Casanova Boyfriend✔

Casanova Boyfriend✔

By:  nickuche2003  Ongoing
Language: English
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Ruby Blues, a seventeen year old final year high schooler has to change schools for the new year. She moves over to her aunt's house for the holidays trying to prepare her mind for the new year. Her one rule, NO MORE BOYS.James Llock, everybody's favorite comes into the story. He's everything she's running away from but why does she run into him every direction she takes. Everyone says yes but she says no. Will James be able to stop her from building walls around her heart? Or will he help put the finishing touches to her wall?Years after their separation, the tables are turned and Ruby now has to win back the heart of the only man she sees. James is now a hardened man with all life challenges making him who he now is.Live through the story of Ruby and James and watch their choices see them scale through the mess that is their lives.--------------------------------------------This book is an originalNo copies of this bookNo Fan Fictions of this bookNo interpretations in any other language All rights reserved

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Good read. Nice plot.
2020-12-07 00:47:34
30 Chapters
Chapter 1
Lost myself trying to find you- King TonyRuby's POV:Is there ever anything like an average day? If there is then I can't think of a day in my life that was one. Although this day started out quite average, I took a shower and for once I didn't have to run out of the bathroom like a dog on narcotics because I forgot my towel in my room and I couldn't risk flashing anyone the goods.It was always a thing of mine to stand at the balcony and get some fresh air to you know, clear my mind a bit. But today, I happened to look down the balcony and I don't think I've ever been so jumped before. I just had to run back into the sitting room."Code red babe, code red", I yelled to Brylee." What's up Rubs?" She answered, stunned."Some guys on black face caps are in their way up the building""What do you mean?""I mean..." I starte
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Chapter 2
The world is ugly but you're beautiful to me - King TonyRUBY'S POV:I was sat in the parlour listening to my favorite playlist of random songs that sort of went with my laid back exterior right now. Then James arrived with gifts and there's no better gift than food. That's the Broadway to my heart. I mean when God blesses you with a body that doesn't get fat when you eat a lot, you just want to thank the Lord and use that body wisely. So when he brought Jollof rice, chicken and salad, I was this close to planting a kiss on his cheek."James, you never cease to surprise me", I said hugging the take away bag."I never knew you were such a foodie but now I know I'll never stop feeding you", he said and laughed." Since its your money, do I pay you back or will you eat with me? " I asked reluctantly."I came prepared", he said as he pulled out a second spoon from his poc
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Chapter 3
I will hold you when things go wrong - King TonyRUBY'S POV:"James tried to kiss me", I said to Gaby immediately we started eating in her room." Really! And we were just talking about how compatible you both are. Seminar started", she declared smiling happily."I don't get you, Bry", I said confused."I mean to say spill, spill, spill the beans", she said, dropping her fork to demonstrate." I'd love to be melodramatic and all and start with the time and the weather but you were basically there so all that happened was him talking to me about a girl that's probably his girlfriend and next thing he almost locks lips with me""A lot can happen when I walk away for 10 minutes. Maybe I should leave you both alone more often"Just as she said this her phone rang."Oh hey James", she said winking at me as I fa
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Chapter 4
You said my heart is like an open book but you still can't read it - King TonySong for the chapter: Symphony by Clean Bandit feat. Zara Larsson.RUBY'S POV:The next day wasn't what I'd call uneventful because my friends all kept calling like I'd been in an accident or something. Let's face it, people call you a lot when you're sick or in trouble. I basically had to change my ringtone to "Hotline bling" with all the calls from lots of people, both friends and classmates, even Richy my best friend but nothing new there since Richy calls me all the time.Just as I set my phone next to me on the bed, it began to vibrate again. I don't ever get tired of talking on the phone so I was already giddy before I saw who the caller was."Hello", I said for the umpteenth time but with less eagerness."Sweetie", Lesley said over the phone." Lesley, ho
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Chapter 5
Still hoping its me and you in the end - King TonyRUBY'S POV:After such an exhausting chat with Lesley, I just flopped onto the bed. Today, my mum has also calls to tell me they'd finalized a business deal that required them moving away so shed registered me to finish my final year of secondary school over at Bry's house. Aunt Margaret was more than overjoyed to hear that I'd be staying the year here and with my JAMB examination in six months, now was no time to play around but seeing as her house was almost always filled with visitors, I'd have to discipline myself. That's the part of the reason I'm running away from all this James drama.Still thinking of what day would be the best to get my things from my house, three states away. I didn't really pay attention to the door till Bry walked in. She walked in with a devious smile on her lips. I've known her all my life but when she has that smile on
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Chapter 6: Drama Alert
RUBY'S POV:"Who's up for a game of truth or dare?" Brylee announced, uncorking a can of Pepsi she'd brought from the refrigerator."I'm in", James answered."That game is deadly, no way", I said picking up my phone." You're no fun. Babe, you're in right", she said turning to Micah."Yeah Sure", he said, distractedly texting away on his phone."Ruby, baby, my love", James began."No need to say all this", I said without looking away from my phone." If you don't play then I won't", he whined."Well then don't", I said dismissively." OK, just play one round if its no fun then you can stop. I won't disturb you", he said giving me the puppy dog eyes."Fine, I will but not because of those eyes", I said giving in because of the eyes. " That's my baby", he said, giving me a bea
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Chapter 7
RUBY'S POV:Brylee has been a mess for three days now. Her mum had to travel urgently and even Saturday mornings that gave us a lot of joy was kind of just another say without her vibe.We'd been staring at the ceiling idly blasting Justin Bieber's relatively sad songs and occasionally going back to Adele's Someone like you. It was really bringing down the mood. I'd been listening to her give me relationship advice all day."You know we've been together for two years", she said absentmindedly."I do", I replied humming." At least not counting the multiple break ups""You guys have always been the model couple to me though""But why must there always be another girl? I mean its like we shared roles, he asks me out and I break up with him""Just like the other five break ups, I'm sure there isn't""But why?
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Chapter 8
RUBY'S POV:"Gotta pee, gotta pee, gotta pee", I chanted as I banged on the door of the bathroom, hopping from one foot to another."Calm down", Bry said from the rest room."Get out already. Don't tell me you're taking a dump", I yelled impatiently."I'm out, I'm out. Don't get your panties in a twist", she said, gingerly strolling out."Imma legit pee on myself. Panties are the least of my worries", I yelled as I ran in.Never, ever, ever ×infinity, oh and ever play cards with James. At first I was watching him play online and then I thought I could do better so I brought out the cards officially. Trying to add the spice to the game, Bry said whoever lost had to finish a really big glass of water. I was so focused on winning James that I agreed to do it when Brylee who suggested it, refused to play. She must be having the time of her life right now
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Chapter 9
RUBY'S POV:There comes a time in your life where nothing moves you anymore but sadly, I haven't been blessed to reach that point so when Jamie introduced me to Raine, I didn't know what to expect. I mean when your potential boyfriend introduces you to a girl he hold by the waist and goes red at the littlest thing she says. I feel so stupid. The thing I ran away from came with an invitation and I still opened my arms to welcome it.Right now, we three are in the sitting room. Not the usual James, Bry and I but James, Raine and I. They're cuddling it up and watching a movie on my Netflix account. I mean I'm a die hard fan of love but ow dare they use my account to get a chance to make out. I draw the line there. I should have probably stepped out and saved myself the stress of witnessing this for the third time this week but I have to put the safety of the house over my frail heart right now. I can't leave these two alone i
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Chapter 10
RUBY'S POV:"Make sure James is there", I said to Gaby on the phone."What are you up to?", she asked probably warily."One word... Payback", I said smirking."He's been trying to contact you since you left. You know that right?""And I like facing my problems head on""When did James become a problem to you?""Since he thought he could play me and move on in my very before""Speak of the devil, he's here""This makes everything so much better""Ruby, I'm the mischievous one but right now you're scaring me""Drop the call, don't worry", I said. As I dropped the call.In about five minutes, the car came to a screeching stop and as I calculated, James and Brylee came out to the balcony to see what was happening as well as a few nosy passer by that stopped to
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