Corporate The Dark Side

Corporate The Dark Side

By:  Er_Rash  Completed
Language: English
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Mike a cheerful, energetic, and passionate guy is all set to start his new job in the new city. But he never expected to be in a toxic culture surrounded by manipulative plastics, Rude Boss and Catherine-His first Love. But did she love him back? He realized sooner the relationship means nothing but will he be able to get out of it? He needed someone who can understand him and mend his broken heart. He found Mary. But will Catherine let Mike go away so easily? will Mary be able to heal Mike's wound? Does Catherine love Mike? This story will depict many shocking moments, anger, betrayal, hatred so please read at your own risk. This story might contain mature and violent content which might be disturbing to some readers. Sneak Peek:

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Suguchi vasti
A short, sweet story, I finished it in a day. Good work
2021-02-08 00:45:15
user avatar
I'm so in love with the cover and blurb. I can't wait to start this adventure. Good job Author👏
2020-12-20 19:43:21
user avatar
I'm In love with this book and you've got a nice cover
2020-12-15 16:30:50
user avatar
Wonderful blurb Amazing storyline
2020-12-11 19:23:05
user avatar
Oluwafunmito Star
Really amazing one!
2020-12-10 13:50:05
42 Chapters
This story contains mature content. It is not advisable for children under 18 to read this. This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, locales, and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner.  Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidentalThis story does not promote violence or hatred. It just shows a dark side. This is a total wor
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1.New Job
Monday Morning 9 AmMike was in his apartment getting ready for his interview. He wants to crack this interview at any cost. He was in desperate need of a job now. It's been 3 months since he has moved from Texas to New York for a good job opportunity but no job has fit into his shoes. Sometimes the job profile description and the actual job don't match his skillsets, other times the pay is too low, sometimes the company is not as per the standard. But now it's high time. He somehow needs to get this job.Mike looked at the wall clock and almost shouted " Shit I have to skip breakfast else I will be late."His roomie Jeff who is lying lazily on the bed has just woken up from sleep. Still half asleep he murmured to Mike "Just check the g****e map bro. Why are you so tense?"Mike takes the phone in his hand and checks g****e map. He cried "Damn the whole route is showing red. I am going to be late.""Don't you think you should have skipped last night movie to sleep early?" Jeff said stil
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2. The interview
Third Person POVMike entered the glass door and went to the reception. A girl dressed in a white top and black pencil skirt was sitting checking something on her laptop.Mike went to her desk, cleared his tone, and asked in a poli
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3. First Day First show
Third Person's POVThe next day Mike is dressed in formal attire and left for the office in the morning at 9 am.Thankfully yesterday I had ample time after the interview to iron my outfit, polish the shoes, and organize my office bag. He thought.He left for the office. While he was in the cab he received a call from his mother."Hey, Mom.""Hey, my baby. How are you? It's been a month and we haven't heard from you. Are you alright?""Yes, Mom I am fine. Today is my first day at the job.""Oh great. But you have not grown so big a young man that you will not inform me about the great things in your life. I was expecting a call from your end." His mother told with a frown face.Mike replied in an affectionate manner " I know Mom. I am sorry. Actually, I thought maybe I should settle down a bit in the job and then will inform you.""Ok. By the way, did you had your breakfast? I hope you are not skipping it anymore.""Mom...please""Ok, Baby... I will not ask again. Now I know about your
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4.The Smoking Zone
Warning: This chapter is a narration of a fictitious suicidal event which is the creation of the author's thought. Mike and David exited from their room the so-called IT department and went to the staircase. David lead the way and took Mike on the terrace. The terrace was a smoking zone area. It was a completely different atmosphere for Mike. He saw many girls dressed in fine attire and heavy makeup smoking and chatting. Seems like everyone has a lot of burdens that need to be taken away. They all seemed to be enjoying mental peace while smoking. Some of
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5. The Bitter Truth
There was a different kind of silence in the room after David told the tragic story of Eva.Finally, Mike broke the silence. "I can understand what you might be feeling."David took his hands on his face and covered his face and said in a sad voice "I blame myself for it. Maybe If I would have c
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6. The supermarket Gossips
Mike reached the nearest grocery market which is 5 minutes distance from his apartment. He reached inside the shop grabbed a basket and started picking the essentials-Bread, butter, Eggs, Bacon. He then thought of picking some cakes, cookies, and dips for the breakfast. he entered the food section and saw 2 women talking to each other. He accidentally heard their conversation.Woman 1:  Did you see the latest news?
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7.Fake Social Media Profiles
The next day Mike got up a bit early, showered, and head to the kitchen to make breakfast. Jeff was still sleeping in his room. He might have come home really late.  Mike thought. Mike was feeling really tired due to the last hectic day so instead of making breakfast he just poured a glass of milk for him. He had the milk and got ready.
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8.The Chaos
As Mike moved from Catherine Desk towards my cabin he thought of using the restroom before the start of work. As he went to the restroom he heard 2 guys entering the restroom. Since he was inside one of the rooms they were unaware of his presence. Mike could hear their voices crystal clear.Guy 1: So did you hear? The actress Lucy's news is all out.
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9. Birthday Party
Mike's POVIt was Saturday today. After the hectic week, it was time to relax today. Also, it was Catherine's birthday party. After knowing about Catherine and Lucas I didn't feel like going but since she had insisted so much the other day I am left with no option but to go. I didn't ask David to accompany me as he already advised me to stay away from her. So I thought of asking Jeff my roomie if he can accompany me.
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