Changing the Billionaire's Heart

Changing the Billionaire's Heart

By:  Hiraeth Faith  Completed
Language: English
8 ratings
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“I did not choose the rich life.” He said. Spoiled but independent, Sereia Philomena Isolde does not just back down to anything, even if it means having to face the famous heir to the multibillionaire Soller Corporation, Phoenix Mason Hill, He’s a humble billionaire who didn’t choose the rich life. When she learns that her precious land back from her hometown was sold to Phoenix, she decided to regain it back no matter what. So, all there's left is to come and "negotiate" to Phoenix. She wants to change his mind. He wants to change her heart. Together, they are just two hearts tainted from pride. With bickerings, adventure, and endless fights, one of them ended up slowly catching feelings. What happens if things took a turn, But what happens if Phoenix has to return to the city, to his rich life? And to meet his parents? It's up to Sereia to solve everything. Change his heart. (Book 2 of His Winter Heart from Hearts Series but can be read as standalone)

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Lesette Marquez
I love this novel
2023-06-10 08:47:57
user avatar
Sereia is too independent and stubborn, Then Phoenix is such a patient man, perfect for each other...
2022-06-26 17:31:22
user avatar
Hiraeth Faith
Thank you so much everyone for the support! This book is now completed officially! I’m happy you stayed through the end. Till next time!
2022-06-05 15:37:49
user avatar
i love this story! very nice
2021-09-14 07:24:51
user avatar
I love Phoenix omg
2021-08-22 18:31:32
user avatar
Sofia Clarke
Nice work......
2021-08-22 18:27:26
user avatar
I like stories like this where I don’t have to worry so much. I feel comfortable reading this...️
2021-08-22 17:48:45
default avatar
Bobby Bustamante
Very poorly written. Very bad.
2021-08-21 20:59:57
94 Chapters
What about now
"Why do you want to buy my land again?" He asked. I contemplated what to answer. Well,  I clearly know the answer, I just don't want to explain it. "This is precious to me. There are many memories that happened here. Plus, I already had a plan. I want to cultivate this land and form it into my own farm and resting house.”  He raised his eyebrows at my response. "Just that?" My eyebrows met, looking at him in the eye. "What? I'm sure you know my grandfather is the past owner of this land and now, I want it back." At this moment, both of us were standing up now. His eyes were turning dark now. "Well, princess. It's unlikely to happen because as far as I know, I didn't put a 'For Sale sign outside this house. It's mine and I'll decide whether to sell it or not
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Your Name
I was always the patient one...the type of girl to be goody two shoes and always obeying every command of my parents.  However,  this situation is an exemption. I could feel my blood boiling as my temper ran out.  Plus, having to speak to my grandfather is not helping me at all. I was just shopping at the mall for my bag collection when I received a call from Uncle Adam, which is my mother’s little brother saying I have to come home as soon as possible.  I almost dropped the handbag I was holding in shock, my heart beating so fast.  I trembled in fear, knowing it all too well that something just happened, and I don't have to b
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The News
I told them my nearby address, afraid they would track me down later on. The ride was awkward for me but good thing I held up. It took us half an hour to arrive here.  "It was nice meeting you, Sereia," Phoenix said as they finally dropped me off. When I made sure that their car was far away, I walked towards our house since it was just a minute walk away.  I googled his name and found his pictures all over the internet. Damn, so they really are rich.  Gosh, out of the billions of people in the world, I happened to talk with an heir to a multi-billionaire company? Is everything alright with the universe?  When I arrived at our house, everything was silent. Tension filled the air, and it was suffocating.  Since I don't have any siblings, it was only me, my parents, and my grandparents. I saw my Uncle Adam looking at me grimly. He's p
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What a surprise.It was the heir of the Phoenix Corporation, Phoenix Mason Hill. The man I just encountered yesterday. Oh... look what we have here..."You remember me?" He crossed his arms in front of him, raising his eyebrows. "Of course I would. I just encountered you yesterday, and you're very unforgettable." He then stopped.  "And you just called me manong? We're almost the same age.""Forget about that. But why are you And doing...that?" I asked, pointing at the grass. A billionaire trimming the grass on his own, covered in sweat under the heat of the sun and wearing normal clothes? And now that I could see it, he had a mud stain on his white shirt. Gosh, I can't even imagine how much that white shirt costs. This is the first time I know of this. Well, I do not know all of the billionaires so I should not be quick to judge. He raised his eyebrows "Why? Is there someth
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So desperate
I heaved a sigh. Well, I couldn’t blame her. She has a reason for herself. And it was my grandfather’s mistake.I couldn’t help but notice her appearance. She wore very simple clothes. Unlike the grandmothers of rich billionaires in the news, she seemed too simple and classy. Well, not in a bad way. Just then, Phoenix appeared to us and gave us the coffee that Lola Nanding ordered him to make. His hair was dripping wet, looking like it had just taken a bath. He was wearing a black shirt and blue shorts, different from earlier outside picking up grass and dirt. Now that he's clean, I could smell his scent, his strong perfume. It was a clean, airy scent. He has dark brown eyes and thin lips. Its nose is pointed and its eyebrows are thick. Thick lashes and sharp jaw. Muscular and tall. It is not white, he has tanned skin. I diverted my eyes from him, realizing I just checked
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What are you doing here?
I leaned into him and smashed my lips on his. A gasp escapes from his lips, watching me do all of that. He really couldn’t believe it. The kiss lasted for only a few seconds and I pulled away from him quickly. I smirked at him, then winked. “What about now?” I already gave my first kiss away anyway. It’s not like I’m losing anything. And I don’t care anymore. Phoenix blinked, pulled from a trance. He sighed dreamily, touching his lips “That was…quick.” He commented. “Can you do it again?”I jabbed him in the stomach at his comment. He yelped in pain. “Damn woman, why are you hitting me? Haha, it was just a joke.” I just rolled my eyes at him. Right in time, my phone rang and saw my mom calling. I turned to Phoenix for a second to excuse myself and stepped out of the mansion to answer my mom’s call. The
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Stay here, baby
I jumped at the sound. I turned around and saw Phoenix standing by the door, his eyebrows creased that looks like he’s surprised to see me here. "This was my room last time when this house was still ours,” I informed him. “I just want to take a look, see if it has changed. Then I’ll leave now.” Walking to the door to get out, I gasped as Phoenix quickly closed it and locked it. I gulped, feeling a bit nervous now. Damn, was it this man planning on doing now? Phoenix sent me a smile as he approached me."Well, you can look around more. I don’t mind.” He said, then curled his eyebrows questioningly. “Do you still want me to sell this land to you?""Yeah." Why am I nervous? Sereia Philomena Hudson Isolde should not be nervous!"You won't give up?" He asked again, now crossing his arms in front of him as if testing me. "No." I firmly said, standing my ground. It&
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Prove yourself
Saying that he chuckled and went back to his room. I just shake my head, pressing my lips together.  Lola Nanding turned to me, checking my expression. “I’m sorry, please get used to my grandson. He’s a bit flirty.” "It's okay, grandma. I’m used to dealing with boys like him."Lola Nanding laughed at that. "Good morning, grandma." Phoenix returned now fully clothed and he sat down next to me. "Good morning grandson." Lola Nanding greeted back to him.Phoenix then turned to me, "Goodmorning, Ms. Sereia.""Morning," I answer sparingly."All right let's eat." Lola Nanding announced. Our breakfast consisted of hotdogs and eggs and we ate in silence, with Lola Nanding asking a few questions about my mother. "By the way, how many days are you going to stay here, Sereia?" Lola Nanding asked. I quickly swallowed the food in my mouth, drank water, and g
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Dirty encounters
"I don't care. I’ll take Instagram pictures there so I have to be in a dress." I responded confidently, positioning my shades properly. I looked at the wall clock located at the wall to see that it was quarter to four in the afternoon. "Come on, should we go now before the sky turns dark?” I suggested. He sighed, mumbling something and I just rolled my eyes at him. He then motioned for me to follow him and when we were outside, I spotted a carabao."Meet Brownie. My cute pet." Phoenix introduced as he petted the carabao's head. "C'mon, pet her." The carabao then moved. "Her?" I asked, a bit cautious. I mean, of course, I had encountered animals like this. I am a veterinarian for goodness sake. "Yeah, Brownie's a girl. C'mon, hold her. She's not going to bite you."I gulped, taking a step hesitantly. I’m a veterinarian for goodness sake. Why am I nervous now? Beside me, Phoenix seems to enjoy my nervo
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Did you miss me?
I nodded, “Yes.” Really, mom was famous here. I guess it's a small town. Everyone knows everyone.She gently smiled at me as her eyes lit up as if remembering something,  “I think I remember you, dear. You were running around here when you were young. Time really flies by so fast, you grew up so beautiful like your mom.” I laughed nervously at that, not sure what I should reply. “That’s why I was sad when your family moved from here. Can I ask where she is now?”Phoenix interjected, “Aunt Gabriela is back at our mansion for a visit. And Sereia here came to check on things, right Sereia?”I nodded. A farmer near where we were standing whispered in Phoenix's ears. "Boss. Is she your girlfriend?""No." "Yes."  We said simultaneously. I glared at Phoenix as I saw that there was a silly smile on his face. He then attempted to put his arm on my sh
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