Cruel Fate

Cruel Fate

By:  MieMieoyiza  Completed
Language: English
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• Cruel Fate is a story that centers around a beautiful lady who happens to be a victim of circumstances and went through a lot of difficulties. Her Dad left both her and her mother and fled away with another woman. A few years later, destiny decide to show its power as she was about to get married. She finds out that her father is the already son-in-law to the family she's about to get married into. She decides to run away from everything but Fate is not on her side.

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Daja Hazelton
This book a cheat it be the same chapters in the next what’s the point of cheating us that’s mad weird
2021-09-02 10:49:22
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Daja Hazelton
It’s annoying how y’all make us pay for chapters when y’all keep repeating the same flash backs I don’t wanna keep paying for stuff I already read I’m over the flash backs and third party points of view
2021-09-02 01:41:10
default avatar
such an enjoyable story and I love the way you bring the characters to life! Great job, author... I was wondering if you have any social media that I can follow you on?
2021-07-15 18:00:22
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I have read more than 30 chapters of this beautifully jotted book in past two days and I must say it's a hidden gem... It's just the start and I am already hooked to it; I am already in love with Aisha and her story... It's really a beautifully work, keep it up Author💜
2021-02-09 23:46:22
user avatar
I read the blurb and I think this is a heavy drama😃 Good Job Author!❤
2021-02-05 21:11:08
user avatar
The cover and blurb is super interesting. Very impressive to me. I already added it and can't wait to dive in. ❤ Lot's of love!! Keep writing!
2021-02-05 19:43:47
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Caia Clearwood
Wow... writing 272k words is not an easy feat. You wrote such a wealth of words, I’m in awe of your writing. Speaking about this book- look at that cover! I want to frame it. The story has depth, twists and untold emotions. I’m still in starting chapters, but I liked whatever I read so far.
2021-02-05 17:37:08
user avatar
How does this amazing book don't have more reviews. Love the synopsis and the cover keep writing. Added to library. Love ya ❤
2021-02-05 04:18:08
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Danielle Bush
Beautifully written, I am really enjoying this story. I can tell there is going to be some drama. You are a great writer, please continue.
2021-02-03 06:57:38
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If you're reading this, then you're already a fan for viewing this book. Please, kindly drop a honest review on this book. I just want to know if there's someone that like what I'm writing or if the book doesn't look good. thank you!
2021-01-14 00:55:06
203 Chapters
Chapter One
Can you please leave a honest review about this book? I want to know if what I'm writing does make sense or not OR if I have to improve more in my writing. Thank you so much 🙏 will truly appreciate your support.Aisha's POVWalking into Aryan's company limited like a crazy woman isn't at all funny. "Great!!....just great Aisha, can't believe you're late on your first day interview". I thought shaking my head.I looked at my wrist watch and it was already 7:50am, I took in a deep breath so as to calm my self down. " I have to hurry up as it will soon be 8:00am, thank goodness I have ten minutes more. I have to hurry so he wouldn't think that I'm not competent for this job". I muttered under my breathe.All of a sudden, my body collided with a wall and all of my credentials flies on the floor.Wait a minute....A wall? I waited to feel the pain at the moment but I felt nothing. In fact, the wall had moved by it self. Just incredible! I never knew a wall could move all by it self.J
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Chapter Two
Can you please leave a honest review about this book? I want to know if what I'm writing does make sense or not OR if I have to improve more in my writing. Thank you so much 🙏 will truly appreciate your support.Aryan's POVToday would definitely be a long day for me. I had just finished my business meeting with Mr Abubakar. I couldn't believe he would agreed on the percentage we had discussed on earlier. It shows how desperate he really was. "Mr Aryan, let make it 50/50". He begged desperately."60/40 Mr Abubakar, or we cancel the deal". I told him."Okay, fine". He finally gives in.I smirked. "Nice doing business with you Mr Abubakar". I said stretching out my hand to him for a handshake."Same here". ****I walked into my company as everyone all bowed their heads greeting me, no one dare to look me straight in the eyes. "Welcome sir""Good afternoon ""Hello sir". Everyone of them said.That is what we call power right? We can't be nice to people all the time, they only
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Chapter Three
Can you please leave a honest review about this book? I want to know if what I'm writing does make sense or not OR if I have to improve more in my writing. Thank you so much 🙏 will truly appreciate your support.Aisha's POV"Hello sister". I said as I slump my self on the sofa."Hello to you too, dear sis". She answered smirking.Now, I know what she's thinking again. Such a mischievous lady!"I know the meaning of that look, young lady" I said to her rolling my eyes."Oh come on Sis, I told you, didn't I? Now, my only prayer is for the two of you should both fall in love with each other and get married""You're crazy Zee, who thinks like that?!!". "Yes, I agreed. I'm crazy. At least, I can be crazy for my sister,can't I?" She asked sticking out her tongue at me."Zee, can you stop day dreaming? Aryan and I can never work, I don't even like him! Yes, I know you've been praying for me to get a job there, so that we could both fall for each other even though, I have never seen his
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Chapter Four
Can you please leave a honest review about this book? I want to know if what I'm writing does make sense or not OR if I have to improve more in my writing.  Thank you so much 🙏 will truly appreciate your support. Aisha's POV "Wake up, sleepy beauty". I heard Zainab's voice  but refused to answer her, I needed to enjoy my beautiful sleep. "Wake up, it's morning already". "Go away, I need to sleep". I mumble to her using my pillow to cover up my ear. "Okay no problem, I will go but don't you dare come back to me later on crying that you've been fired on your first day at work" "What?". I squeaked as I quickly stand up not knowing am at the edge of my
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Chapter Five
Can you please leave a honest review about this book? I want to know if what I'm writing does make sense or not OR if I have to improve more in my writing. Thank you so much 🙏 will truly appreciate your support.Aryan POV"Sis, what are you doing here?". I asked Fatima once we both entered my office."Can't I come and check up on my JB?  Or is there a crime on checking up someone's brother?  Okay, fine. Just tell me, if I'm not welcome here anymore, I will just leave".  She replied me feigning a sad face.Drama queen!"Come on sis, you know that was not what I meant".  I rolled my eyes at her.   "And since when, have you and my accountant became friends?".  I really can't help but to ask."Accountant?
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Chapter Six
Aisha's POV"Good morning dear Sis""Don't even try that with me this morning, why were you late yesterday? You came home late Aisha,you got Mom and Dad worried""I'm sorry,it wasn't my fault I just wanted to finish some things before i come home""Did you talk to them yesterday?""Yes,they were so angry but I kind of put some persuading talk into them""Okay. Dad was so angry that he wanted you to resign so badly yesterday""So as Adyan too""Adyan?" she ask confused"Yes,he never like the idea of me working late. Were you the one that told him I'm working now,Coz I remember clearly that I didn't tell him anything""No! I never did"she said defending her self"Then,who could have told him?""May be Dad""Yeah, you're right""I have to
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Chapter Seven
Aisha POVI woke up wondering where the hell am I. This isn't our house,in fact it doesn't even look anyway alike. What happened to me? Why am I here?Try to think AishaOh! I was almost raped yesterday by those crazy thugs,but Aryan saved me,he saved me from them. He's such a gentle ManLike seriously Aisha? Now he's a gentle man,huh?I think I've becoming to like him more than before. But why did he brought me here?You passed out yesterday remember?That's true. So he brought me to this beautiful house,in a room with a king side bed,this room is so beautiful, it was decorated simple but still it look elegant.Wait a minute! this room smells like him,is this his room?! Oh my God I hope he didn't take advantage of the situation!Aisha you're so stupid. Just take a look at your self,you're with your cloth,even your v
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Chapter Eight
Three days laterAisha's POVIt been three days now ever since the incident that occurred,Zee is fine,I'm fine and most especially Aryan,we've been so close ever since that incident. He jokes a lot,he cares for me now,he treat me good,can't believe he bought me flowers yesterday*******Flashback*******"Aryan? Hey what're you doing here?"Aryan? Wow Aisha just because your boss is nice to you doesn't mean you can call him by name you know"Have you forgotten this is my company" he replied smirking"Huh the arrogant boss is back i guess" I muttered"Aisha I'm still your boss" he replied narrowing his eyes at me"Yeah,you still are,sorry boss" I said sarcastically"You will always amaze me. Have this""Aryan?! What'r
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Chapter Nine
Aisha's POV"What's this craziness all about Zee? I ask sounding irritating"What? Now I'm acting crazy?!" She exclaim'Yes,you're, what did you drag me all the way here for?""Playing dumb right? Aisha you know..........I thought I'm your best friend and your one and only sister?""Yes you're, so what're you trying to imply here?""What I'm trying to imply here is that,how could you and Aryan be together,and I'm just hearing it now,I mean why am I the last person to know about it?""Zainab!....God why have you given me the dumbest sister?.....The last time I checked lady I and Aryan are not into any kind of relationship, we're only friends,yes I like him a lot but we're not dating""What? I thought Adyan said you gave Aryan a chance into your life?" She ask confused"What he's trying to say is that....I am opening my h
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Chapter Ten
Aisha's POV"Good morning sleepy beauty " I heard both Mom and Zainab voice"Go away I need to sleep" I mumble"Wake up grumpy"Zee said I open my eyes and glared at her"can't someone sleep peacefully in this house?""You can dear but today is not the day for such such,have you forgotten today is your sister's introduction?""Yes yes that's true Umma I'm sorry""Of course you should be,you were suppose to plan this day with me""Yes boss,I'm fully awake now OK?""Now get up and let dress up before the grooms family arrive""Yes you two should go now""Ok mom" we both saidWe entered Zee room and place our dress on the bed,"wow can't believe we choose this cloth""M
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