Love between Two Worlds

Love between Two Worlds

By:  Ruby Faizal  Completed
Language: English
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5 years ago the Zylian attacked earth. Everything was in chaos. My life consists of being an aid to injured. And that's how I met him. I never knew he was the prince of the enemy world. I never knew I will fall in love with him. He claimed me as his destined mate.And from that moment I was his.

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44 Chapters
(Isabella POV)"Falling in love with a human! Prince Nyx, how can you! Have you forgotten what these earthlings did to our people!?" King Knox shouted at his son."Father, I know! But she is my mate, my other half!" Nyx argued as he wrapped his hand protectively around me.“Earthling can't be mates with us! We are far more dignified. You are the next King. You should marry a potential Zylian! Not some lowly creature!” The king shouted earning a growl from his son.“Do not speak low of my Mate. She is more than capable to be queen!" he shouted as his father sighed.“I am sorry, Nyx but you are not in the right state of mind" the king said as the other looked at him confused.“Guards! Seize Prince Nyx and kill the human!” King ordered as our eyes widen.“NO!” Nyx shouted as millions of guards ran to us with weapons.I fe
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Chapter 1
(Isabella POV)"Papa!! Come on we are going to miss the bus!!" I shouted as I swiftly put my shoes on."Slow down. You'll fall, Bella. I'll drive you if you miss the school bus" Papa replied as he walked down the stairs fixing his tie.Th
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Chapter 2
(Prince Nyx POV) “I always considered us to be unfortunate because we were not able to find our mate. But now I understand it’s because the Lord wants us together” Hasya said as I rolled my eyes.‘If the Lord wants us together then he would have made us mates’ I wanted to say but I held my tongue.
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Chapter 3
(Isabella POV)“You can place him on that bed,” I said as I entered the clinic room. Today we didn’t have many patients, only an old man and a soldier who will be discharged tomorrow.I walked to the cabinet and took out the necessary medicines. I then warmed some water and grabbed a clean towel.By the time I returned to my new patient his shirt was drenched in blood. I quickly removed his shirt and started cleaning the wound.
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Chapter 4
(Prince POV)I groaned as I felt a pain in my abdomen.“Mr. Killian!” a voice echoed in my ear making me give a content sigh. I felt myself shivering and sweating as I tried my best to find the owner of that voice.“Mr. Killian, are you alright?!” A hand touched my forehead and an explosion of sparks erupted through my body.I finally found her! I
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Chapter 5
(Isabella POV)“Your wound is healing really well. At this rate, we can start our therapy soon.” I commented as I once again changed his bandage.“Thank you,” he said as I smiled and nodded.It’s been 2 days since he came here. He doesn’t speak much but he stares a lot. I would always feel his eyes on me when I work. On top of that, he doesn’t allow any other doctors to treat him.
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Chapter 6
(Isabella POV) Awkwardness filled the air as I looked around the room.We have been sitting here for 15 minutes and we haven't spoken a single word.I once again glanced at him but I instantly regretted it.He was looking at me. Both of our eyes widen before we look away.I blush hard red and I know I must have become as red as a tomato. “Ummmm…. What is going on?" Another voice rose as I looked to see Nancy looking at us confused.“Nancy? Wh-what is it? You want anything?" I asked trying my best not to stutter.“Oh no. I just saw you guys as I passed by. Please continue." She grinned winking at him. I groaned and covered my face knowing exactly what she thinks.“Are you alright?" he asked as I looked at him by making space between my figures.“Yea" I said clearing my throat.“Can you tell me more about you?" he asked a
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Chapter 7
(Isabella POV)I stared at his wound shocked at how good it healed.It’s much better than I have expected. Too fast in healing.I looked at his eyes with confusion. He stared back at me with his gold eyes.Those eyes held mystery and I couldn’t help but want to know more about him.
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Chapter 8
(Prince Nyx POV)I stared at the guy in front of me. I had my guard up in case he recognizes me.I knew he was an earth soldier. He wore one of the uniforms of the active fighters of this planet. I fought many people with his uniform. As far I know they are specialized in combat and hunting.Isabella was taking care of my wound while he watched us silently."I have inform
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Chapter 9
(Prince Nyx POV)I opened my eyes and looked around. Everyone was asleep now. The room is only dimly lit by a night light hanging in the far corner.I sat up from the bed and untied the bandage in my abdomen. I cringe at the wound. I can’t believe the humans got hold of Zylian poison. But I guess I am lucky to be found and treated by my mate or else I am
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