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Jade has more than enough on her plate with overbearing parents and a 'little miss perfect' elder sister, to add the psycho leaving threat notes in her locker would be just too much. It could be some stupid prank or she could be in real danger, but she doesn't have the time to figure it out on her own. So when life hands her the possession of her school's bad boy's precious book, she trades it for his help in uncovering the person behind all this. The heat is turned up and things are getting interesting between the bad boy and his good girl as mysteries get solved and hearts learn to love........again!

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Sheryl Stewart
Great book but how does it end?? Lots of spelling and grammar errors but that’s easily fixed
2022-12-17 00:00:17
user avatar
are we getting anymore updates to this book
2022-12-14 18:28:26
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Kerri Ward
The last five chapters are the same over and over I think something needs to be fixed Bc I need to know what happened.
2022-11-26 22:54:23
user avatar
Love this book, wish I could give it gems. Will there be an update anytime soon ?
2022-11-23 05:22:27
default avatar
Enjoying the story so far, but wondering if its being continued or if its been abandoned? given the comments ive read
2022-07-15 08:06:27
user avatar
love this book , the story is great , can't wait for an update!!!!!
2022-01-16 13:18:31
user avatar
This is such a great story...i hope everything is ok author, youve done a great job so far
2021-12-29 15:57:55
user avatar
Amber sky
great book... any updates?
2021-12-13 02:58:01
user avatar
Great book.
2021-09-15 05:25:14
user avatar
I think this is a great book! A few errors here and there but nothing at all that detracts from the book. Definitely a good read and worth adding to your library!
2021-09-03 20:18:28
user avatar
Harriet Ifeanyi
awesome work author, the book cover is extremely captivating and the blurb draws curiosity. Book is a gem
2021-08-31 21:57:20
user avatar
Misty Stafford
I really love this book
2021-06-30 08:41:23
user avatar
Iris Greene
nice book good reading
2020-11-08 22:38:59
default avatar
Angelina Bhardawaj
Nice plot. Looking forward to more chapters
2020-10-13 09:30:03
user avatar
Dennyn Sandoval
how often are the updates?
2022-07-15 00:12:19
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98 Chapters
Chapter One
It was there again. Sitting on my math textbook was a pristine white paper folded in half.  I didn't need to touch it to know that it was thicker than any paper I've held before or that it was rough to feel.  Or that it held another threatening message.  Dread washed over my petite body as I stood staring at it and wondering what I'd find inside this one.  I've been getting this threatening, creepy notes since the beginning of this week and I won't lie and say it doesn't scare the hell out of me.  I don't want to open this one and read the fear inciting words I know I'll find written inside it, signed off with with another smiley face.  Other students bustled around me, getting their books out of their lockers and scooting off to their next class.  I pushed the annoying piece of paper off my textbook to a far end of my locker space. I took the text book I needed out before shut
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Chapter Two
JADE'S POVIt's probably better off this way though, if he hadn't jolted me out of the day dream that had been my life, I might still be eating my heart out on him. Now that I know better than to be stashing my feelings on my childhood crush anymore. Okay, maybe I still am, but from a distance and it's safer this way. Not like it'll amount to anything.The gap between our lives is so wide now, it can't be bridged.He is who he is and I's lunch break now and I have to drag my lazy as fuck ass to that always crowded cafeteria of ours.I sighed out as I entered it, my eyes roaming around, looking for Chelsea.Yeah, she's my best friend now and I always sit with her at lunch, at the corner of the room and away from the crowd.My eyes land on him.He's here already, as
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Chapter Three
CADEN'S POVSince she bumped into me this morning, my mind have been stuck on her.My Jade.I miss her and holding her in my arms again after all these terribly long years stirred my body in ways I've never imagined possible with her.I hate this rift that I created between us but things changed, and I'm not the same guy I was before I left.Doesn't mean I don't miss her and the time when I'd been just Caden.Jade's Caden.Now she's way bigger than I remembered her to be then, and she's all grown up.With smoky eyes and a mesmerizing small and curvy body that had fit mine perfectly when I'd
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Chapter Four
JADE'S POVThe only reason chemistry class is bearable for me is that I'm lab partners with Chelsea Morgan. The tall brunette is actually the only person I talk to in this school.We've been friends since elementary school but we became closer after Caden left.I have my suspicions that she became friends with me in the first place because she's always had this maxi 'insta' crush on Caden and being his best friend then, I was like the access card to getting any close to him.Over the years though, she's stopped quizzing me so much about him and paid more attention to really being my friend.Now, were best friends.It not like she's totally over her obsession with Caden, for Christ's sake the girl has pictures of him in her room, but now we talk about just us and about him only every once in a while.I'm early, considering the class is still ha
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Chapter Five
JADE'S POVThe annoying bell for change of class is a welcome distraction to me.I didn't think I could stomach one more second in this class without loosing it.This week have been hellish for me and my car tyres getting slashed yesterday just takes the icing off that cake.I need air.I stood up like everyone else, only in more haste to get out than most of them.I headed out of the suddenly suffocating room and drew in gulps of refreshing air as I went.It felt good drawing that breath. I headed straight to my locker to swap my books and get ready for my next class that's just minutes away.As I pulled open my locker, I stood there, frozen.Oh God, not again.Someone has been in it again.That someone, whoever they are, had been in my locker and had gone through my stuffs again.I know this because the paper was back and sitting proudly on the top of my books
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Chapter Six
CADEN'S POVI sauntered down the hallway, taking a turn and then headed down to the music room.The room is always empty at this time of the day and currently it's my safe haven for whenever I have a free period, like now.Yeah, sue me for wasting Jade's time knowing she had class and I don't, but it had been beautiful watching her talk and order me.Cute, actually.I still have her paper in the back pocket of my pants.The memory of the fire that had been in her eyes as she'd fought and failed to take it from me made me smile.I'm not sure why, but I kinda like the girl she's become.But things are too different now, we run in different circles, and I'm not sure she'd like to come into mine if I tried.She might not be safe in it either.I push the door opens go inside the empty room.Oh, I'd expect
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Chapter Seven
JADE'S POVIt's been a few days since Ilast received a note from my stalker, and honestly, I'm not sure if I'm totally relieved about it or not.I mean, if they keep coming, I'd just have to be creeped out by the sick, psychotic words scrawled inside it by the sick pervert, but now I have to worry too about what they are using all this extra time for.Planning to really hurt me this time? Do more than slash my tyres?I shudder at the thought, letting my eyes dart around the corners of the street I'm walking down.Chills settled around me from wondering about the possibility of something happening and being worried out of my mind.I walk faster down the street, suddenly uncomfortable.I couldn't help wondering if any of these averagely normal looking people making their ways up and down the street is the reason I live my life in fear these days.It's
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Chapter Eight
JADE'S POVWe spent our morning following our usual routine.From aisle to aisle, oh-ing and ah-ing and buying almost nothing.Yeah, welcome to the broke girls club. Yup, we broke, we own it and we still storm here every weekend.I was tired out by the time we finally called quits and tracked it to our favorite cafe instead.You guessed it right, it's Libby's, with her mouth watering coffee and orgasmic sponge cakes.I wish I know the secret to their deliciousness.I took a forkful of the cake, moaning as I savored the flavored goodness."Ughhhh, this is so good." I complimented with a little dramatic effect, getting a seconding and firm agreement from Ches.We were silently milking every delicious flavor from our snack until I decided it was getting too quiet."Guess who finally texted me back, after six full month
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Chapter Nine
JADE'S POVI have about a million and one things I want to tell at him right now, and trust me, not half of them is nice.But at the moment, I'm choosing staying alive first.My hands are clutching hard around his torso as he ferries us away at break neck speed, obviously exploiting my dislike for both speed and bikes.His might be all expensive and beastly, but it scares me all the same.I hated that I couldn't do anything except hold on tight and  pray that we get quickly to the god-knows-where destination he has in mind and let me off his beast.Finally, my prayers take hold and the answer comes in the form of the Jones home.Oh God, this is like the last place on the planet that I want to be now and I'm sure Caden knows that.At least the stupid smirk on his face as he helps me down says so.A lot has changed around here since the last time I visited.That was years ago, I think, since the day they packed
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Chapter Ten
CADEN'S POVI brought her over so we can go over the mess she's stuck in, but I might as well have brought her here for Matt.Nigga can't keep his eyes off her and why that pisses me the hell off, I don't kn..... you know what, I know but I've chosen denial over truth.I'm beginning to regret getting him involved in the first place and going ahead to invite him to my house.I ignore his loose focus and wandering eyes and turn my attention to Jade.She didn't look averse to the obvious attention pouring in from Mr lover boy over there and it caused a stir inside me.I don't want to admit it, but I felt jealous, jealous at the small smile  gracing her lips at Matt's antics."What are we doing here?"That had been her question right?"Sit down Jade, we've got to talk."She was hesitant, even as she final
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