Crazy beautiful us

Crazy beautiful us

By:  Zainababdool  Completed
Language: English
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The beautiful love journey that transpired between two teenagers, Ivan and Lucy. It all started in a dream then turned real. A story of two different people from different states who found themselves dreaming of the other when they haven't met in real life. It was like a dream come true to them when they met face to face in real life but both acted as if they haven't seen each other's face in their dream. They went ahead to solve this mystery of their life which was unbelievable to them.

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46 Chapters
Chapter 1
Lucy p.o.v He walks slowly to me with eyes filled courage and mission. He held my face in his hands and look me straight in the eyes. The way he looks at me is exactly how I had always wished to be looked at. Who wouldn't want to be held by him.  His look  - check His body-check Everything about him is just so perfect  " I love you " he whispered  " I love you too"  Like a motion, he lean closer to me than I had expected. His lips were a inch close to mine, if I was to lean my head a little bit we would be ki........ "Lucy....., darling,.... hey sleepy head wake up or you gonna be late for school" i groan. I can't believe this wrong timing. I mean I was about to kiss the most gorgeous guy I  had ever seen in my entire life but mom has to interfere.  Why does mom  always interrupt my unfortunate never happening kiss. But, not withstanding,   the dream almo
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Chapter 2
"Okaaaay..but why the hell didn't you go to the party, didn't you wanna see your crush?" i asked, wiggling my eyebrows. A blush crept up at her face. She has this crush on James since primary school but James only sees her as a friend. I told her to confess her feelings for him  but she refused, she said she is scared of rejection.Let me tell you a secret ,James also have a crush on Abby but the two of them are too blind to see their feelings for each other. what a shame right?. I used to tell Abby but she won't believe me,she said he likes someone else. You see,James is a very nice guy and he is handsome and my friend here,Abby is also beautiful,a lot of guys had ask her out but the problem is,they never last. She only date for one month,that is her policy, well I don't blame her ,her love for James made her like that."Oh Lucy ,I was busy that was why I didn't go to the party" she said with a sigh.I knew it a lie,she didn't wanna go because she
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Chapter 3
Lucy p.o.vI got down from bed and head to the bathroom to shower. I haven't dreamt about Mr handsome since  the other day. I wish I can still see him again. Today being Saturday, which means weekend day. I decided to busy myself in my room by doing my assignments. I haven't gone down yet to greet mum coz I'm definitely sure she is also sleeping right now. Few hours later, I was done with the assignment so I went down to have breakfast or should I say lunch coz the time is 12:00am already. My mum was by the refrigerator getting the eggs for her cake."Morning mom" I greeted and kissed her on the cheek."Morning darling,are you done with your assignments ?" She ask with a smile."Yeah,I just came to have my breakfast and hmm  by the way your snacks smells good"" I move forward to pick one of the meat pie.Its so delicious and I think am gonna add more weight because of the way I eat, most  es
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Chapter 4
Lucy p.o.v Abby left this morning to bring dozens of her clothes. I told her it'll be better if we go to her house instead of working herself up to bring all her fancy dresses here. But anyways, she still refuses, she said its better she do all in my house coz its more fun here. " please help me out, which one looks good on me best" a desperate Abby asked" Abby try this one,its so pretty with all the flowers" It a maroon dress that looks so beautiful. I vividly remember the day we went shopping and together we bought thesame dress . Hers was maroon and mine was pink .  " oh my. how can I forget about this dress. " she looks happy and quickly put it on. "It fits me perfectly well,Lucy" Abby said while gushing..Yes the dress is so beautiful. It fit Abby so well, especially the way it hugged her body nicely. "Told you ,you're gonna like it, I am the best dress adviser" I boosted 
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Chapter 5
Ivan p.o.vMy plane just landed and I was told that the driver and my sister are coming to get me from the airport. I just got back from Abuja at the insistent of my mom. If she leaves it to me, I prefer to stay with my uncle in Abuja. But, I wouldn't blame mom, coz she said she miss having me in the house. Lagos is still the same as I had known it. With all the population, the noise and everything in general. Since I live in the quiet  part of Lagos, the well known lekki, I'm sure my coming back here wouldn't be in vain. I love parties and I'm sure there is gonna be a lot of clubs around their. **In a coffee shop to relax myself with a chill drink while waiting for Emilia my sister and the driver . I don't know what is keeping them so long ,i called her but she isn't picking up, maybe they had a problem with the car or something else.  I called my mum ,she told me Emilia left the house one hour ago."Ivaaaaan" some one shouted my
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Chapter 6
~lucyIts been months since I stopped working at Collins special . I work there as a waitress and the eatery sells different kinds of foods.The shop is called ' Collins special because of how special their food always taste. It is also well known in Lagos. I  stopped working there because I needed  time for school,i want to be serious . During my breakup with Thomas, I lost track in school and my  grades was reducing which led to the reason why  I left Collins special to work on my grades. Now that I'm back on track, I'm ready to work there again. The pay is very good I tell you.My only prayer is to get accepted. It isn't like I needed the  job by fire or by force, I just love The job and the good pays it gives. Since today is a short day which is Friday,Class ended  5 minutes ago, I said my goodbye to Abby I made my way to Collins special.On r
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Chapter 7
LucyRECAP"What the fuck is wrong with your sight".PRESENT I look up at him from the floor . I still can't believe it's him. I need to stop checking him out , I really look stupid while checking him out . Lucy concentrate I cleared my throat and got up to glare at him, how dare him insult my sight when he is also at fault . Before I could reply to him, he beat me to it." what ? you can't talk or what. Are you stupid?" he asked with a glare "What is wrong with you?You are at fault here coz you pushed me , dumb ass" I retort with my own best glare."Who did you just called dumb ass?" he looked angry already"You of course ,who else"I smirk with folded arms. He is seriously fuming right now .He glared at me and I also glared back, two can also play the game. We were in a kin
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Chapter 8
IVANEmilia and I started our senior secondary class Last week in a new school . I'm an art student(ss3) and she is a science student(ss2). In my own view,i think the school is OK,just OK. The only annoying thing is the way girls keep gawking and swooning at me.That got me thinking ,if they haven't seen a guy before..A lot of girls were trying to approach or seduce me with their annoying caked faces. It isn't like I don't like girls, the thing is, the girls I dated are sexy and don't cake their faces with too much make ups.Girls that apply too much make ups always look ugly to me, but to them they think they are sexy and beautiful.I called that bullshit.I also made new friends too and was also invited to a party this night. I'm never gonna miss it for the love of anything. I was on my way to my next class after departing with my new friends ,a girl stop me on the way. When I looked at her face I knew
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Chapter 9
Lucy POVI woke up with serious headache today. Yesterday was so tiring and stressful with all the work at Collins special . I took my bath and sashayed to take the pills on my nightstand.  I finished preparing for school and went straight to the kitchen to have my breakfast. My mum had gone to work already, I saw the note she left on the kitchen counter it saysGood morning honey.I left some money on the dinning table . use it to buy anything you want after school.Love you.Mom.I quickly ate my breakfast and left for school. Thank God the headache had reduced and I made it to school on time .I  ran towards my class but unfortunately for me, I bumped into a hard chest and fell on my butt.I stood up to confront whosoever it was and , guess who? Its the handsome jerk , my dream guy. "You" we both said in unison."I
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Chapter 10
Ivan POVI don't know what is wrong with this lucy girl, she keeps on bumping into me. She has the nerve to called me dumb ass...just imagine .The worst part is, I don't know why I have been an ass to her. Maybe its because she reminds me of Linda my ex. The day I started having does dreams, I thought it was linda coz of the resemblance she has with the dream girl. But when I bumped into Lucy the first time at Collins restaurant ,there and then, I knew that the dream girl was actually her. The way her eyes blinks, the way she talks, it just so similar. I don't know what all this mean, maybe the best idea is to ask Lucy if she also sees me in herdreams. But that will sound stupid? I thought Or maybe I should try to know more about her, maybe I should be friends with her. I just pray she wouldn't give me a hard time" son? Are you alright " moms voice shakes me out of my thoughts 
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