter Amaya?” she gestured towards me, a smile on her friendly face. Something about this woman felt so safe and welcoming. I never had grandparents growing up, hell I didn’t even know my own parents. They abandoned me at a fire station at a few days old with a note in my basket that read, “Protect her.” And they embroidered the name Amaya on my blanket. No last name or even a clue to who my biological parents were. Luckily, I was adopted by an amazing couple when I was five, they died a few years back but left their home and small fortune to me which I used for college. A lot of good that did me here. “No, I haven’t had the pleasure. I’m Jason,” a young man with dark brown, almost black eyes answered, looking at me with a friendly smile. “Nice to meet you.” I smiled. “How long have you been in town?” “I just arrived yesterday. It was an unforeseen vi
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Chapter Eight (Lazarus)
I headed in the church's direction; the pastor had better be in. It was such an odd thing for my mother to request, but who was I to question her? I walked into the chapel as goosebumps covered my arms from being in the forbidden place. Demons were not welcome in any place of god or goddesses, whether it be a Puritan church or a Greek temple. Entering the space caused great discomfort for any demon and in the weaker one's death. Pastor Gideon, it's Samuel. We had a meeting today. I announced as I walked around the space looking for him. “Over here, dear boy.” A man spoke from behind a door on the side. I walked over and looked into the small room, a grey-haired man sat behind a desk looking over books. His eyes squinted as he looked through a magnifying glass at the text before him. Entering, I closed the door behind me and walked towards him. “What is it I can do for you?” he asked as he put the magnifying glass down and looked at me with his dark grey eyes. At first impressions h
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Chapter Nine (Amaya)
The days seemed to blur. We would alternate between making poultices and collecting herbs for healing to tending the vegetable gardens, pickling, and making jams and butter preparing for winter. In the week or so that I have been here, a couple of people from town came to see Abigail with minor injuries. Abigail is amazing and wise and seemed to be a highly respected member of the community. I hadn’t seen Sin in the last few days either, so my hopes of going home soon dwindled. I was weeding the garden when I heard someone walk up behind me, Abigail was in the house making poultices. I turned and saw Samuel at the edge of the garden staring at me, a smile on his face. “Hello.” I greeted as I wiped my hands on my apron. “Are you injured? Do you need to see Abigail?” I asked, as I stood and walked towards him. "I can go get her." He shook his head and smiled, tipping his hat in greeting, “No, actually I came to see you. I was wondering if we could go for a walk.” “Not without a cha
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Chapter Ten (Sin)
Returning to the throne room I was in a foul mood, why the hell was he with her, he had no reason to be. Merula, sensing my anger, walked toward me cautiously. I looked at him and ordered, “Find Rook. I need to speak to him now.” “Sire… there have been developments.” He mumbled, barely audible, as he fiddled with an object in his hands. “What developments?” I snapped as I glared down at him. “It seems your brother Lazarus has found his fated mate.” he reported as he held out a piece of paper towards me. Without looking at it, I ignited it into flames, and it burnt, crumbling to ash in his hands. “Oh really? And where is this mate?” I asked, looking around. “No one has met her yet; it seems he is in the process of figuring out how she will live here because she is human.” If he thinks that my little flame is his mate, he is sorely mistaken. “As protocol dictates, the only way the throne would go to him is when she accepts him as hers, if she doesn’t, it changes nothing. He won’t
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