Rise of the Phoenix

Rise of the Phoenix

By:  Eve Peters  Completed
Language: English
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Disclaimer: Rise of the Phoenix is the spin off/sequel of Dragon's mate. It can be read as a stand alone book Sarah Johnson is a girl whose life is anything but ordinary. At a young age she was adopted by an extraordinary couple of dragon shifters. Living with them and learning about the supernatural world gave her perfect insight into how a relationship between two people should look like, and she knew she won't ever be able to settle for anything less than true love. That's why she secretly dreamed of finding her own prince from a fairytale… the one that will love her just as much as she would love him. But what will happen when Sarah's sweet and bubbly nature clashes with always frowned and gloomy prince that was anything but what she had imagined? What will happen when the one that was meant for her refuses to accept her? With an unknown danger looming over Sarah's head, worries and troubles from the past, will they be able to set their differences aside and be what they are supposed to be… soulmates… or will they drift apart so that nothing can hold them together?

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user avatar
Absolutely breathtaking
2022-07-10 02:26:44
user avatar
Anita Eelco de Jon
I will definitely enjoy reading this now. and after that meant to be. greetings from the Netherlands
2022-04-14 16:02:35
default avatar
Darlene Janda Pearman
I loved it!
2022-03-24 12:55:32
default avatar
what a soulmate they are!
2022-03-01 13:35:55
default avatar
Thelma Fuentes Tsujita
Very good book indeed… I highly recommended.........
2022-01-30 08:50:14
default avatar
Armi Viveros Boyd
Wonderful! Totally love it!!
2022-01-01 09:52:38
default avatar
A absolutely loved it
2021-12-22 23:52:06
user avatar
Donna Wyatt
I rally enjoyed reading this story. Stories like these make my heart melt. Thank you for sharing your talent with the world
2021-12-04 23:59:15
user avatar
Cassandra van Loon
love all this author books
2021-11-25 16:33:34
user avatar
Terry Spain Stephens
Loved it. Thank you for such a great story.
2021-11-08 13:08:37
user avatar
Natalie Toseland
loved this different spin on supernatural's. refreshing & I was glued to it.
2021-08-14 00:19:29
default avatar
nice simple story.
2021-08-11 19:06:25
default avatar
Loved this book
2021-08-09 04:44:27
user avatar
Elizabeth Swaenepoel
Awesome read. sweet love story. excellent writing with only a few grammatical errors.
2021-08-09 03:40:14
user avatar
Just Jojan
I really liked this story
2021-08-08 22:45:53
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54 Chapters
He was the fire. He was the flame. He was immortal and he could not die. Not that he did not try to. Oh, but he did. He did so many times but failed each time. He tried for the first few hundred years of his existence, but then he gave up and kept living his empty life without her. At first, he wanted her. Oh, he wanted her more than the air he needed to breathe. He looked for her everywhere, all around the world. Twice! But he never found her. She wasn’t there… After a few long centuries of not having what he
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Chapter 1
"Maybe you should postpone this trip of yours, honey…" Adaline said to Sara while she watched her packing the bags."No, Mom. I already told you. I've been planning this trip for a year. I have all the tickets and hotels booked. You know how much I wanted this." Sarah knew that if she calls Adaline mother, she could get away with anything. Not that she liked to use this trick often… but sometimes, it was necessary.Sarah raised her head from the bag she was packing, met Adaline's teary eyes, and sighed. She guessed it right. Adaline was the epitome of a mother hen, and she liked her chickens around and safe.She made those couple of steps that separated them and engulfed Adaline in a hug."Don't worry, Mom. Everything will be fine. You know I can take care of myself. Besides, I already passed dad's self-defense lessons, and he gave me a good-to-go.""I know, honey. But I hate that you're going alone…" but Sarah quickly interrup
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Chapter 2
Just as she believed, Sarah had a time of her life on the trip.London was just as she imagined. London Eye, Tower, British museum, Big Ben, Tower Bridge, Notting Hill, Buckingham Palace, The Queen’s guards… oh those cute guards!Sarah knew she acted like a typical tourist. She was overly excited and taking photos of everything she could. She was sightseeing and visiting various places during the day and evening and nights she would use to visit pubs and restaurants that tourists rarely visited, but only the locals. That way, she ate and drank what locals did and got an insight into the real London life, the one that most of the tourists never had a chance to experience.Her stay in England lasted for 10 days and it included organized tours in London, experiencing the city on her own, and an English village tour. Oh, how she loved that one. Riding the bus with the guide and all elderly couples, enjoying everything about those cozy, lively places, lo
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Chapter 3
The first day in Rome was more than great. Sarah got up early and after a quick breakfast in the hotel’s restaurant, she headed out to explore. She planned to squeeze a little sightseeing on her own before the time for her booked tour comes, so she grabbed a city map from the reception and headed out.The same way she explored both London and Paris, but Rome was different. It was special. Every building, every street, every stone exuded with unspoken history …After she had lunch in a restaurant near the Tiber River, Sarah joined the group she was supposed to see the Colosseum and the Roman Forum with, and she enjoyed every second. She was so engrossed with the story that, at first, she did not pay too much attention to the feeling in her gut that was trying to tell her something. She completely ignored it. But when the hair on the back of her neck refused to calm, Sarah started paying more attention to her surroundings than the beau
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Chapter 4
Luke spent the night standing on the corner of the street, not far from where he knew his mate was. He even caught the glimpse of her when she walked by the window before the lights went off, but even for his eyes, it wasn’t enough to notice any significant detail about her.He stood there long after she, for sure, was fast asleep. He knew it was pointless, but either way, he couldn’t make his legs move and take him from the spot where dawn found him. Only the first rays of the sun reminded him of where he was and what he was doing, so he quickly straightened and followed the way back to his home.By some chance, the hotel his mate was staying at was not far from his villa. Yesterday, it took him just a couple of minutes to locate her following his senses. Now, he needed even less to get back to his sanctuary.All along, Luke was thinking about what he had done. And what he is about to do…A whole night of thinking and contemplating with himsel
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Chapter 5
Sarah woke up feeling energized and rested like never before. She stretched her hands above her head and rolled to her side. Deciding she was feeling way too comfortable to get up immediately no matter what waited for her outside and what she had previously planned, Sarah opted to stay in bed for a little longer.What was it she planned to do today? she wondered. Hm… what was it she did yesterday? For a moment she couldn’t remember but then it all came back rushing to her. Tour of the Roman Forum, the feeling of being watched, getting lost in the dark streets of The Old town, falling and hurting her ankle, and then the eyes… those shining eyes she saw before everything went dark.Sarah’s eyes snapped open, and she sat up straight in bed looking around to find that she was in her own hotel room. What? Is it possible that she only dreamt it? But before she had a chance to really decide what’s real and what’s not, she saw an unknown m
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Chapter 6
When Sarah lazily opened her eyes and recognition blazed through them, Luke found himself petrified in front of her.How was it possible that she knew what she was to him? he wondered.To his utter surprise, Sarah’s hand found its way to his cheek and for a moment, a second, Luke let himself enjoy the feeling her hand brought. That moment was all he could afford before the memories of all the sufferings without her in the past rushed back and anger took place of all of his other feelings.Sarah didn’t miss the sudden change in him, and it confused her.“You hate me,” she whispered her conclusion, retracting her hand and stepping backward. “You don’t even know me… why would you hate me?”He stood there, watching her with hate and amazement, his breath rigid and labored. He looked like he couldn’t get enough oxygen in his lungs like he was drowning…“Why do you hate me?”
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Chapter 7
“Here. This will be your room while you stay in the villa.” Luke opened the door on the first floor and Sarah followed him.It was a spacious but simply furnished room although she didn’t mind it a bit. She was never the one to pay too much attention to furniture in the first place… a place to sleep peacefully was always more than enough and the bed that was dominating the room seemed comfortable. There was also a paravane in the corner she could use to change her clothes and a dresser right next to it, although she had no plans of unpacking.“There is one bathroom at the end of this hall, and the other is downstairs. This is an old type of building and unfortunately, I wasn’t able to adapt it to modern standards.” To Sarah, Luke sounded like he was apologizing. “Anyway, get your
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Chapter 8
            "All right... How do you want to do this?" After some nagging from Sarah, Luke gave in. He could tell she was serious and that she would indeed leave, and he didn’t want that. No matter what, he didn’t want her to be in danger…Sarah pulled him by the hand, and he followed her out of the house. She didn’t stop until they reached a particular tree in the garden, the one she saw when they passed by earlier. She sat down on the grass right where the shade of the tree was the most comfortable, and she motioned to Luke to do the same.Luke rolled his eyes, but either way sat down, not too close to her. Holding her hand for less than a minute was temptation enough. For now, he shouldn’t push himself too far.“Well, I was thinking something like asking questions… you know… I ask something and you answer and then you ask something and I answer…&rd
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Chapter 9
What the hell was he doing? Kissing her like crazy? After everything!And what was she doing? Kissing him back?He should stop, Luke knew he should stop, but he couldn’t detach himself from Sarah. Her lips were so soft and inviting and the way she responded to the kiss, the way she responded to him… it was crazy! It was unbelievable!He has entranced, he was not himself, he was not controlling his own body, he was completely under her spell. Bewitched!Never in his life has he felt like this before… so… so… he couldn’t even find the words to explain what he was feeling right now. Passion, desire, pain, hurt, love, acceptance… everything! He was feeling everything at the same time.It was exactly what he was missing his entire life. The other part of his soul, a place where he belonged… and he finally found it. He found all of it in this silly girl!And judging by her reaction, Sarah felt
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