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Scarlett Thatcher is the wife of one of the richest men in New York and a mother of two wonderful children, she is someone who can be classified as without blemish but behind all of this lavish lifestyle there comes pain. Not everything is as it seems. The new driver her husband hired seems to be on a mission of his, to tear down the façade of a marriage Scarlett has built. The question is if she would succumb to temptation

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Bakwuye Beauty
it's a wonderful story line, I can't wait to see how it ends.
2024-01-24 10:50:26
94 Chapters
"I need the flowers and the table arranged right away. Where in the world are the flowers?" There was anxiety in the air, and Scarlett had very little time to prepare, so she yelled as she paced about issuing commands."Scarlett, come on, take it easy." Brianna teased her friend with a quick giggle. "You think I should?" Scarlett asked, sighing and rubbing the bridge of her nose. Brianna gave her a nod in response."Sit down and relax; there's no need to go around yelling; look around you; people are helping out," Brianna said, pulling out a chair."Thanks," Scarlett sat on it, her gaze still roving aimlessly, not exactly feeling at ease. Being a mother of two at such a young age and witnessing her children grow up to be the envy of others made today memorable for not only her son but her entire family as well.Brianna grabbed an apple from one of the trays the housekeepers carried, devoured it, and then inquired, "I hear you invited Melissa over?"“I did, is there a problem?” Scarlet
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Scarlett POVI was unhinged, watching my very own husband have sex with another woman on our matrimonial bed. The lady was unashamed as she enjoyed every bit of his stroke, moaning as her eyes rolled heavenward.Michael didn't stop, and I allowed it because I was used to it. This wasn't his first nor his second, and he knows too well that it won't be the last."Look at me when I fuck you!" Michael ordered the lady, whom I supposed should be downstairs like the others, to work her ass off for a good paycheck, but here she was doing the same thing as with my husband."Oh God, Mr. Michael... Fuck, I am cumming..." The girl screamed out in pleasure. I was a bit bothered, hoping no one might hear her, but because of the busyness downstairs, I am sure they didn't.Michael arched his back as he came all over her bare body and stepped away from her. "I shall go take my shower and be down soon," Michael said to me as I said, "Mhm.", He walked naked into the bathroom right beside where I stood.
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After the hectic night was all over and we all retired to bed, I had slept for a couple of hours, constantly turning around the bed. You could tell I was uncomfortable.Maybe it was because I couldn’t help that this was the same bed I had seen Michael with that woman or maybe I just had issues sleeping… It was the first reason.“Michael wake up,” I nudged him with my left arm as I sat up on the bed, he didn’t budge as he continued snoring, “Michael,” I called again with a hush tone, this time he responded but quickly went back to sleep, “Michael!” I called again with my voice rising.“What is it?!” He yelled, “Can’t you see that it is late in the night and I have got work tomorrow,”“We need to talk,” I ignored his complaint as I went straight to the point.“What is it that you just can’t wait till the morning? What is it?!” Michael groaned as he turned to the other side of the bed.I let out a sigh still not willing to back off, he must hear from me, “Michael, we are married, why do
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“Where is he?” I inquired, looking around for any strange face that I might find.“Are you really that impatient?” Michael teased me, “He was here a couple of minutes ago but I told Jacob to show him around the place, Oh look, here he comes,” Michael said pointing at the door, I followed his hands leading there.The man had a confident gait and brightly colored hair that I assumed was once red but was now more on the pink side, with his undergrowth being more visible. His eyes, which were a striking blue with an enigmatic glint, his jawline, and his cheekbones were perfectly chiseled to fit his face.“Good morning, Mrs. Thatcher,” The man greeted me with a baritone voice offering his hand for me to shake, I stared him down at the disrespect, who does he think he is to touch me?“Good morning,” I answered sternly, I had mixed feelings about him, maybe because he dressed up in an unconventional way which pissed me off, for someone who managed, emphasis on manage because it is very rare
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My ears were screaming for help with the way Brianna wouldn’t stop talking but still, I did pay attention to her when we arrived at Louisa’s Mansion where we as wives of this estate were all to gather, I could feel the freedom in stepping out of the Car with having to listen to something else different from Brianna’s voice.We were almost a foot into the door of Louisa’s house when Brianna said in a hushed tone, “I forgot to say but driver… whoosh… he is very hot,”I looked behind me to see Seth about to open his side of the car door to sit and wait for me. I stared at him for a brief second, unable to see what Brianna was talking about. I brushed it off and walked.“If he is single, well I don’t mind…”“My goodness Brianna, that boy or man is at least 23 years old, he should be doing something meaningful with his life, I wonder why he chose to work as a driver,” I said, I couldn’t believe Brianna was having such wild thoughts to the point it irked me in my tummy.“I am only kidding.
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I didn’t know whether to ignore it or just go on to open the text message, nevertheless, I took the step and did open it. It was a video recording.I told myself that this might just be another of Michael’s sex tapes, it was obvious that it just had to be it. The moaning sound that began from this fifteen-minute-long video as I pressed play was enough to turn it off but I didn’t, I watched it to ensure that Michael’s face was shown, and believe me when I say that his face was clear as day, I couldn’t even recognize the woman as it was blurred out.I didn’t know what to do, this was too much for me to handle, how much was I going to keep hanging on like this, I don’t deserve this from him. I couldn’t it for long as I immediately texted back, “Name your price,”My heart raced because this was the first time this had gotten to me, I hate that I have to sort this thing out for Michael but what more can I do? I can’t have my family fall apart or I will be gossiped like the others are.“Nam
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My mind raced as I held my phone in my hand, the screen was slightly broken but it still functioned properly, I was waiting for the stranger’s next message so I could calculate my next move but I got nothing.I watch till sunset and still nothing.When it was fully evening, there was a bit of discomfort I began to feel, and I only knew a walk around the outside of my precious household would help greatly. Basking in that cool breeze and feeling its romance with my skin was just what I looked forward to.“Are my kids asleep?” I asked one of the maids that were working.“They are, ma’am. Leo is currently studying but Carmela is asleep,” The lady answered before she left.Knowing that well, I went ahead to enjoy the outside, sniffing into the air, I wasn’t expecting to have a cigar stench sting my nose like that. Someone had the audacity to smoke in my garage.I traced the smell and you just couldn’t believe who it was.“Why are you smoking around my house?” I questioned Seth from behind
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I couldn’t sleep, having restless has been a thing of mine since I found out my husband was no longer faithful to me, it is crazy, I know but there is nothing I can do about it. I cried my eyes out hoping when my eyes gets tired they would sleep off and it work.The following morning, I slept at the corner of my bed awake, but my mind, body, and soul were simply elsewhere.“What are you thinking of?” Michael as he stepped out of the shower“Nothing,” I answered sitting up from my bed, “I will go check on the kids,”“Are you sure there is nothing wrong?” Michael asked as he dried his damp hair with the towel he was with.My rage was rising by the mere sight of him but I still choose not react even as I tried to head for the door, “Scarlett…”“What! I already said there is nothing wrong Michael, what else are you expecting me to say huh? Are you expecting that I tell you that each I cage myself in this marriage I am suffocated by your constant mistreatment, everyday I wake up there is a
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Seth exhaled. He looked in Brianna's direction and back to me, his face bent sideways. He was clearly annoyed, but who cares? Whatever I want, I get.“I need you back here before…” I checked the time on my phone, “Two, my friend will need a ride home,”“I am not going,” Seth replied defiantly with angst in his eyes.“What do you mean by you won’t be going? You work for me and anything that I send you, you must do,” I said making sure that each word sunk in.Seth closed his eyes as if infuriated by me, he breathed out, “Ma’am, this is not in line with my job, you can… you can send anybody working for you but I will not be doing it,”“Seth, I am sure you are aware that you are walking on thin ice, if I tell my husband about your attitude…”“I thought you said that you would, why haven’t you? My problem here is that this is my lunch break and I need to rest, if you had asked politely like I said yesterday, maybe I would have done it but here we go again,” Seth said and then walked away.
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“What is it about?” Michael said as he loosened his tie and fling it on the bed before proceeding to take off his shoes.“It is about the Levines,” I replied, setting the mood for discussion as I picked up the displaced tie and shoes he scattered all over the place, “Apparently, they will be returning back to the estate, I think this is our chance to finally get closer with them,”Michael paused as he was about unbuttoning his shirt, “Why?”I can’t believe is this slow, “For obvious reason baby, you want to run for Mayor and they have the influence, your father and my father’s backing you up for this position might not be enough to get us there,” I explained, “Listen, with the strong backing of the Levines, we can easily win the poll without any stress,”“And where did you get this information that they will be coming? Brianna?” Michael guessed, his expression
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