Cinderella, Queen of Rats

Cinderella, Queen of Rats

This is a 《cinderella》 fanfiction

By:  H. WARD  Completed
Language: English
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The classic Cinderella story told with a wild twist; Ella's trusty rat friends unleash the plague in the castle and around the kingdom resulting in Ella and her stepsister along with some friends made along the way to find a cure for the illness.In 18th century Briarglen, the crown Prince is looking for his future wife and Queen. The King throws a grand ball inviting every maiden in the kingdom to attend. At the ball, Drizella meets a handsome palace guard whom she bonds with over the love of botany. Meanwhile indoors, her sister Anastasia is destroying their stepsisters' dress, leaving remnants behind in the castle halls. The King notices Anas behavior and banishes her from the castle.Driz and Ella receive bouquets from their suitors inviting them to the castle for dates. While in the castle, they witness the first victim of the plague fall ill and areforced to quarantine inside the castle with no connection to others.Meet Malcolm and Maddie, the head servant and maid of the castle whom the King has aspecial bond with. After they fall ill, the King becomes determined to find the one responsible and have their head.Learn what is happening in the Tremaine household while the girls are stuck in the castle and learn the truth about the evil stepmother and the reason for Ana's change in behavior.After the girls do not return home, Ana takes it upon herself to rush to the castle regardless of the repercussions to find out what is happening. While there, she helps to discover a cure to the plague and regains her acceptance to the castle.Discovering the true source of the outbreak, the culprit is revealed and served with the proper punishment.

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Julia Nora
this book is highly amazing! dear author, if you have any socmed that i can reach out, please let me know. thanks in advancee! :)
2021-08-04 18:40:33
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Kimberly Ward
Great read!
2021-05-31 04:49:55
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Kayla McNea
Best book I have read in so long. it's intense and beautiful all in one. it has the perfect amount of romance and innocence. this book absolutely made me happy sad and everything in between. It was written so well I felt everything so deeply I LOVE this book.
2021-03-06 08:07:57
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Annabel Raven
I'm in love with your book! I don't want to give spoilers, but I'm having a great time knowing the people behind the characters, and I love the way you portray Cinderella and Drizella here! 😍😍 I'm almost catching up with you. ❤️❤️❤️❤️ I REALLY RECOMMEND THIS BOOK!!! 😍😍😍
2021-02-05 19:56:39
100 Chapters
My name is Drizella, but you can call me Driz. A few years ago, my mother re-married for the sake of myself and my sister, Anastasia. Shortly after moving into my new step-fathers' home, he fell ill and we were left living with his daughter, Ella. Mother did not like having a third daughter to raise, so she moved Ella into the shed outside; "out of sight, out of mind," she would say. I pitied Ella, she seemed harmless to me.  * * * I dreamt that Anastasia and I were moving things from our old house to the new one. She and I were put in charge of all the heavy lifting, seeing as she and I were of equal size and strength, being only one year apart. Sadly, part of the heavy lifting included the piano. For some reason, Ana told me to push it through the window, which was now suddenly the size of the entire wall. She start
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I woke up groggy with crust in the corner of my eyes after a harsh night's sleep, I splashed water from the well on my face and made my way to the henhouse to get eggs for breakfast. Usually, I sleep quite well; I am typically tired after a day's work with my chores, so I fall fast asleep. Ever since getting the invitation to the ball, though, my mind has been elsewhere.  What will it be like? What kind of music will be playing? Will I have to dance? I haven't danced in years since my father passed. How many people will be there? The invitation invited everyone, especially the females of the court since the purpose of the ball was to find a wife for the prince. Gosh, what is he like?  I tried to put all these questions to the back of my mind while making my way to the main house. 'No, Ella, you still have chores to do before getting ready for
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Ella (2)
After sitting down on my cot to work on the dress, I looked up to see out of my little window to find both of my step sisters looking my way. Hesitantly, I stood up and started to pace. 'If I go out there and talk to them it could turn out awful and they will give me too many chores to finish before the ball' I worried, but then anxiety kicked in and I thought 'if they saw me glance at them and they think I'm ignoring them, then they will just get madder and I could be making things even worse now. I pressed myself against the dusty wall and peeked back out through the window with one eye in hopes that they were gone and I could avoid any altercation. They were still standing there, still as statues. Their hair flowing in the wind, both brunette, practically identical despite being a year apart. They stood in their cloaks to shield them from the wind. I knew I couldn't avoid them anymore if I wanted to keep t
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Ready For The Ball
Anastasia and I finished getting ready for the ball and descended the staircase to the foyer where mother was already waiting.  Mother looked beautiful; she was wearing a red mermaid gown, made with silk that hugged her whole body, accentuating her curves. While slimming and gaze drawing, it was modest for a mother presenting her daughters to a prince. Her neckline wasn't too low, her shoulders were covered, and she had a matching hairpiece with a piece of lace covering part of her face. Mother turned on her heel to turn to us and let out a breath of relief as she closed her fan. "My, my daughters. You both look so lovely. I cannot wait for the royal family to see you."  "Thank you, Mother," Ana responded. Ana had chosen an off-the-shoulder green gown to bring out her green eyes. It bill
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Arriving at a Royal Ball
* * *Drizella The carriage ride to the castle was a bumpy one, the closer we got the more nervous I became. I tried to recall the sound of my dress before we left home, twirling around with my sister made me giddy and excited. I closed my eyes and tried to bring that giddy feeling back. I kicked my legs a little to hear the rustling of the fabric but the carriage was too small. I put my hand on my stomach and inhaled deeply. It smelled of fresh rain and newly cut grass, we were no doubt nearing the castle. I opened my eyes to see and we were coming just around the corner to the castle. I was right; it had rained and the lawn outside the castle was freshly trimmed and gardened with roses of all colors. I got thinking
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The Royal Ball
"Lady Tremaine and her daughters, a Miss Drizella and a Miss Anastasia"  My heart skipped a beat and my whole body went cold when I heard my name. Ana and I looked at each other and I placed my hands together just as she had. We smiled at each other and walked forward into the grand ballroom. If I thought the hallway was mesmerizing leading to the ballroom then the actual ballroom was exquisite.  The white marble continued to the dance floor where it finally broke into a pattern of rings, drawing an eye to the center of the dance floor where the prince would dance with his future wife.  The ceiling was covered in white Alexander tiles and held up by marble pillars so wide in size that my arms couldn't reach around even half of
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Arriving at a Royal Ball (Ella)
I kept a tight hold on the back of the carriage as we made our way to the castle. The roads were bumpy after the rain and my hands were starting to lose their grip, but I waited until I could see the castle to jump off the back of the carriage and walk the rest of the way.  My hair was blowing in the wind and my face was losing feeling from the chill. I buried my face down into my chest trying to keep warm when I saw the lights from the castle in the corner of my eye. I looked up and saw a long line of carriages moving slowly in a trail towards the front steps. The air has an amazing feeling after it rains where the air seems fresher, cleaner, and overall I felt healthier inhaling it.  Hopping down from the carriage, I took a deep breath and felt all my worries wash away with the fresh a
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The Royal Ball (Ella)
I continued repeating to myself 'I am brave, I am courageous, I am strong' and as soon as I got to the steps of the castle I looked up, took a big breath, smiled, and said "I am grateful."  When I reached the top of the steps, I noticed people stopped outside the entrance to the ballroom as their names were being announced as they walked in. 'Oh no, I can't have my presence announced if I want to stay hidden from my stepmother and stepsisters. I have to find another way in.'  I looked around frantically for another entrance to the ballroom and found a staircase that led down. Without hesitation I started down them watching my feet to be sure not to trip, my shoes were still wet from the walk, and I didn't want to fall.  I reached the lower level safely and turned a corner that led t
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First Dance Drizella
The music faded and everyone applauded the dancers. Even with the roar of applause, our eyes never left each other.  The next song began, it was 'The Blue Danube', my personal favorite, a classic.  The handsome guard put his hand out and asked me "May I have this dance?" I hesitated, looking at his hand extended to me I thought of the feeling I had when the footman had given me his hand to exit the carriage. I didn't want him to stop for some reason. 'Have I been longing for a man's touch so much that the slightest thing sends electricity through my body?' I thought to myself and felt pathetic. Yet here is a man who doesn't just want to hold my hand, but put his hand on my back and dance. The thought alone gave me goosebumps and I grabbed his hand with a smile and nod. Apparently, my voi
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A Walk With The Prince
"Hmm. You look rather familiar to me, are you sure there was no instance where we may have crossed paths?"  "Yes your highness, I am quite sure. I would certainly remember if I had met the crown prince," I said with an innocent smile to him. The prince returned the smile and proceeded "Indeed. Well, hopefully, you will remember this encounter and save me a dance later tonight?"  I couldn't help but meet his eyes in this instant. They were as green as the fresh-cut grass in the front of the castle, and suddenly I felt the clean air wash away my nerves. "Of course, your highness, it would be my pleasure." I bowed my head to him and continued my search for a new entrance. I hurried back up the steps and hid behind a large pillar while
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