Hurt Me Again.

Hurt Me Again.

By:  ScorpioFulu  Completed
Language: English
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Divorced and finally freed from all strings that were attached to her ex-husband, Robyn takes on the adventure of moving on from her past and learning to love all over again just to be brought right back into the dark space she's been trying to avoid.

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35 Chapters
You would think after three years of marriage we would be growing stronger and our love would be flourishing like we predicted it would, but instead, it's quite the opposite.Walking away from him into our house from that dreadful party he dragged me to, I unzip my dress pulling down the straps and letting it pool down my feet. Kicking off my heels and ignoring his calls for me to stop.Walking upstairs to our room, I took off my undergarments letting them leave a trail behind me, normally I wouldn't make such a mess but I am just tired of everything.Entering the bathroom, I took a shower trying to show him how much I'm not interested in his whining. As the hot water cascaded on my brown skin, I let my tears be one with the water, I couldn't hold on anymore. I couldn't pretend that I'm okay with everything, turn a blind eye to everything he does for the sake of keeping our marriage together, to make sure that our vows live just like we promised eac
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Waking up had to be the hardest part of it all, I wasn't even going to pretend I'm okay, better yet there was no one to pretend to.Bellamy did come back at some point in time this week but I couldn't look at him, not when he's so happy with his new life. He would mostly come back to fetch his stuff or check if I had signed the papers.I had yet to sign those papers but I couldn't find a pen anywhere in this room that has been my habitat and safe haven for a while, I moved away from the master bedroom because of all the memories that were in there. My phone had been no better seeing as to that I still had to delete his pictures but I couldn't bring myself to do that, I couldn't find the will to get rid of anything that represented us, I couldn't get rid of us.Finding the courage to finally call my mother and tell her what's happening in her worthless daughters life, I brought the phone to my ear and heard the antagonizing sound of the call
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Two  years laterThe men all sat in a room going through the files their bosses assistant had handed out to all of them. Studying the contents and learning everything in detail they waited for him to come in and brief them.Ezekiel stared at the picture of the girl in the file memorising every feature and curve, he found her extremely gorgeous and enchanting. Paging through the file he learnt more about her, her age being twenty-four she was young, really young and he couldn't understand how she somehow fell in Reed's radar.Although he was admiring the girl, Ezekiel was one to always do his job without any distractions, and he only hoped he wouldn't be stuck with monitoring.Reed entered the room, and just as the room was quiet, it stayed quiet waiting for the boss to speak. "The file you're all looking at is of Robyn Barreau, Bellamy's 'ex' wife," he raised his fingers in inverted commas before putting his
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Simple Conversation.
Realising what I had just done, I opened the door again and he was still standing there. This man was gorgeous and he was smiling at me, and he is my new neighbour!"I'm sorry for doing that, that was super rude of me and I normally don't act like that. Oh god, you probably think I am a weirdo and I'm just making it worse by rambling off and not getting to the point which I will right now. Hi, I'm Robyn," I stretched out my hand for his and he just looked at me amused bringing his hand to shake mine."I'm sorry, I didn't get that because you said it all so fast. What's your name again bunny?" He's obviously not from here, he has an accent but I can't pin it anywhere, "Canadian," oh so that's where he is from."Bunny?" He only smiled and cocked his head to the side still holding my small hand in his huge hand that felt rough but nice to hold, "Robyn, I know it's a name that's normally given to boys but-""I like it," he said looking into my eyes, "Well I'm
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Before, part one.
HOW WE MET.I was standing in front of the wall trying to navigate where my first class was, I came early so that I could find it quicker but no luck here. Giving up I turned around and somebody bumped into me making my books fall.The person quickly helped me pick up my books and left in a rush, he didn't even bother to offer me an apology. Walking away to the class that was just down the hall, I entered and it wasn't fully packed yet.Sitting alone, I took out my note pad and I doodled as I waited for the class to begin, for one this isn't what I wanted to take but my mother said accounting would be the best foundation for me and a great career, I would just 'fit in great'. One thing with my mother is that I never have a say against her word, it's either I do as she says or get out of her house, perks of being the only daughter, I have three older siblings and they are all boys and have absolutely nothing next to their names yet t
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By Any Means.
I had just gotten back from another meeting with Reed, he wanted to know our progress and if anything was bothering us and whatnots, just a huge fucking waste of time.Slumping on the couch I tried to massage my head but thinking of how Robyn went out with this Jason dude was unsettling to me and if it hadn't been for the meeting with Reed I would have followed her, just to make sure she was safe. I heard the door slam closed and there stood Robyn in her shirt and shorts with her hands on her hips looking flawless as ever even if her braids are tied in a weird way right now."Where the hell were you Ezekiel?" she asked still standing by the door and I just stared at her, "Don't look at me like that, you weren't here when I came back," she whined walking over to me and throwing herself on the couch before putting her head on my lap and threading our fingers today."How was your date?" I asked smirking but I wasn't happy she went out with Jason. She s
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It had been four months since Ezekiel moved into the building, and had been two months of us having conversations while we drank tea, he still didn't like it, but I vouch he would come over not only for the conversation but for the tea he so 'hates'."You won't believe what Mrs Hades asked me today!" I exclaimed remembering my conversation with her today earlier on before I went to work."What did she ask you?" he asked amused already knowing where this was going, so Hades had to be the woman who knew everybody's affairs and I mean everybody in this whole building, if you ever wanted to get information from her about your enemies, all you had to have was a bottle of wine and some weed, and get everything you ever wanted to know from her that easily!She is in her sixties and she has quite a tall finger, it just seems shorter because she's old and it looks like she's bending over slightly. She was slender and had deep burgundy hair that was cut short but it defin
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A Run.
B: Can you please come to fetch me?- Why?B: I want to run with you today.She even inserted a smiley face in the end, Robyn never runs and I have always tried to force her to go out for a run but today she was really surprising me. I hadn't checked the camera's for a long time because I have been trying to respect her privacy and get to know her personally.- You're being weird...B: Just come over, NOW!Putting my phone in my pockets, I walked over to her door and knocked. The door was opened by a tall muscular man who had the same eyes as Robyn, he was intimidating but was probably an inch shorter than me, it was an extremely awkward moment because the man was looking at me, and two more men had joined him crossing their arms over their chests...super awkward."Who are you?" The one who looked to be younger than the first one asked, his hair was s
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Your Family?
Ezekiel and I were at the park looking at everyone as they strolled by while we ate our ice-cream, this was completely peaceful and I won't lie, my eyes did find themselves looking at his naked torso. It was just so structured and...I have no idea what else I could say. Ezekiel was just a beautiful man and there's nothing more to that."So...that's your family?" Eze asked as he slowly swung himself. "Yup," I mumbled as I licked my ice-cream."When did they arrive?""Today, unexpectedly, don't know for how long," I shrugged, I love my family, I really do but sometimes it just becomes too much and suffocating to live together as a whole, especially since they all decided to bless their presence in my life for only they know how long."You don't seem really excited about them being here," he commented and I sighed."Let's go home," I said getting off the swing."Hey, you didn't get on the slide!" he offered and I smile
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Grabbing my packed duffle bag, I walked out of my room back into the living room, the most delicious smell hit my face and I almost succumbed into apologising to my mother just so I could get some food. My mother was amazing in the kitchen, and when I say amazing I mean crazily amazing! As for me, I would say I only adopted fifteen percent of it because she would rarely allow me in the kitchen. Standing straighter I walked over to my father and gave him a side hug, look at me leaving my own apartment just to avoid another fight with my mother, I didn't even get to spend time with my awesome dad."I'll see you, tomorrow papa. I'm right across the hall if you need anything," I pressed a kiss on his forehead and he smiled."I love you Roby, cool down and come back when you're ready okay?" he said and I smiled nodding, I might come back when Irene leaves. "I love you too papa," looking at my three brothers I pointed my finger to each of them, "My
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