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Gunnar Hámundarson is brutal, ruthless, and cunning. His pack, is no different. They have little compassion for others and have zero tolerance for the weak. Gunnar and his warriors have made a reputation for themselves all over the world. A strong and heartless reputation. As the leaders in Mercenary work, they are not to be taken lightly. But when their Luna is finally discovered, that reputation is threatened. Will Gunnar side with his pack or with the mate that nature intended for him to have? Vanessa Hanes has never had a family of her own and her time is up for being adopted. Her 18th birthday has finally arrived, marking the end of her stay in the group home. But Vanessa has a plan. Her and her bestfriend, have high hopes for the future. Can they make it on their own, will they even get the chance?

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Čila Gabrić
This was a superb book, worth the read! It's so well written that you almost feel your there with them in every moment. Good storyline, characters and action all in 50 chapters, wow! Will look up authors other book.
2023-06-11 16:59:09
default avatar
Love all of your books!
2023-05-23 13:56:50
default avatar
Enjoyed reading this amazing book. I like the fact that the female character is strong.
2023-05-21 10:20:26
user avatar
Just finished the book. Good story plot and HEA (happy ever after). Glad that I chance upon this book as the author’s name was mentioned in the other book I read. Story is well-written and not long which is good unlike the other books that has 200 chapters. Highly recommended.
2023-04-12 03:22:04
default avatar
Great quick easy read! Love the storyline!
2023-03-26 03:14:18
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June Chase
It's a lovely short story, definitely worth the read!
2023-01-03 09:55:16
default avatar
Gosh, I love a short and sweet book. Mostly well written. And a unique storyline. Definitely worth a read!
2022-10-28 12:46:53
user avatar
Definitely a good read short sweet and everything you need including the fact that it’s audio option!
2022-09-24 11:31:46
default avatar
I loved this book, and it had a great ending.
2022-08-27 15:27:18
user avatar
Sadie Perez
Check out my new story, Harvested Heartbreak in Yellowstone is still in the works. I had some writer's block.
2022-08-20 10:23:41
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Heather Harris
I do . Hejshfprooo was ikwkoakuletytr
2022-08-05 14:23:56
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T White
loved it! so happy for Hilda too.
2022-07-30 23:36:38
user avatar
Annie 75
Amazing! And the extra little short story about Hilda is really good! Read it! ...
2022-07-27 06:07:30
user avatar
Nikole Burnes
Great book from start to finish.
2022-06-22 12:35:21
user avatar
Fatma Khaled
amazing one
2022-06-19 00:06:06
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50 Chapters
Chapter 1
VANESSA POV   I wake up and kick the bed above me. Rosy groans. She grumbles out multiple cuss words just like she does every morning. My childish behavior always sets her off when it comes to sleeping.    "Nessa, why do you dislike sleep," Rosalind asks in a hoarse morning voice that makes me laugh.  "I don't. I love to sleep, but it is time to be awake," I answer, rolling out of bed.I turn and tuck my bedding tight, just the way Ms. Grimes likes. We aren't allowed to leave our beds unmade or our rooms messy.  Luckily for Rosalind and I, we were moved to our own room three months ago. No more little kids messing up the room we just cleaned or wrinkling the beds we just made.   Rosy and I were moved due to our approaching birthdays. We both turn 18 in a few weeks, and we will no longer be welcome here. This hous
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Chapter 2
VANESSA POVI stare out the window, trying to memorize the highways they are taking. I know if we escape, we can't return to Ms. Grimes, but I at least need to know where we are and the route the kidnappers took. I need to know so I can tell the authorities. They need to make sure she never does this again. I take a break from my pointless task to check on a now sleeping Rosy. She fell asleep about an hour ago after bawling her eyes out. I feel so bad for her. I know we are in the same situation, but she seems to be collapsing. She has been so stressed lately due to our living situation. This has definitely sent her over the edge. I sigh, and Mr. leader turns back to look at me. He cocks his head to the side while actually showing an emotion. Curiosity. "You are an odd one, Sugar," he says lowly while looking at his sleeping companion and Rosy. The third stooge is driving. "How so," I ask sarcastically, not genuinely caring
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Chapter 3
VANESSA POV HARSH LANGUAGE We have been pricked, poked, and examined for two days. I can not get over how thorough they have been about my blood. It took them four checks to finally believe what I told them in the first place. But for the most part, the exams haven't bothered's what these people are that bothers me. For one, they sell people. That is a given reason not to like them. But for two, they aren't normal humans. They are something else. They are strong. They are cold. And they are vampires! How do I know.......they didn't check my blood by using a machine; oh no, they checked it by pouring the samples down their nasty throats!But at least they hold to their word. Mr. Leader had informed the exam people of my bargain, and everyone had agreed. They even became excited after my blood type was confirmed. Rosy was literally tied to my wrist after that.About an hour ago, they stripped us of our remaining clothes, so I am
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Chapter 4
GUNNAR POV"Yes," -Kraven"Fly back home. Do not touch any of the purchases. Let the vamps feed on the prisoners in the cells. That's their new refrigerator. I have to investigate my so-called Mate. And Kraven, brother or not, if word gets out about her being my mate......I will kill you," - Gunnar"Yes, Alpha," - Kraven. *********I slam the door to the town car harder than necessary. My body is going haywire with longing and rage. I hate that I want to see her. I hate that I want to smell her. I wish I could shut down the part of my body that is craving her touch. I bang on the two-story home's door without a care in the world. Humans driving and walking by are gawking at my massive form, but I ignore them. I am ready for answers, and this Ms. Grimes better have them. The door opens to reveal a small child, and I growl in aggravation. "Where is Ms. Grimes," I say in a deep, menacing voice that makes th
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Chapter 5
VANESSA POVI wish I had paid better attention in school, so I knew more about the country we have been in for two days. What I do know is the place is gorgeous. Gorgeous, but cold. The cabin-like structure they have us crammed in is old. The cold air seems to have no problem creeping in. And the other girls here are not really into sharing blankets. Rosy and I have carved out a little corner as ours, though. It is near the fireplace, so hopefully, we can keep all of our toes. The two girls that we were purchased with got the only open bed. But I don't envy them. That puts them closer to the others. These girls are vicious. Their eyes have no spark, and they never smile. They look broken. Which I don't blame them. They live hard. There is no running water in our cabin or electricity. And they work from dawn to dusk. Yesterday one girl came back with a bloody nose and a ripped dress. The others hadn't even batted an eyelash. 
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Chapter 6
PLEASE LEAVE REVIEWS IT HELPS MY STORIES!!! I NEED TO KNOW WHERE I CAN IMPROVE OR WHAT I AM DOING RIGHT. THANK YOU GUNNAR POVI get my battered mate to the pack's doctor quickly. I watch every single move his hands make as he examines her fragile body. When he goes to lift her dress, I growl. "Watch it. She got hit in the face. There is no need for that," I growl in a low voice. He pulls his eyebrows together before moving back to her head. I am breaking every norm we have ever had. The main one being, I brought a human to the doctor. Humans have never received medical attention before.. and the fact that I brought her myself....There is no doubt now; my packs knows. And my pack will not tolerate her. Finally, he straightens his back. He walks over to a small sink, and he washes her blood from his fingers. "Well," I growl hating his slow movements with every fiber of my being. "The human most likely has a concussion—nothing more Alpha. Your new merchandise will survive," he says
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Chapter 7
VANESSA POVHe completely ignores my question and begins to leave the room. I stay seated on the table, unmoving. I don't want to follow him. I want to find Rosy and make sure she is okay. "I need to find Rosy," I say, watching his massive back muscles. He stops in his tracks and looks back at me with his hungry blue eyes. "You need to follow me," he says in his gruff authoritative voice. I feel uneasy when he speaks in that tone. I nod slightly and scoot down from the medical table. My mind is still reeling from the bomb he just dropped on me. I had been wondering what the doctor and him were talking about while they behaved like I wasn't in the room. But I wasn't expecting to be told I was part animal. Part animal like the sleazeballs we had served breakfast to. I hated every single one of those idiots. The females had watched us like we were scum and the males acted like we were the next dis
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Chapter 8
VANESSA POVI keep my shoulders straight and my chin up as I watch Gunnar. The man, a werewolf that apparently was destined to be mine. What a joke! I would never be with a man like him. Yes, he is beautiful, in a scary rugged kind of way, but his personality is a zero. He is harsh and abrupt. I can tell he doesn't own a single ounce of patience, and I have only spent an hour with him. I'm glad these all-mighty beings find me unfit. And as much as I don't want to be one of them, this is Rosy, and I's only option. I will take this bite, and I will survive. I will train, and I will win our freedom. "Let's go," Gunnar says as he turns back to the door. I follow him while letting my mind run. A million things are buzzing in my brain. My usual calculating mind is definitely on overdrive. After about four minutes, I stop, and he instantly stops as well. "I need to find Rosy. You said I might not survive," I say, and h
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Chapter 9
VANESSA POVI absently play with Rosy's hair. After crying and arguing for about twenty minutes, she had cuddled up against me and gone to sleep. We are both exhausted from trying to sleep in the cold cabin, so her tiredness doesn't surprise me. Plus, I am happy she is resting before whatever is about to happen happens. I peel my eyes off the wall and turn my head towards Gunnar. He is still positioned the same. Observing us from a chair in the corner. His room is so dark, it is hard to evaluate his expression thoroughly, but he looks intrigued. "Alpha, what does your other form look like," I ask politely. Just like with the gain more with honey than vinegar. He shifts in his seat as if he is uncomfortable before his deep voice fills the silent room. "Compare us to your movies. We look like the animals you refer to as Lycans. We do not look like wild wolves, as some humans may think. W
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Chapter 10
VANESSA POVWhen Gunnar leaves, both Rosy and I breathe a sigh of relief. "What was that," Rosy asks, and I glance at her before untangling our bodies. I stand up and look around his room. "Ness," Rosy says my name with a question in her voice. "I made him angry. I talked about leaving him.....Rosy, remember I said I am different.... well, not only am I not fully human. But I am also his mate—a term they use for some kind of special bond. Like a soulmate," I say with my back towards her. She gasps, and I tense. I can almost hear her wheels turning as she digests my situation. "So there is a chance even if we win the might not be free," Rosy whispers, and I spin towards her. "Rosy, there is no "we" if you get this bite will die," I yell at my best friend with pleading eyes. She gives me a sad smile and raises to her feet. 
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