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Leaving behind the world she knew, Sia Martin made her way into the world of money, power and blood along with her friends. Their happy dreams didn't know about the price they have to pay for success. When the life of lies catches upto Sia, threatening to take away everything from her, she relies on the person she hates the most. Hardin Black, the rumoured murderer and stone - hearted CEO of one of the biggest corporations around. He makes her sign a contract for life, snatching her freedom in return of one promise but is he really the saviour she thinks he is or is he just another devil around the door to tempt her into giving away everything voluntarily?

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BEFORE YOU READ!Hey Readers!This is my first story so please forgive any mistakes that I made. You can also point them out and help me improve. This story is mature themed and might not be suitable for all audience so if you feel uncomfortable reading it at at any point, please leave peacefully.Please leave your honest reviews. They help me alot as they are my source of motivation. I always want to make sure that I am writing good so I can continue. Please leave a comment about what you honestly think about this book. I will appreciate that.For any queries about the book or for special updates, follow me on insta. My Id is authorsy56. Hope you all have a great journey with me.Happy Reading!AUTHOR~S.Y   AUTHOR'S
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"I told ya...!"
~BACK TO PRESENTAUTHOR'S POVSia looked at her reflection in the elevator's door. She was wearing a simple black gown with matching black heals. In the name of jewelery, she was only wearing expensive black diamond earings and her usual black expensive watch.Her hairs were set in a ponytail and she was looking as etheral and perfect as she always did with her usual calm and composed demeanor.Her gaze shifted to Louis who was clearly scowling waiting patiently for her to say something. She was thinking of not answering him at all but then she decided to assure Louis as she was afraid his hairs are going to be grey soon with worrying so much,"It's alright Louis!... He is not going to do anything much....You don't need to worry... Take a break or your hairs are going to be grey soon". She tightened her ponytail while still looking at her reflection.
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  AUTHOR'S POVJust as Sia asked the question everyone was wondering about, while trying to hide her smirk, all the attention went towards George. It was clear that he was furious and he was having a hard time controlling himself. Everyone was still waiting for an answer hesitantly. George looked at all the people around the room understanding that he shouldn't do anything here, as he wanted to preserve his reputation. He understood already that an outburst was what Sia wanted from him. People like him , who were monsters behind closed doors, always wanted to pretend to be saints in front of people.He cleared his throat and tried to look composed, "Last night at the party someone attacked me when I was looking for restroom". George said trying to dismiss this converstaion clearly lying about him trying to find restroom. It was fascinating to Sia how people like George could lie looking directly in someone's e
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AUTHOR'S POVLouis after hearing what Jack said, looked at Sia giving her the look she was all familiar with. Then he pushed past Jack not forgetting to bump his shoulder and went out of her office.Sia looked Jack for a while noticing his eyes that never wavered from her's even once and sighed, "Let's go" Sia gestured through her hand.Jack got out of the way and stood at the side. Sia knowing that he will walk behind her as always stepped forth going towards the elevator. She stepped inside the elevator and Jack came shortly after. He pressed the Top button on the elevator, as they were going to the terace.Jack was looking at Sia from the corner of his eyes, noticing that she was lost in her thoughts.She was thinking about all the possible reasons that made him call her, but she couldn't think of anything specific.The elevator dinged and Jack stepped out, snapping Si
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AUTHOR'S POVShe was really staring at him looking like a statue, frozen in time. She pulled herself out of her thoughts and looked up at him after shaking her head."I was not staring at you.... I was just lost in my own thoughts". Sia looked away not wanting to look at him anymore. But Hardin's eyes were fixed on her while slowly drinking his wine, taking in her nervous posture. The way her breath was shaky. The way she didn't know where to keep her hands. He smirked taking another sip. It was amusing to him.Sia was nervous, feeling Hardin's unwavering gaze on her. He was the only man capable of making her nervous, but she didn't know why she felt like this around him. Maybe because he was the only person who was able to look right through her, maybe because he was the person who knew her the best or maybe because she knew what he was truly capable of.... destruction". Sia refu
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SIA'S POV:Awestruck would be an uderstatemnet if I say that's what I felt after seeing the dress. To say that it was the most beautiful and elegant black dress I have ever seen in my life, would be least of the praise. I also took notice that black was my only favourite colour. After trying my hardest to look away from the dress, I noticed the makeup artist standing by front of the dressing mirror. I looked at her and she greeted me quite enthusiastically, " Miss Sia! It's so nice to see you in person.... I am Natalia your makeup artist for today. If you hurry up and wear the dress, I will get your makeup and hair finished within time" She was talking like a robot and smiling at me.Ugh! She is too cheesy! I thought, grabbed the dress and went towards the dressing room ignoring her all the way. When I turned around to close the dressing room's door behind me, I saw her coming inside as well. She was so annoying. I almost wanted to ask h
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SIA'S POVMy heart beat was fast, drumming in my ears. Dear heart what's wrong with you Don't act like this please. I looked down where my heart is and then looked up making weird faces, not knowing that Hardin was trying to stop himself from laughing at my overdramatic acts.It was an hour ride. We finally landed at some mansion's helicopter hangar. Hardin stepped out and turned towards me raising his hand for me to take. I looked at his hand and then his waiting face. Huhh!! Does he think, I can't get down on my own! So much for being a gentleman, I rolled my eyes stepping down on my own. I always embarass myself like this, when I stepped down I tripped again. This time Hardin held me up, by my arms. I wanted the Earth to split up and swallow me whole. I embarassingly looked up at him who was smirking at me. I looked down and sighed, not again!Why does this happen to me always
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SIA'S POVIt's been an hour, that we have been to this life sucking, boring party. People were everywhere, giving me side looks, while being cautious of me. Hardin after causing the little drama left me, standing there all alone, making me feel more horrible. Only God knows where he went! I spent an hour looking for him, but still couldn't find him. I didn't saw George either, which was good, but suspicious as well, because he was the host of the party. He was supposed to be the most noticeable here, but he was not even present. His wife Clara, was greeting everyone and was apologizing on his behalf. She seemed like a good woman, but was she really what she seemed to be, that was an interesting question to me.After finally giving up on finding Hardin and worrying about what he is going to do, I decided to relax and let the events unfold. I will deal with everything, when the time comes.I went to the bar, that was in the
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I was roaming around in the garden with slow steps. My head was raised up to look at the sky, while closing my eyes from time to time, inhaling the fresh air. My neck was hurting already, because I was stretching it too much. My heels were hanging in my right hand. After getting my nerves under control, I thought everything through. I know whats going to happen now, I must be prepared.I took a last long breath and finally decided to go find Hardin. I wanted him to send me to my house. I didn't know, that someone was watching me, the whole time. Just as I turned around, I almost bumped into someone with a familiar scent. God knows how long he has been here. He sometimes, scares the hell out of me. My hand was placed at my chest, trying to calm down my rapidly beating heart.I lazily looked up at him with startled eyes but, covered it up immediately with a cough, "I want to go home" I directly got to the, point avoiding eye contact with
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SIA'S POVSunlight was trying to peek in, from the glass walls in my room, but the drawn curtains, were getting in it's way. The atmosphere felt gloomy, because of the darkness in the room. I was still sitting, with my back against the side of my queen size bed, looking blankly at the wall in front of me. My hairs were disheveled. My eyes were swollen, but void of any kind of emotion now. People failed to undertand me. They thought my eyes were cold, but that was not true. My eyes were dead, just like my dead heart. I often had to place my hand on my heart, to assure myself, that it was still beating and I was still alive. But knowing, that I was still alive, was more painful. I had to endure everything and still stay alive. It was my cruel fate.I looked down at my hands. They say, that the lines on your hands can describe, what is in your fate, but the lines on my hands, have always been so dull. I guess
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