Ghost Busters

Ghost Busters

By:  Lonewolf  Ongoing
Language: English
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A guy going by the name of 'Felix' joins the team known as 'Ghost Busters' because of an invitation. A team consisting of 6 members. Nobody knew his past, nor his personal info. Even his name 'Felix' was an alias created by himself. What was about to come? Was the decision to invite him was correct or everything will crumble? Felix embarks on his journey along with his new team to unveil the secrets and mysteries of the world, including his own past too. However, there was another secret to it. Something related to him. Something which defied the laws. Join Felix on his journey to explore the eerie, unreal and perilous side of the world as he uncovers the mysteries one by one.

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18 Chapters
Even the weather cries
Flames of fire kept flickering and dancing. Waves within waves quivering creating a crackling sound one could hear as the wood kept splitting due to the oppressive heat produced by the fire. Thus, emitting smoke into the surroundings. All the burning flames reflected in the misty eyes of a young man who stood still and seemed apathetic. He could see a vague figure. In fact, a corpse lying on the pyre engulfed in fire as the flames encircled around it from all directions. Quite a few people could be seen standing, offering their condolences and praying for the dead person. A Pandit (Hindu priest) was also there who did all the necessary required rituals for the cremation ceremony so that the soul of the dead person may find salvation. Even the weather seemed upset as it started to drizzle turning the terra firma humect. "What will you do now child?" An elderly man who stood near the young man asked while looking at him. "I don't
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New Teammate
"Are you guys ready!?" a husky voice of a middle-aged man sounded."Yeah!" several voices of males as well as females could be heard at the same time.They were seated on a multi-seat luxurious maroon-colored sofa. A round wooden table was placed right after them and an empty single-seat sofa across them could also be seen.The middle-aged guy who was named Derek kept looking at the screen of a camera suddenly shouted, "Start!"Right after his instruction, a guy clapped a clapperboard and several other guys with cameras and lights began their work."Today's a special day. A very special day for our team and I'm really excited about it," one of the girls said smilingly while looking at the camera.She was wearing a half-sleeved black top paired with skin-tight stretchable denim jeans. Her stature seemed average.She had a ravishing face with a fair complexion having almost no unnecessary fat. She had dark, chin-length ragged short hair
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Individual Session
"Alright! Time for an individual session. Starting with Mike. Everyone else, please leave!" he instructed.After Derek's instruction, everyone left except Mike.***Outside the studio...A reception was present outside the shooting room where a cute lady sitting and attending phone calls could be seen.There were also several seats adjoined together for people to sit. Felix along with his new team-mates was now seated on the seats when in a trice Paul initiated a conversation,"I have a question Felix bro."Felix without minding at all said, "Please! Do ask then.""You're an Indian but your name... umm...""It's not my real name.""Ohh then!?""Umm... It's... "Seeing Felix hesitating, Alex who was seated right beside him came to his rescue, "Paul! Let it be. It's not right to pry into other's privacy. Maybe he doesn't want to expose his name. He wants to keep a low profile. Not everyone likes to dis
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To the Airport
Alright! Cut!!!"And after quite a while the individual session in the welcoming of the 7th member of the team finally came to an end.***"Everyone! As usual, I'm not gonna say much about it, like always just do your best guys okay? Hopefully, we'll get some definite evidence to show. I'm leaving it to the ghostbusters team," said Derek who was joining his both palms as if he was trying to pray."Yayyy!!!" Alex seemed much more enthusiastic than the usual for investigation."Rob and Steve!!! I'm leaving it to you guys again," Derek glanced at the twin brothers who were doing the camera work apart from him.They were the cameramen who used to shoot the team's investigation outside the native area. And as always they were now instructed by Derek to record the whole journey of the team.Picking up their travel bags everyone came out from the studio room into the reception area where the receptionist wished them a safe journey, "You guys
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Flight (1)
"You....!!!" Felix's reply not only made Nick irked enough but he was even about to spit out some cuss words.Swallowing his anger he pointed his finger to Felix, "Look kiddo! You should know how to talk with your seniors. If you want to be a part of this team, then do keep in mind that whatever you speak, just think twice before speaking otherwise outcome won't be so well next time.""Are you threatening him?" Alex who was laughing just a few seconds ago suddenly became serious and glared at him.How can she be quiet after getting to know that someone is trying to threaten Felix? Of course! Alex and Nick have been a part of the team since long ago and have worked in so many investigations together. Yet, she never actually liked Nick's personality. Although she never hated him. But, that doesn't mean she was fond of him either. Their chemistry was really awful.On the other hand, even though she just met Felix a few hours ago, she was already impressed by
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Flight (2)
"That is what I'm asking. Who's the most beautiful among us then!?" She smiled mischievously, her enchanting blue eyes trying to dig deeper into him while he sweated profusely."That... I mean... you all are beautiful," Felix moved back a little bit since Alex was leaning onto him too much.He had already experienced those two bountiful mounds before in the car. If he experiences those on his chest now, there's no way a tent won't form inside his jeans. And, that tent can make things difficult for him."Hmph! Aren't you saying this so that you won't get in trouble while saying the truth?""No! No! Sister Alex! What I said was really right from the bottom of my heart.""You... Did you just called me Sister!?""Huh? Yeah! I shouldn't!?""Why do I feel like this?""Feel like what?""Like..." She placed a finger on her lower lip and added. "I'm happy that you called me sister but at the same time I don't like it at all."
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First Investigation
"So Felix!?" "Yes, Leader?" "What's your specialty?" "Huh!?" Perplexed by the sudden question, Felix chuckled awkwardly looking here and there as all his teammates locked their gazes on him with curiosity visible in their eyes. Even, Nick was slightly curious about his specialty. 'No doubt this is an important question. Even, that Nick is looking at me waiting for my answer.Damn it! What should I say? I fucking don't know," Naturally, Felix couldn't say aloud what he was thinking right now, so the only option for him was~ "By specialty you mean?" "Oh! Let me explain Felix boi." Alex chimed in with a slightly excited tone. "It's like this~ Mike is our leader so he leads the team, deciding on what to do next and what not to do. He's the bravest among all of us. He's also good with those Ouija boards. He uses EMF (electromagnetic field) sensors most of the time." She explained. "As for me, my sense of awareness is real
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The Suicide Bridge
They both exchanged glances and blushed, like a newly happy lovey-dovey couple but there was someone who was staring daggers at them.And, it was none other than Nick. Of course! Who else could it be if not him? He was gnashing his teeth in fury right now.'You will regret it brat! You will surely regret it,' he snarled as he kept looking at them thinking of ways on how to degrade Felix's image in Celia's eyes.On the other hand, Felix and Celia being ignorant of Nick's expression kept glancing at each other, "Thank you for your compliment! However, I don't think I'm that handsome Miss Celia," Felix scratched his cheek embarrassedly as he stole a glimpse at her."Miss Celia again? Please call me by my name Felix.""Ah! Alright! I'll keep that in my mind now."'This is not right. I don't want him to address me like that. I don't want him to treat me like an elder person. I want him to call me by my name as if we are on equal terms. It's becau
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Investigation (1)
Between their chat, Mike's voice resounded, "We're here!" This made everyone turn their heads to the window to finally witness the so-called ~ Suicide Bridge. Felix and others stared outside the window to get an actual view of the bridge. "Alright! We have arrived. I won't be leaving the bus and indulging in your activities. So, spare me out, guys! Leave your needless baggage inside only. I'm gonna park my bus right here. And, whenever you feel like my assistance is required just call me. Okay!?" As they were peeking outside from the gaps of the windows still busy while scrutinizing the bridge, Brian's voice instantly made them realize that they should move out now. Saying that, Brian lifted off his hat exposing his short brown hair and slung it onto the small hook which was positioned near the rearview mirror above. He wasn't entirely exhausted yet. However, he still decided to rest a little as he slumped back into the seat.
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Investigation (2)
As they entered, Felix took a sharp breath, tightened his backpack, and stepped forth. But, the moment his right foot entered into the vicinity of the bridge and came in contact with the road, his eyes widened as a terrifying chill went down his spine. Until now, he stood there still without shifting an inch. A strong current went through his body making his body tremble. His face lowered, no one could see what expression he was wearing right now. His hair billowing in the breeze. He slowly closed his eyes to double-check what he felt earlier. And, right after a few seconds, his eyes went wide again but there was something unusual about it now. A faint glint passed through his eyes. His eyes shone brightly under the moonlight and a small and secret smile spread across his mouth. Even though he couldn't see through his sweatshirt, he could feel that his arms were covered in goosebumps currently. If his old man could see his expression now, then he coul
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