Childhood sweethearts

Childhood sweethearts

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when she was born, he was 5 years old. Everyone said she would only stop crying when he was holding her or when he would be in her line of sight making him babysit her...His first reaction after seeing her was "UGLY Monkey" No one knew they would fall hard for each other and grow old together..... She depended on him for everything, slowly falling into the love that got created between then unknowingly. This is a love story between two childhood sweethearts and how they identify the special feelings of love between them................................Years later, A chubby little cute bun asked in his milky voice, "Mom, when did you and dad meet each other?"Looking towards her husband she wondered about what answer should be given, when she heard, "I met her when I was five.""What about you mom?"asked the milk bunScrunching her face Tofu said, "I met him as soon as I came into this world."

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114 Chapters
Ugly Monkey
Outside the labour room one lady and a 5 year old boy was waiting anxiously with the lady crying and sobbing...The crying and shouting voices from the inside of the labour room could be heard clearly by both of them. After 10 minutes two men came running towards the lady one of them was Mr. Li whose wife was standing outside the wardwith her son. Other man was looking haggard with shirt buttons open and untidy hairs, known as Mr. Jiang. As soon as they reached near the ward Mr. Li hugged his wife and tried to console her.Mr. Jiang asked anxiously:  how did this happen, I remember the delivery date was next month... What happened?Mrs li while sobbing informed that " W....we..we ...were  going....sob sob get a take out.....and while driving....a truck ....rammed ....into our car....Sob sob "Hearing this Mr. Jiang fell donw on the floor with a ...plop.... he felt like his whole life has destroyed..Seeing the way this stuation wsa
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Crying Tofu
After some days mother Jiang came home carrying a beautiful baby in her hands. Slowly the baby's skin also started opening up and she started crying and laughing.One afternoon tofu was crying for a long time and no one was able to pacify her. Mother jiang tried feeding her but she kept rejecting, Father jiang tried to play with her but it was of no use. They even tried to hsow her various toys but that made her cry harder. Unable to understand what has happened mother jiang called mother li to ask if there was any problem with tofu.She was only three months old now and mother jiang was unable to figure out if there was some problem with the feeding or if she had any pain or something. anxiousy pacing back and forth carrying tofu in the living room mother jiang was waiting for mother li.When mother li arrived she immediately took tofu in her arms and surprisingly she started looking at mother li while sucking her fist with her small mouth.Looking at su
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Pacifying Tofu
Looking at the two ladies doctor added" The only way to figure out if its right is to call him and see if tofu stops crying or not. If it dosent work out we might have to go to hospital for a comprehensive checkup."Hearing the doctors words mother jiang became sad and worried." Dont worry doctor, you can go now, we will see if needed we will come to the hospital. Thankyou for coming" Mother li sent off the doctor and immediately called her driver to bring her son from her mother in law.Thinking her son would throw a tantrum and not come back she called her mother in law and apologised and asked her to send Xiao ming back.Soon when the white car entered the jiang familys courtyard everyone was looking at it with high hopes. The door opened and a small boy got down and started walking towards the house.As soon as Li ming reached the door of the house he was able to hear the crying voice of tofu. Frowning he ran inside of the house withou
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I want to go with Brother Ming
After both the parents witenessed tofu's attraction and her habits about Xiaoming they always made sure that Ming comes and plays with tofu once everyday. There were even times that Mother Jiang had to rush to Mother Li's house because tofu wouldn't stop crying....Soon tofu turned 3 years old and Ming turned 8 years old. Over this years Ming had made a habit to play with tofu every evening after he comes back from school and also to meet her and say goodbye to her before leaving for his school.This year when Tofu turned three  it was time to enroll her in preschool. Though every evening when Ming will eb studying she was used to watch him studying but ming also made sure to teach her some basics that will help her.Because of Ming's teaching she was already thorough with alphabets and numbers. When she  was told that she will be enrolled in school, she got super happy nad excited to go to school. Only if she knew that she will not be in the same scho
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"You can't go to school with me" tried to explain Ming while trying to stop her tears."Why?"asked tofu in her crying voice.Right now, tofu was sitting on ground and crying her eyes out, and her constant shaking of head has messed her hairs as well."I told you tofu, it is a place where you go with people of your age. I am bigger than you."Thinking for sometme, tofu spoke, "Then I will not go."Sitting down besides her Ming patiently explained her while combing her hairs with his tiny hands and fixing her appearance a little bit,"Tofu, you cannot always stay with me, or your parents, or even my parents. You have to go to school to learn, to study, to become a smart person.......Now, now before you ask why, let me tell you.... studying is important, it helps you become a better person. Do you want your brother ming to be ashamed because you did not study?Also if you go to school, you will make more friends. Like brother min
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Who is Brother Ming
Guiding tofu to the class teacher Yu  helped tofu sit on the seat and introduced another teacher who was teacher Song to tofu and left to fetch another students.Kindergarten is a place where children's learn alphabets, reading and writing simple words. Most important part of kindergarten is for children to develop the skills of team work and communication along with discipline. The kindergarten is divided into three parts: Junior, Middle and senior.Teacher Song greeted tofu and asked her to take a  seat at any empty place where she likes.Greeting teacher Song tofu sat down besides another girl who was eating chocolate. She was a little girl with a fat face, big eyes and curled eyelashes. She was also wearing pink hairband having barbie on it similar to the one tofu was wearing.Sitting besides the girl, tofu kept her bag and said to the girl."Hello, my name is Jiang mian, you can also call me tofu.... But, I cannot be eaten.(P
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My hands and feet are numb
Tofu was awaken by  Teacher Yu while teacher Song was busy helping some other students pack their bags."Jiang Mian, get up. Its time to go home. Your parents might be waiting outside." came teacher Yu's voice."What happened?" asked tofu getting up dazed from her sleep."My hands and feet feel numb....Ahhhhh..."cried out tofu after getting her senses back.Before Teacher Yu could answer tofu's question barbie heard tofu's complaints and even she cried about her arms paining.Similarly other students also heard their cries and everyone had some or other body parts aching. Some felt their neck stiff while some had their arms in pain.Looking at all the children's complaining one after another teacher Song gave a pitiful look to teacher Yu and both started explaining children's.Because tofu and barbie started talking to each other, they were among the ones who were not crying.Looking at the two troublemaker's, happily chat
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Crying childrens
"You know, my son didn't cry while he was going""Oh that's good, my daughter, she cried till her eyes got swollen""Yes, children's don't like to go to kindergarten. My son was throwing tantrum the whole week.""I am also worried, what if my daughter doesn't want to go to kindergarten again"Father Jiang heard some parents talking and thought, 'would tofu also cried?If she doesn't want to go to school tomorrow?...That will be great... I can get her a personal tutor.Why to send my precious daughter at  such a crowded place.'While father Jiang was thinking about the possible solutions to keep tofu at home and not send her among unknown people his little bundle of joy came running towards him with her arms stretched wide and dashed directly into his arms.Hugging her father and giggling tofu enclosed his neck with her small chubby hands and spoke, "Why are you here father?"Carrying tofu in his arms father Jiang st
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My belly hurts
Looking at her small baby sleeping in the car Mother Li was also stupefied. Not that it was something different but, it was surely unexpected. Tofu had been a very sensitive child and had always been unable to sleep in a unstable environment like car. Even a small voice would be enough for her to wake up from a deep sleep.Looking at Father Jiang she asked, "Brother Jiang, you are sure that she isn't playing a game right?"Father Jiang shook his head.Getting tofu out of the car by holding her in her arms carefully, without disturbing, Mother Li took her inside her room and adjusted her on her bed while covering her with a duvet.Mother Jiang was little anxious, "She already slept enough last night, and till today, she has never slept in the middle of the day."Tofu had always been a very active child and after growing up she slowly had her biological clock set in a way that she would only be able to fall asleep peacefully at night."I thoug
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Sleepy Tofu
"You dont remember" Puzzled asked Ming."Yes, brother Ming, I don't remember. I only remember that we were woken up by teacher Yu before going." answered tofu innocently.After finishing his homework, Ming was about to lie down on the bed besides tofu when he saw tofu was already deeply asleep.Wondering, 'how could this be possible, she already slept enough last night, on top of that she also slept in her class, and then she also slept in the car, sleep till dinner. When I came she was already on the verge of dozing off  and now again slept.I thought because she had slept, she would not be able to sleep for the night."thinking this ming also slept. Getting up early in the morning tofu was lying down lazily when Ming woke up with his alarm.Looking at tofu who was wide awake he asked, "When did you get up?""Morning brother Ming, I got up just few minutes ago.""Good morning." greeting tofu Ming left
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