Chapter 72

"I want information on Lily Ferretti."

She shouldn't have given away her feelings so quickly; with the relaxation of the strange man's body posture, he knew she knew what he was speaking about.

The red light in the room wasn't enough to make out the expression on his face, even shielding the scar that ran past his eyes. Who was he, and what did he want with Lily?

"I reckon if I tell you I don't know her, you won't believe me?" She raised her gaze, pinning it to where she figured his face would be. "What do you want with her?"

"So you do know her?"

"Yeah," She sat on the bed, ease In her movement and her curiosity about this man at its peak, "And because I do, I'm wondering how you got to know her real name. She's Spitfire here."

He stayed quiet.

"Because she dominated the pole." there was a certain iciness in her voice, "She doesn't work here anymore."

"She does."

This stranger was holding back everything he knew. He wasn't just wealthy and pretty if he also wanted information on Lily
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