Chapter 10


The fear I had felt waking up and seeing this place was gone, in its place, was a worry for Eva, but immediately I had spat out my concern; Adler and Rune left the room.

Adler returned an hour later to tell me he had dispatched soldiers to the house, and Eva would be okay till I came to collect her.

I didn't know which I thought was weirder, a man who seemed to hold all the hardness in the world, being this gentle with me, or that he had searched for me for seven years because of a one-day save.

The day I lost my father, which was my fault, was a secret I was willing to keep with me until I died.

Rune was gone, and Adler, after receiving a phone call, left too. I was left alone with Salvatore, whose relaxed demeanour was the opposite of my continuous fidgeting.

"You're in safe hands, Lily, wouldn't be the case if it was another human," a faint smile appeared on his lips, "But once it's you, Adler loses all of his psychos."

I drew my knees under my chin, watching him speak
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