Chapter 71


He threw the gun to the passenger seat of the car and wiped his hands off on a white napkin before he climbed down.

Slammed by the evening breeze carrying the scent of flowers and tropical trees, he gladly inhaled. It was a far cry from gun powders, oil, and decaying flesh.

Another vehicle rolling into the compound, headlight flashing bright, caught his attention and had him turned to the gates. Recognizing Priest's car, Adler waited beside his.

Priest seemed to have spotted him, and he stopped right at the center of the driveway before stepping down. Before long, a goon had gotten in and drove away.

His consigliere began to make his way towards him, his steps light and thumb in his pocket, his crucifix gleamed against the security lights planted outside.

Salvatore stopped when they were inches apart. He looked at Adler and nodded, "Who died this time?"

Adler chuckled, "Should be asking you that, there's blood on your hands, Literally."

Priest looked down at his
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