By:  Alexis Porter  Ongoing
Language: English
12 ratings
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Seven people are in a coma. All were attacked the same way with no trace left behind. For two years, the best detectives and officers New York has to offer have been chasing a ghost. Until one day they receive a lead they never expected. Terra Reyes' life has never been the same since her mother was killed when she was ten. The drastic event left her subject to her drunk, abusive father. Finally, she flees with her only reason to keep going—her baby brother Noah. But due to a secret she has been keeping from everyone, her brother is kidnapped and Terra finds herself doing anything in her power to get him back. Including teaming up with the handsome and persistent Logan Patton, a local cop from the middle of nowhere. But what do they do when secrets start to unravel and the mysteries deepen?

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M.Z. Mauve
well written. worth the read. thanks, author
2020-12-02 21:10:28
default avatar
Emily Struna
Can anyone tell me how often the writer updates ?
2020-10-12 13:07:41
user avatar
Judith O.
Beautiful story!!
2020-08-28 07:02:21
user avatar
Chiaro De Luna
this is what i can an intriguing story
2020-07-20 07:07:16
user avatar
Leiya Gonzales
Good novel!
2020-07-20 02:58:30
default avatar
Caught my attention?
2020-07-11 18:06:40
user avatar
Ulric Efukor
What a captivating storyline.. Can't wait for more.?
2020-07-11 09:20:51
user avatar
Very nicely written, well balanced story. :) Hoping to read more by you soon. :)
2020-07-02 05:51:44
user avatar
Alexis Porter
What does everyone think? Don't forget to comment or leave a review!
2020-07-01 07:15:11
default avatar
Liz Craigie
Exciting page Turner, I m loving the plot twists (and overlooking the occasional editing errors would be a 5 without them) easy to read.
2021-01-02 18:16:30
default avatar
The story and characters in this book are really good however the inconsistency in updates has brought it down in my opinion and experience.
2020-12-13 13:44:15
user avatar
Kleyr Tequilla
It was interested! <3
2020-07-06 01:34:07
31 Chapters
Terra Reyes“Terra, get in there and stay there,” Mom commanded, the color slipping from her face as she pulled the front door open.
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Chapter 1
Leo Carper Detective Leo Carper watched the man through the thick, one-way glass, the blinds blocking thin lines on his body.
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Chapter 2
Terra Reyes Terra’s heart picked up another notch and she squeezed her eyes shut, waiting for the call of an intruder rolling under the benches. When nothing came, Terra stuck her
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Chapter 3
Terra Reyes Finally reaching the fence line, Terra watched as the shadows jumped the thin wires and ran for the street lights. Terra could finally make out the figures, though not completely. She also hopped over the fence, now right on their trail.
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Chapter 4
Terra ReyesDragging her feet, Terra trudged slowly up the outdoor stairs, careful not to make any noise. Maybe if she was quiet enough, the punishment would be minimal.
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Chapter 5
Leo Carper “His name is Ricardo Telly, age 38. Previous charges included breaking and entering on two accounts, both unrelated to the current case.” Officer Rhoades reported. “He has a son, Thomas Telly, and is a single parent.” They stared at the suspect behind the one-way wall again.
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Chapter 6
Terra Reyes From the small time frame of when Terra checked in to when the mechanic picked up her car, it started pouring. When she got to the mechanic's shop, she was drenched
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Chapter 7
Terra Reyes The stranger pulled open the door now falling apart and Terra darted in before he did and pulled the door closed behind them. Quietly, she saddled up the window to look out for the man trying to kill them.
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Chapter 8
Terra Reyes Terra was still shaking from her encounter by the time she made it back to her hotel room.
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Chapter 9
Terra ReyesTerra recognized the behavior and ducked, making his hand slam into the counter at her back. Terra lifted her fist, connecting it with his stomach on her way back up and whac
Read more Protection Status