Confused [English]

Confused [English]

By:  Nurul Haruna  Completed
Language: English
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Have you ever been confused by what you've been feeling? Precisely, a sense of hatred and strangely tucked away a concern?

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85 Chapters
"You guys aren't afraid of me anymore?" Raga, with a different upbringing. To be precise, since he was four years old, he had been taught various kinds of martial arts as well as using weapons. Evidently, he had tried to act like a normal teenager but was still feared."Because when you introduced yourself, it looked terrible. What's more, you bluntly mentioned your family name if we look it up, you're the son of one of the mafia bosses." The ordinary teenager, who was in the same class as Raga named Devan answered immediately. Although, he was always careful in what he said. The problem would be complicated, if he misunderstood, when he heard his words."Okay, okay." Raga chuckled, then fell silent and his expression suddenly became serious. "Just so you know, seeing people scared is fun.""That's what you think! It's different with us!" The five of them replied compactly, but did not expect to know Raga."Okay, so what's up?" Raga propped up his chin, returning to acting like a norm
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"Huh, why bother with people's lives?" Rayyan was astonished. However, there was something else that made him curious. Not what Raga had explained. Rather, something that provoked him to find out the intricacies of the family. He could have asked Raga about Kean's family. Surprisingly, it was undone. "Ah forget it! I'm getting a headache myself!" "What are you doing?" Karina, the younger sister, was sitting on the terrace, wondering as she observed Rayyan's behavior as he entered the yard. talking to himself. "Noisy!" sneered Rayyan. "People asking questions are considered noisy!" Karina scowled in annoyance. "And I didn't ask while shouting, right?" "Yes, yes, yes," Rayyan replied with a sneer. Karina was annoyed and thoughtlessly threw the thick novel she had been holding at Rayyan's head. After succeeding, she quickly took the novel and went to her room. "Having a little sister is so annoying!" Rayyan squealed, rubbing his head. Rhevina, the mother, sighed in resignation.
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"Oy robot!" Lexio could be said to have called Kean a robot many times. After all, he was so flat!Kean glanced flatly, while waiting for what Lexio wanted to say again."Um, no offense. I was just curious once, do you... have a family?" It was the first time he was nervous about asking-this with someone else. Not his own family.Kean didn't want to answer yet, his gaze still flat. Lexio could see clearly, there was an expression of annoyance. However, it was successfully disguised with his flat face.Apparently, it still offended him, didn't it?Kean sighed for a moment, because he started to be questioned about family. After previously, someone else had asked the same question.What family?Honestly, Kean had forgotten what family was. Every time someone asked, he would be silent. As if the memory of family had been permanently erased, it was actually intentionally forgotten by him."Ignore that one!" said Lexio.Deciding to continue shooting practice, but stopped again when he saw
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"Are you still curious?" chided Denish again. "You're so complicated with people's lives—huh?" he continued.Rayyan chuckled, remembering that Denish seemed to easily guess what he was thinking at the moment. He didn't show any obvious signs of curiosity. However, it was still noticeable."Actually, I am too, but not quite like you. To the point of insisting on jogging together, instead of having an excuse to meet Raga." With a sneering tone, Denish chimed in again.In the end, making the others infected with Rayyan's immense curiosity. About the life of the robot-like young man—none other than Kean."Still a kid, I'm already intterupt for a boy!" mocked Rayyan.Denish didn't care, though he was surprised to see his sister and Karina bothering boys. Even though it was obvious, it was ignored."Shut up, brother!" Karina slapped Rayyan hard on the back, playfully nosy."We don't have an intterupt for boys! Just curious!" Kayra defended."Yes!"In the end, being the target of both of the
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In the end, the wish that had been so hard to come true happened. Lexio was allowed out of the main house.Lexio, who had been walking behind, began to move ahead of Kean. His behavior was completely out of character—a far cry from his identity as one who practiced a dark profession. There was a sense of excitement, being able to get out of the main house.Free, even though he had to be escorted. Lexio didn't refuse, as Kean became his impromptu bodyguard. It was better than being escorted by his two crazy and annoying twin brothers."At least don't hang around now!"How could I not?Exactly ten o'clock at night, asking to go out and wander around. Indeed, he was used to wandering around at night, without sleeping or going home. However, Lexio's desire clashed with a sudden sense of laziness. Yep, Kean was in the mood for quiet. Failed, because Lexio insisted.Moreover, saying 'currently he is the master' annoyed Kean, finally obeying."You just wander around on your own."Lexio just
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Lexio sighed for a moment, starting to act casual. Indeed, trying to attack in a state that did not reveal a monstrous personality was difficult. "Scared, huh?"Alvaro shook his head. "Just surprised.""I'm Xio, who are you?" Lexio deliberately erased two letters from his name. "Wanna be friends?"Alvaro was taken aback again. "I'm Alvaro." Started scratching his cheek that wasn't itchy, and couldn't believe it. Can act outside of his daily personality when at school, strangely this is in front of a person he just met and helped him. Alvaro was known as a quiet and cold person at school, actually not easily trusting people around him. As a result of being a victim of thugs, he was afraid of being approached by anyone. "Making friends?""Yes." Lexio answered quickly. "You're the first person I've asked to be friends."Alvaro was confused, because a stranger suddenly asked him to be friends."I'm not insisting, but at least it's nice to see yo
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 Kean turned his back on Kendra. "Your status as my father was—then. Now, it's no longer. Ah yes, since easily dumping me even 'him' is the same as you. Surely, you have a new family too?" Kean pointed for a moment at Kasya with her new husband, a finger covered in blood.Kasya intended to do the same as Kendra, saying sorry. However, she decided against it."Too late!" Kean said without looking at the two of them. "Enjoy your new life and ignore this outcast." Kean walked away, if he talked to the two of them for long. It made Kean recall the bitter memories, previously forcibly erased from his mind.Damn it!Kean turned to Zavin, signaling that his job was done.Indeed, a great sense of hatred overcame Kean, as a result of being thrown away by the two of them. The one who made the mistake was them, so why was he the victim. What's more, he realized he was a hypocrite. Still wanting to gather like a family, as well as affection
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Lexio was seen sitting on the wall of the main house gate, having been forced to go home. There was absolutely no intention of entering, he could have attacked Alex's men who picked his up and exploded the car then fled. However, the risk was that Alex would order Kean to drag himself home."I'm not satisfied!" he squealed loudly, occasionally moving his dangling legs downward.Lexio clucked in annoyance, when someone appeared near him—who else but his two crazy twin brothers. Lexio jumped up and quickly walked away from them, completely unwilling to engage. Moreover, it would be the same. The crazy twins, about to attack.Lexio reflexively changed direction when Levano intercepted and launched a sharp weapon attack at his, successfully dodging one did not mean completely escaping. Because there was still another—Levino, casually giving him an attack in the form of a hard kick."Dodging is good, but fighting back is not." Levano began to comment.Lexio chuckled in annoyance, while wi
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"Oy, what are you looking for?" Raga had been observing Rayyan's behavior, making him curious again.Rayyan suddenly forgot his purpose to meet Denish, because he wanted to confirm something else from Raga."How come you're looking so serious? Even ignored my question?" Raga was somewhat annoyed, but began to let it go."You knew right away, even though you weren't at the meeting." Rayyan was silent for a moment. "That means, you already know that I'm not the only one...." Instantly stopping his words, Rayyan became uncomfortable.What Karina suspected happened to his too, it seemed like Denish was the same. The gazes of all the students in the school became very different, even though they tried to ignore them. However, it was still very disturbing."Denish is Kean's half-brother too. That's what you wanted to say, right?"Rayyan nodded. "So, is it true? You managed to figure it out?" Afterward, Rayyan stepped away to return to his main objective."Denish, I saw him in the backyard o
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"Xio?"Alvaro turned to Dean. Remembering that time had not told him what the characteristics of Xio--aka--Lexio were. Unfortunately, Alvaro only knew the name 'Xio'. "Yeah, if I notice he's a year older."Dean was still listening."But, I feel that Xio is different from other teenagers of the same age that I know, especially at school." Alvaro, since he was helped by Lexio, started to feel strange at that moment."What's weird?""Yes, just weird. Xio said I was the first person he asked to make friends. As if Xio had never been friends with anyone. Another thing, when she was fighting the thugs that time... at first glance, the look in her eyes was terrifying."Dean sighed for a moment. "We really don't know people's true nature, even if we've met them once. To find out, we have to meet more often and get closer."Alvaro was silent."If you really meet again, you can try to be friends. At least, stay careful.""Yes, I know, but when can we meet again?" Alvaro was confused."Yeah, I d
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