Captured by the Alien

Captured by the Alien

By:  Eliza Lockhart  Ongoing
Language: English
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Complete! - Jet likes being alone. Alone with her ship, taking care of herself.But then she's tricked into Frentin space. And the genetically modified humans don't take tresspass lightly. With her freedom now forfeit, Jet is taken captive by a Frentin and threatened with slavery to the hottest alien race in the galaxy.Icaan is an ex military trader, down on his luck after he was betrayed. He finds a wayward human woman on the edge of Frentin space and does what any good Frentin would, takes her in to face her punishment. But he didn't bargain for the independent and brave human he's taken captive.Can two aliens burned by their pasts find healing and hope together? Or will one really condemn the other to a life of slavery for one little mistake?Join the steamy romantic adventure of a lifetime as Jet thaws her alien captor and their spaceship really turns up the heat.

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80 Chapters
Chapter 1
 As I'd seen the job offer on the notice board my mouth had fallen open. Even now as I flew to the unknown and uncharted sector of space that was part of the job I needed to pinch myself.A thousand credits just to fly to uncharted space, spend a few hours there and then come back to the space station again. It was a dream come true.Already I was almost there, my little ship fast, if a little old.But I'd only been there a few minutes, the ship scanning and charting the stars around me when a warning sounded.The area of space was full of debris, and asteroids, as if several planets had collided here long ago. As the alarms blared I tried to find the source among the chaos.The asteroids blocked my view in several directions, but the radar on the ship clearly thou
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Chapter 2
 As I moved towards his ship I knew this was likely to be the last chance I had to do anything to get away, but I also knew there was little I could do. If I so much as moved a muscle he would lock my limbs together, and he had to only so much as think it.Crossing the threshold of our ships and passing through the open airlock I left my hope behind me. It was bad enough that I'd been tricked, but the slaver market was notorious. I didn't want to be sold to anyone. A Frentin was a thousand times worse.The ship I moved into had a darker decor than my own rust bucket, something I found so fitting that it almost made me laugh out loud. Despite my fear and dread I looked around and studied the ship. It might help me one day.The airlock came out into a corridor, much the same as I'd just left on mine. We were on the side of his ship, and
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Chapter 3
 I lost track of time, only aware of the bladder that felt like it would burst, the ache in my throat and the endless darkness.Now and then I heard a noise somewhere else in the ship and I grew hopeful that my captor would reappear but then I was left in the dark even longer.I'd given up trying to find a way out, kicking and flailing had been hard with my wrists and feet clamped together. Fear still engulfed me and threatened to send me into a screaming mess again.Suddenly light flooded the compartment making me blink and suddenly shy away. After being in the dark it only made things worse."Right, you've got one chance to head to the toilet and use it. Try and do anything stupid and I won't bother in future, got it?"I tried to nod, but I wasn't su
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Chapter 4
 At some point I must have fallen asleep because I woke up to an alarming amount of banging reverberating through the hull of the ship. Now and then it was punctuated by a yell or the clatter of something. It was clear the room I was in wasn't particularly sound proof.I felt a little calmer than I had been inside the box before I'd gone to sleep, but I wouldn't say I felt at ease. It was still a dark box on a Frnetin's ship.Not long after I was awake enough getting back to sleep wouldn't be easy the noises stopped. A moment later the ship powered up again and I could only assume we were on our way somewhere.My stomach rumbled as I tried to work out how long it must have been since I'd eaten. I had the beginning of a headache as well and I suspected I was a little dehydrated. For a moment I sat in silence, trying to work out what my
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Chapter 5
 As I sat there and finished my food I listened for sounds of whatever had triggered the alarm. There could have been a lot of reasons and I wasn't sure if this was an opportunity to escape or not. One thing was sure, I wasn't going to waste good food or an opportunity to drink while I had it.I ate faster, wolfing down what was left and then quickly got myself another drink and chugged that down too. It wasn't the most ladylike behavior but I had no audience so I wasn't going to worry.The moment I'd finished drinking I hurried out into the hallway and looked for the cockpit. Padding as quietly as I could I made my way closer. Alarms weren't blaring any more but I could hear him pushing buttons and swearing as he clearly tried to sort out some kind of problem.I couldn't see exactly what was wrong but it was clearly something importan
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Chapter 6
 "Hand me that tool on the left," the Frentin said, reaching his hand out. "And don't even think about doing anything else with it."I frowned as I picked it up but placed it in his hand without complaint or hesitation. How had he known I'd been considering hitting him with it?Within a few more seconds he had the gralap matrix out and my ship was no longer functional. Before I could get up to head to his ship again, he started disconnecting another part. "What are you doing?" I demanded."If I'm going to take one of the parts from your ship I may as well take a few more spare parts. They'll knock a good few k credits off the price I'll get for this with the matrix gone and these extra parts I'm now taking won't make any difference once I haggle.
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Chapter 7
 As I heard footsteps coming back down the corridor toward me I knew I needed to think fast. Instead of moving to the side of the door where he'd be most likely not to see me, I found myself tucking the wrench into the toolbox and then putting the rest of the tools away as well.I sighed. It wasn't going to go well if I got it wrong, and I just couldn't bring myself to do it. He returned to find his tool kit mostly packed and me putting the panel back on the compartment."Running diagnostics but so far so good. It'll make a noise if things aren't okay. I reckon I owe you that promise now.""Food?" I asked, unable to hide my excitement. It was a strange thing to be excited about, but he seemed to understand and only nodded and smiled in response.I let him lead me back to the kitchen, all the while th
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Chapter 8
With the ship back on the path mapped out for it again there wasn't much for me to do but watch the radars and sit back in the secondary seat of the cockpit. My hands were pinned to the arms of the chair for now, but I could still be useful and keep an eye on some of the systems.We were on an impressive, but older ship. In its time it had been one of the fastest cargo runners known to those in space and it was clear that Icaan knew how to fly her. His brother had good taste, but it was clearly in need of some maintenance.I tried not to do anything that my captor might find irritating like drumming my fingers, or hum, but after a while the silence started to bother me. When I was on my own ship alone silence was something I sort of accepted. It didn't feel strange because I didn't expect anything different, but while sitting next to someone it was bizarre.
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Chapter 9
 Despite the hostility between us, a little silence and some asteroids to make sure we avoided, took the edge of the atmosphere, especially when I could help him by spotting the house sized rocks on the radar and giving him plenty of warning to fly around them.At the speeds we were traveling compared to the flying rocks they were easy to avoid, but it was still useful having another pair of eyes to feed you information so you could focus on just one task. It was one of the reasons a lot of ships had multiple people on them. Teamwork was a genuine life saver."Right," he said when we were through the field and nothing but stars appeared to be ahead of us. "We're in a safer section of space. Now's a good time to get some sleep.""Oh," I replied, having almost forgotten I'd have to get back into the box at some point. I really didn't wan
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Chapter 10
 It took an age to fall asleep, although I managed to keep more still. Icaan snored beside me long before I could even begin to sleep. Slowly the scent faded into the background and my senses calmed.I still felt a tight heat between my legs, but a little light relief from my own fingers helped ease some more of the tension. The thought of trying to give myself some action had occurred to me while he was awake, but I'd waited, stuck in a sort of sweet agony until he was definitely fast asleep.After that I'd felt relieved enough and exhausted enough to finally get some shuteye. It had worked for a few hours, but now I was awake again. And I didn't think it was morning yet.Icaan was still snoring beside me and I was in this strange torturous aroused state again. It was all I could do to keep still, and again, more than once I considere
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