Coffin Without Honour

Coffin Without Honour

By:  CharlotteTownsend  Ongoing
Language: English
7 ratings
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Corisande knows her fiance is destined to her. She has seen it in the fire. As a witch turned vampire she's a great commodity and betrothed to the vampiric prince. A man she knows only be reputation. But is this the same man who will her or is more going on then she ever realised?

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L. M. Lagrimas
seems ok...........
2021-05-11 18:06:37
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Purushotam Kumar
each chapters have their up and down and lots of twist.
2020-12-30 08:45:32
user avatar
Sharlène Blanco-Eduarda
This book is so good, every chapter has its own twists and turns. Keeping you on the edgeof your seat and guessing what will happen next. And bam! another twist or intrigue is introduced. So looking forward how the story will unfold. Kuddos to the author.
2020-12-13 19:43:18
default avatar
Can’t wait to finish reading
2020-10-30 02:09:53
user avatar
Kiara Colón
Dark, enchanting and amazing. Those are the three words I could use to describe this story.
2020-06-06 11:12:32
user avatar
Serenity Warren
Magic, revenge, mystery, and the detail in the book is so good! I cannot wait to read more. The author hooked me from the start! I Am a huge fan! I cannot wait to read more! A must-read!
2020-05-24 19:43:49
user avatar
Alicia Fairgood
Good story, love the characters. Cant wait for more..
2020-08-07 04:26:34
24 Chapters
Prologue: The Second Age
The Hekate of the Circe Coven placed the traditional circlet of the goddess carefully on my head. As she did, the weight of the symbolism felt as if it had been transferred to my shoulders.“The Ceremony will begin soon; another will come for you when it is time." The Hekate murmured, as if I didn't already know. Every witch knew the Rite of Passage inside and out by the time they turned sixteen. It would be folly not to. She spoke the ordained enchantments and the feel of magic pulsed under my skin, the spells mingling with my own primordial power till they resonated in synchronisation. Protective blessings. I never really understood why these were needed before the rite was performed, but I wasn't about to question centuries of practice.     With the magic churning in resonance, The Heakte satisfied, bowed her head and departed.A sign of respect to one who was about to ascend higher and officially be inducted into the coven. It would probably be
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Chapter One: The Third Age
The hoard of goblins hissed and spat at me, bearing their pointed jagged teeth as they chattered menacingly. Goblins were small creatures, but together they gave true meaning to the phrase strength in numbers. Their attitude changed drastically when a few of their kind came to back up a single goblin. A smirk crossed my lips at their ridiculous attempt at being threatening. It mighthave worked against a small dog, but certainly not me.   The smirk angered them further and they chattered more, dancing and bobbing about withspears. I bared my teeth back at them and growled, deep and low. Their noise stopped for a split second as they realised what they were dealing with. But I was hungry and not in the least picky. A goblin hoard would suit me just fine, unfortunately for them. I charged at them, unnaturally fast, grabbing one by the neck and snapping it instantly. The goblin went limb in my grasp and greedily, I latched my
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Chapter Two: Return to the Clan
A building somewhere between a colossal fortress and opulent castle greeted us after we'd emerged from the Lipchen woodland. The structure was in the middle of nowhere, secluded from most passer-bys. Just the way we liked it. "Not like I expected a parade or anything, but someone needs to let us in." Lixiss said, after we'd been standing by the front gate for several minutes. "Give me a second, let me see if I can find a solution to our problem.” "How are you going to do that?” I grinned, flashing my fangs. "We all have impeccable hearing right? So what would happen if I do this?" Sucking in a deep breath, I shouted at the top of my lungs, "Jameson! Come open the door!” Lixiss winced, clapping her hands quickly over her ears. "Subtle." She murmured sarcastically. "Effective though.” She continued, looking towards the tower gate.    A deceptively decrepit man shuffled onto the lookout built into the tower. He was bald, pale and
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Chapter Three: A Little Luxury
I cracked my eyes open, the darkness of the room still present due to the closed curtains. I stretched my arms, fingertips brushing along the sheets beneath me as I did. By Nicneven, I needed that rest. A vampiress could only go so long without sleep. Though the smell of stagnant blood, earth and gore reached my senses. I peered down at my rather crusty and pungent clothes. Shit. In my eagerness to get into bed, I'd forgotten to change. Well, there was no way I could see Rhuesia looking like this. I'd rather go through the turning again than imagine what she'd say if I went before her as I was. A bath it would have to be, not like I'd been privy to one of those in a while either, unless you counted the river.    Releasing my grip on the comfortable bed bar, I floated back around to a standing position, leaping off the bed and yawning my way into the bath chamber. At least I'd removed my socks and boots last night, they were probably smelling a bit fresh th
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Chapter Four: Rhuesia Absolute
I walked purposefully down the corridor after exiting my chambers. With a little magic, my hair was perfectly dry. Yira had said to look presentable. Usually, I wouldn't listen to anything Yira said, but it had been an odd tidbit to throw in. Sure, we didn't get along and I'm sure she hated everything about me from my magic right down to my fashion sense, but she had never openly said anything about it, even when I'd been meeting Rhuesia before. Her words caused curiosity and apprehension to wage war within me in equal measure. What exactly was this summons all about? Either Yira knew and wouldn't give me a heads up out of spite, or she only knew what Rhuesia had said. The sooner I arrived at the observatory the better.     I passed a few other vampires, vampiress and the odd Other, shifters and such willing to help or work for the Clan. Everyone was going about their day as if nothing was out of the ordinary. Well, I supposed for them it wasn't. What
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Chapter Five: Unfair Decision
"You are joking!" I spat at Rhuesia, though despite my tone, she simply gazed at me with eyebrow raised. "I am as serious as the grave Corisande. It will be a glorious union." She stated, as though this was a fact rather than an opinion. "You do not know that." I hissed back. "And why was I not consulted about my own marriage? Surely that is something the bride of all people needs to be aware of!" I flashed my fangs as the anger poured over me like water. Who in Nicneven's name did Rhuesia think she was? I ignored the little rational voice in my head that pointed out the Clan Leader and Elder Vampiress. "You were away. A decision needed to be made and negotiations were swift." She said again in the tone of voice I hated. Again as if it was fact. A sealed bargain that no one could dispute. The one she used when her word was law. "There was no contact about this before I left." I pointed out. "Meaning the message came in and was subsequently deci
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Chapter Six: Impossible Accord
"I cannot sign this." The words hoarsely escaped my throat as the quill began to shake in my grip. A long suffering sigh reached my ears. "We have discussed this Corisande. The matter is decided.” "You do not understand. I have seen this document before, during my Ascension.” Rhuesia's interest seemed to pique for the first time since I'd arrived on the balcony. "If memory serves, that is the ceremony where witches are gifted a glimpse of their future.” I nodded. "What did you see?” Swallowing hard, I uttered "My death. At the hands of my fiancé.” There was silence for far too long, before a soft murmuring interrupted the quiet. "It must have been wrong.” The quill broke in my grasp as I whirled to face her, eyes blazing at the mere thought. "They are not wrong. No witch ever had a vision that did not come to pass.” Rhuesia as ever, was unreadable. "It is wrong. It must be. I cannot understand why the Prince wou
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Chapter Seven: Together We Go
“What!?” Lixiss screeched, her eyes shifting to cat like slits before returning to normal. A sigh blew through my fangs. “You said to tell you what Rhuesia wanted. This was it. I’m not overly thrilled either you know.” “So now you’re bound to marry the man who kills you. Fantastic. Shall I make the funeral preparations now or wait till after I have to gather up your body?” I raised an eyebrow at her. “Thanks for the confidence.”
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Chapter Eight: The Mountain Palace
“Are we there yet?” Lixiss groaned. “Almost.” I countered. We’d been on the road for several days and I could finally make out the spiralled marbled towers of the Royal Clan’s Palace rising in tandem with the mountain it was situated near. “Thank Nicneven. At least I didn’t have to carry your luggage as well this time.” “Hey you were in lynx form, it made sense to strap the bag to your back.”
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Chapter Nine: Unexpected Meeting
I had to say, if there was one thing I approved of in this place, it was that the Royal Clan knew their bathing tubs. The one that greeted my vision was more opulent and spacious than any I had come across. It was made of solid porcelain, with golden clawed feet so that it stood off the ground. It had metal things on one end. Reaching out my fingertips, I twisted one, interested to see what would happen. Warm water immediately gushed out of the thin pipe into the tub. Was it undignified for a vampiress to squeal with delight? By Nicneven, it was as if all my bathing prayers over the centuries had been answered. 
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