Fated to the Beast

Fated to the Beast

By:  Mahek_Salvatore  Completed
Language: English
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In previous life Kim Lily was mercilessly killed. The person took her life because she dared to love. The person she loved wasn't able to save her on time. He lost to the murderer because of a deep betrayel and that defeat cost Lily her life. Now Lily is reborn in the wealthiest family where nobody can even dare to touch her silky hair. She is happy, wealthy and loved. She was having a blissful life filled with happiness when she met him again. The same lover which she loved with all her heart untill her last breath in her previous life. What will be her reaction to know that he is not human anymore? Will she accept his love? Or hate him for not saving her? To know more about Lily's complicated story stay tuned.

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263 Chapters
The Nightmare
Knock.. Knock..Kim Lily opened her eyes and found herself in a strange place. She got up from the bed with the sound of continuous knocking on the door. She moved towards it and hesitantly opened it  to see several muscular men clad in royal guards armer were standing outside in two definite lines. She couldn't recognize their faces as it was too dark. She was confused by the scene represented in-front of her."How can I help you?" asked Lily uneasily to the people standing in front of her.Her question was met with silence.They just stood there like rocks, staring in abyss.Lily had a gut feeling that something was very wrong with the scene. She was nervous.Just then, a woman came from behind them, she couldn't see her face either because of the dark."Take her" commanded the female with authority in her voice.Two armed men immediately grabbed Lily and started pulling her towards the female."What? Why? Who are
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Not another party!!
"Lily.. Lilyy.. Lily..Wake up..!!!"Lily woke up all sweaty and saw her older sister, Layla sitting beside her on her bed looking at her with worried eyes.She checked her chest for the mark of the sword but there was nothing. No sword, no mark and no pain."Hey hey hey it's okay. Everything's okay. You are fine" said Layla hugging her sister and patting her head.Her heart was racing like crazy. It took a moment for her heartbeat to become normal and her emotions to become steady."Another nightmare?" asked Kim Layla in worried tone."Yes, the same one" answered Lily keeping her hand on her head."It's has been three time in a week Lily!" exclaimed Layla anxiously."I know sister" Lily said sighing."It's not normal. At first you were just having once in a while now three times in a week! We should tell Mumma about it. You need treatment" said Layla in a concerned tone."I don't think so. Don't tell her, please.
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Grand Celebration
After a healthy breakfast, all of the children helped their mother with the arrangements for the party. It took most of their afternoon."Okay my gemstones, go and get ready for the party" said Mother Kim with excitement."Yes ma'am" said all of them and went on their respective room for getting ready for the exciting night to come.Lily went on her room and saw 21 missed calls on her cell from non-other than her best friend Park Eun Ji. She called her back.Before first ring can even complete Park Eun Ji immediately accepted her call."Hello?" asked Lily."Yes, miss diva, So, you finally got some time to talk to your best friend?" replied Park Eun Ji in teasing tone."Don't even get me started. My mother went all crazy about this party and stuff. I'm too tired to even attend this party now" said Lily with exhaustion."Yeah and it will be more boring without your best friend" replied Park Eun Ji in a disappointing tone.
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Ssshhh, sisters don't interrupt. It's going to be a blockbuster
"I'm hereeeeee. Lilyyyyyyy"Park Eun Ji opened the door with a thud. She entered the living room on a skateboard and directly came to hug Kim Lily.She was wearing a knee length denim with a Versace shirt.Lily observed her from top to bottom and said,"Are you serious?" said Kim Lily in disbelief."Yeah, I miss you too" replied Park Eun Ji with a bright smile."Your mother will kill you. First outfit, then skateboard." Said Kim Lily pointing towards both and genuinely worrying for her bestfriend but before Park Eun Ji can answer they heard instead,"Miss Park Eun Ji, come here!" said Mrs. Park from the corner of the room in a hard tone."I'm so dead" said Park Eun Ji closing her eyes.“I told you” whispered Kim Lily."Come here at this very instant" Mrs. Park repeated more like growled."No, mom if I come there, you will beat me" replied Park Eun Ji and took Kim Lily's hand and ran for her life
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You sloth, let me teach you a lesson!!!
"Guess who?" Kim Lily didn't have to open her eyes or turned to know who that voice belongs to."Jung Young ho, you really came!" said Kim Lily without releasing herself from his grip."Yes liar" said Park Eun Ji pointing an accusing finger at him."You always know it without even looking at me" said Jung Young Ho smiling at Kim Lily.‘I hope she has forgiven me. I gathered too much courage to even face her’ thought Jung Young ho. He removed his hand from her eyes and she turned and smiled at him."I can recognize my best friend's touch" replied Kim Lily with a genuine smile."You brat! You said, you won't be coming" said Park Eun Ji still pointing an accusing finger at him."I wasn't, but I can't stay away.." said Jung Young ho looking at Kim Lily then he noticed everyone around them and said, "stay away from parties you see"“I am a party animal, you know” said Jung Young ho completing his sentence awk
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Nobody is taking my side today
"What are we talking about?"They all turned to see Mrs and Mr. Kim along Mrs. and Mr. Park, Jung and Ahn coming their way."Why you are so startled like you have been caught red-handed?" asked Mr. Jung laughing and all parents joined him."This new family, Father. We have heard that they came to our town just few weeks ago. Do you know about them?" asked Jung Young ho and his father nodded in confirmation."I have heard about them too. They just came and they constructed their mansion in the forest area. No less in the most dense part of the forest. I don’t know how is this even possible." replied Mr. Kim with an amused expression."And how did they get permission for it?" asked Mr. Park with curiosity."How do you think so? They must be really powerful." Replied Mr. Kim while showing too much interest in the strange new family."Or they are too corrupted. They must have fed officials with too much money" accused Mr. Ahn in a f
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Oh hello! you don't get to speak Miss. drunk chicken!
"WHAT THE HELL!!! My eyes!!" screamed the Jung Young Ho when he saw two girls hugging each other and kept his hands on his both eyes."Aaaa" both girls screamed."Chill guys it's me! I didn’t see anything." he said calming both the girls and continued, "I just thought I came into wrong room. You guys were pretty emotional""Hey loser. Can’t you just knock for once? Don’t you know basic courtesy?" asked Park Eun Ji teasingly, making him embarrassed in front of Lily."Ohh really, said by the girl who came to an extravagant party looking like an animal?" Said Jung Young ho laughing mockingly while pointing at her."You.. you are dead meat!" said Park Eun Ji and grabbed his collar.“Before you can do anything, your mother will hunt you down!” said Jung Young ho trying to remove her hand."Okay, okay guys stop please. Behave" said Kim Lily stopping the two lions from tearing each other apart."Why are y
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I really want to rip their throat out!
Meanwhile, in Jeon's mansion,"What do you think about this house? Is it up to your expectation?" asked Jeon Sung Ho looking at his wife coming downstairs gracefully."Yes, I do like it. I like this house better than the previous one." replied Jeon Baram taking a good look of the house and continued,"The best part is, it is away from those nasty human community. I hate it, when they try to interfere in everything. Hearing their question makes me want to kill them instantly!'What do you eat in a day to look so young? How long you have been married? How are you so fit after pregnancy? Nobody can tell that he is you son, you look like his older sister! Where do you go on weekends? Where do you used to live? Is your child has gone after you or your husband?'Can't you see I am not interested in talking to you? It makes me want to say them, 'I am a vampire bi*tch, do you want to be one? Should I convert you too?" said Jeon Baram angrily."I kno
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Don't be an opera singer, just do as I say, the mother of demons!!
"But where is that guy?" asked Park Eun Ji panicking and searching for the person hit by their car just moments ago."I don't know. He must be here somewhere. Search for him!" Said Kim Lily with teary eyes.“It's okay. We will find him and take him to the hospital and it will be alright, okay? Don’t worry. Everything is going to be fine" said Park Eun Ji hugging her best friend and calming her down."I killed him, Eun Ji. I killed that person" screamed Kim Lily shivering in panic."No, you didn't. He came out of nowhere. It wasn’t your fault" Said Park Eun Ji taking care of her best friend."He.. he suddenly came and.. and.. I tried stopping the car.. I.. I..  pushed the break hard.. but.. but.. it.. was too.. late" said Lily crying her heart out."I know. I saw everything. I am telling you, it wasn't your fault. Now stop crying. Let's search for him and take him to the hospital. He will give his statement then" said P
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She is not her!!
'That face!!! It's impossible!!!!!' thought Jeon Hyun Jin, when he saw the face of the person who got out of the car.He startled and took few steps back in disbelief.Two girls were panicking and searching for the guy they just hit now.He saw the girl was suffering in pain because of killing an innocent person. But the body was nowhere to be found.He saw her crying face again.The time stopped for him when he was looking at her beautiful face.He closed his hand in a fist before closing his eyes shut and trying to calm his racing heart.  He opened his eyes and ran towards his house in his supernatural speed.He punched the tree near his house causing it to fell down on his own house. He extirpated two trees to calm his anger and threw them near his house. But nothing was helping his racing heart. He just couldn't handle it. The memories of past filled in his mind completely. The reason why he didn't want to come here.'
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