Married to my family's enemy son

Married to my family's enemy son

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"You are getting married to Damien McMillan, the eldest son of the McMillan family" --- Claire was told to get married to a man she barely knew because of business income and public rumors. The McMillan family had been their enemy and business rivals for over ten years and all of a sudden, she was getting married into that same family. She couldn't object even if she wanted to because she was mute. Because of her disability, her family treated her like nothing and they only saw her as a tool for cleaning up their mess. Damien McMillan on the other hand was twisted. No one knew the real him because his attitude and intentions were hard to detect. Damien was also facing the same cruel life as Claire - cleaning up his family mess because he was a half-breed (stepbrother). Even if they saw him as a tool, Damien was something much greater. Damien was hiding his identity and was waiting for the right time to expose it but suddenly, he felt another leech around his neck when he was told to get married to Claire Adamson, the youngest daughter of the Adamson family.

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5 Chapters
Chapter One:- Vice Versa
"You are getting married to Damien McMillan, the eldest son of the McMillan family," My mother said to me with full authority, her eyes piercing through mine. It didn't sound like she was asking for my opinion or approval, Instead, the look in her eyes gave me this threat that if I dared object or say a word, that would be the end of me. But, oh, right, I was a mute. I couldn't speak or say a word even if I wanted to. This has been my disability for ten years. Because of my disability, my mother and elder sister belittled me. In fact, they hated me and wished me gone. They both saw me as a burden and useless entity in their famous world. The Adamson family, which is my family, is one of the most respected public figures when it comes to wealth and handling international businesses. My family owns the Royal Hotel, Royal Import and Export Corporation and the Royal Air. The Royal Hotel was the number one in Westcrest Country. According to reviews, our hotel was the best when it ca
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Chapter Two:- Meet your husband, the eldest son of the McMillan Family.
Damien was shocked and wanted to laugh it off, thinking it was a joke even if they'd never cracked one before him, but the look in his father's eyes showed no hint of joke or unseriousness.Damien's gaze shifted to Clyde's and Clyde seemed to be enjoying the situation since he wasn't the one getting married to their enemy's daughter.More than just being business rivals, Damien knew the true secret of why Adamson's and McMillan's were enemies. This was a family secret and Damien doubted if the current Chairman of Royal Hotel knew the secret as well. The reason for Patricia, the current chairman of Royal Hotel's husband's death. Damien found this insane and stupid. How could his father be this evil and daring to let his son marry the daughter of the man whom he secretly killed? Damien found this decision heartless and unforgivable. Although he had nothing to do with the death of Claire's father, his conscience would torment him. Getting married to a mute wasn't the problem but knowi
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Chapter Three:- Don't be deceived by what you see
I caught sight of these grey eyes that had been staring intensely at me since I joined the family breakfast. He didn't look familiar but I was hypnotized by his rare beauty. Using handsome to describe his beauty would be an understatement to describe how magnificent he looked. He had all the definition of man but yet, his eyes were giving off a different vibe. His gaze gave me emptiness and sadness or was I reading it wrong?He had everything - judging from his looks to how he groomed, someone could easily tell that he lacked nothing but what was the meaning behind that gaze?Trying to find meaning, my mother suddenly called my name which diverted my attention, "Claire" She called my name in a sweet voice. This made me anxious for some reason I couldn't fathom. "Meet your husband, the eldest son of the McMillan Family" My mother pointed to the man sitting opposite me. My jaw dropped and my eyes widened. " He is Damien McMillan? " I couldn't believe it but I didn't know why I was
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Chapter Four:- Chosen
Taking a look back on how I've lived my life, I suddenly felt chosen when I heard a voice from behind me " I want to get married to Claire Adamson" The pronunciation of my name in the person's mouth made me smile unknowingly as I turned around to see who it was. "Mr. Damien, what are you doing here?" My mother immediately shouted when she saw him. My eyes widened when I saw him too. Why was he here? Did he hear all that Veronica said? --- (FLASHBACK) Damien left the garden after his father joined the scenery. He hated whenever his father pretended to like him when he was with other people. What Damien hated the most was pretense. He could see right through people how they felt or thought but the hardest thing he could predict was what his Father and Brother had in mind. He saw this people as monsters and not family. He vividly remembered how Clyde accidentally killed one of his rivals in class because they fell in love with the same girl. Clyde got away with his evil act because
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Chapter Five:- Damien's Revenge Plan
After the heat-up conversation with Marvin, Clyde walked out of the house, heading towards the garage where his car was packed.Reaching out for the key in his pocket, his hand touched his phone first. He pulled out his phone from his pocket before reaching out for the car key.Moving a step forward to his car, he suddenly remembered that he was supposed to meet with his buddy, Max. Immediately, he dialed Max's number. "Hey, What’sup!” Max said immediately he picked his call. The enthusiasm in his voice showed that he had been expecting Clyde's call. "I'm good. Where are you now? Let's meet up," Clyde said as he pressed the car's remote key fob, and the driver's seat door opened automatically."I'm at our usual hangout place. Expecting you soon!" Max said and then, he hung up the call. Instantly, Clyde dived in into his car and drove off. Max has been Clyde's friend since when they were both in colleges. It was said that they shared common chemistry and that's why, their friendship
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