Craving Talia

Craving Talia

By:  Reen  Ongoing
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For Cesar it was always about being the best at what he does. He was the kind of man whose mind swirled around business every hour of the day. He actually had nothing else to keep him occupied. Having been among the top in the business industry, each year he received an invitation to the world's greatest auction that not many people knew of or had the chance to partake in. Each year it had been the same for him. Go to the auction, get bored through the whole thing and go back home. This year though there was a turn of events when he finally found something in the auction that perked his interest or rather a pretty someone that had him feeling like he'd been missing something his whole life.

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Lilly Hammonds
I hope there is more!!!!
2021-09-09 01:54:01
6 Chapters
Placing down the wooden hairbrush, she let out a tired sigh before tying her long black into a tight secure ponytail. She liked it that way so it doesn't get in her way. She stared back at the blue eyes that were looking at her own and couldn't help but acknowledge the beauty in them. They were more of a dark shade of blue that many people thought was rare.  The beauty in them wasn't just what was on the outside but the strength one could see in them. Her grandma always told her she was stronger than what people pinned her to be and since she was a kid she's always reminded herself those words till she believed them.  Thinking of her grandmother brought tears to her eyes. Oh how she missed her! She missed her stories, her cooking, hearing her voice whenever she sang to her and most of all her smile. She had the most beautiful smile Talia had ever seen. At times she'd even envy her for not only her smile but the joy that radiated of
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Talia had always been a brave, courageous, free-spirited girl since her birth. She was always a happy girl that took life positively no matter the situation. She smiled through the pain with the hope that all was going to be fine. Well that was before her aunt took her from her grandma. Since then she became a shy timid girl whose brave side seemed to have vanished somewhere in between her now rough path.  Now Talia felt nothing like hope or any positive emotions. Her heart felt null and void. As she walked behind her aunt, eyes lowered the the ground pliantly , she remembered the last update she got from her about her grandma. She told her that she was doing well and that she had no complications with her illness.  Talia wasn't sure whether or not to believe her since that was basically what she was told every other week but for once since two years ago she decided to be positive.  Walking down the corridor beside her aunt, &
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Cesar scratched his week old stubble as he carefully looked at the dresses that were brought in that morning by his personal assistant . This wasn't his usual thing but he wanted to be the one to chose what Talia was to wear for their first meeting. Talia..... He liked the name. Loved actually, he loved the name. A beautiful name for a beautiful woman.  He remembered the night of the auction and how since that night she became all he could think of. She looked so beautiful his heart rate increased so suddenly he was even surprised. He could count the number of times his heart beat so much and it was just a handful of times. He had to have her. He swore the night wouldn't end before he got her and surely enough, 10 million dollars later he got her.  Something about seeing all those men bid on her made him angry and now that he had her he didn't regret using that much money. Money had never been a problem for him since he was basically born in a well to do fa
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"Okay so I better get going. " Damien said deciding to give them some privacy. He turned on his heel heading for the front door with a smile on his face. He was sure neither Talia nor Cesar heard him since they were both too busy eye raping each other. He just hoped things would work out well for the both of them. So far he liked the girl. She seemed good enough for Cesar. Her pliant nature would work well for Cesar considering that he was the type of man that always had to have the upper hand in anything that involves him. He dominated everything that he desired and seeing as though the girl had Cesar around her finger since the moment he saw her, Damien was sure sooner or later Cesar would dominate her too in all aspects. Deciding he'd call his friend later to discuss business and other things that most probably would be about his new lady, Damien drove off. Cesar wasn't sure where to start. He knew she had questions that she wanted him to answer so he fi
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Her stomach rumbled for the hundredth time making her give up trying to force herself to sleep some more when she was dying of hunger. She lifted the covers from her body and got up from the bed making the mattress creak under her. She didn't know for how long she had been asleep but judging from the moon illuminating the room through the still open curtains she guessed it was several hours.  She drew the curtains making the room dark from lack of any source of light and had to blindly find her way to the switch that was next to the door. Flipping the switch, she had to squint her eyes due to the much light that filled the room. When she had adjusted to the new lighting, she noticed she was still in the same red dress that now had wrinkles. She wondered if her aunt had already sent her stuff because she was starting to sweat under the material and she desperately needed a shower.  Her stomach rumbled again reminding her she had to get something to eat. She
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Relaxing his shoulders, Cesar took a long sip of his steaming black coffee then settled back on his wooden seat . He absentmindedly flipped through the newspaper pages hopping to find something interesting. He settled on a page in the business section that seemed worth his while. Cesar had always had an everyday routine that he followed strictly. Wake up at 4.00 am, workout in the gym for two hours, take a shower then head to the office. Breakfast at home was optional. Depended on whether he was in the mood to whip something up or not.Today though it was different. He woke up at his usual time and did his morning workout. After he took a shower to rid himself of the sweat covering his body, he made his way to Talia's room feeling the need to check up on her since he didn't do it during the night. Careful not to make a sound, he turned the door knob and pushed the brown door open. It creaked in the otherwise silent house causing him to cringe. The li
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