Curse of the Blood Moon

Curse of the Blood Moon

By:  ssfx3yuchens  Completed
Language: English
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Xiyu was born during a blood moon and harnessed great power. But with such power, love doesn't exist in her dictionary. Hurt by her best friend and companion, she isolates herself from the other residents of the island. Until one day, when a stranger and his companions enter the island magically, she finds herself entwined with a fate she never asked for - a one with a cursed man. Can the curse on this trespasser's body nullify her pain of being left behind?

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Trixie Kim
brilliantly written. job well done!...
2022-01-28 01:27:28
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Hiraeth Faith
I can't wait for more! The first chap got me hooked with the details and the wrtiing style, plus the plot!
2021-01-31 15:27:46
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A catching read for those who enjoy romance and fantasy!
2021-01-10 05:32:30
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Michelle Zamora
I enjoy reading it, I always love an adventure + romance story and this one is worth reading. Looking forward for the upcoming chapters
2020-12-21 08:26:43
38 Chapters
Chapter 1 Return of the Witch
In the island of Muxue… Cold and large eyes, a striking figure
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Chapter 2 Welcome to Muxue
HOURS AGO"There's a turbulence, young master Dong," a low voice said, interrupting a tall and slim figure with a silvery mane, reading on the deck of the trading vessel. The young master was unusually calm, and even after how the ship was shaking, he maintained his calmness and continued reading.
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Chapter 3 The Crimson Fairy
Dongyue looked up at the elderly dwarf who had arrived along with the crowd. On the first impression, the man appeared to be the village mayor due to the seriousness of his attire. He clasped his hands and bowed as how his mother had taught him as a child, “My sincerest greetings to Old Mister.” His companions followed suit.
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Chapter 4 Her Rage
Xiyu monitored the travellers helping themselves to servings of her sumptuous fish porridge. The rice porridge was cooked on a traditional pan and contained special ingredients, many of which could not be found outside the island. Furthermore, the fish that served as the meat base of the meal was caught from a small stream with magical properties. She assumed that the magical properties would pass into the water used to cook the porridge and prove beneficial to the exhausted travellers.
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Chapter 5 The Intruder
The serenity of the night intrigued Dongyue, who was taking a walk to calm his senses. He had just arrived in this strange island, and what could be the better way to satiate the explorer part of himself by finding his way around?He hadn't expected anyone to be around. It was the sixteenth lunar day of the month, and the eight moons were slightly short of a full moon each
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Chapter 6 I don't need a husband
Fortunately, it was Dongyue who had let go first, as he felt the heat of his own arousal!Indeed, it was no fun being an unsuspecting virginal man. He didn't even know what he was feeling now.
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Chapter 7 Who is Hanshan?
When he woke up the next morning after twisting and turning all night, Dongyue was still a bit forlorn. Her icy words repeated themselves in his mind, taking sleep away from him as he confusedly thought of Muxue Xiyu’s glittering large eyes again and again. Why? Why? Why? He questioned himself. She didn’t need
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Chapter 8 Helping Hanshan on a condition
Xu Hanshan looked very solemn as he stepped into the red-painted doors of the Crimson Fairy. A year ago, he had sworn an oath to his wife Wang Xi'er, that no matter what, he would not meet the cursed witch that he had grown up with.But now, it seemed that he would have to break his promise to her because there was no other way o
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Chapter 9 A Quest
“Miss Muxue, it is inappropriate for us to behave in this way,” he said, pulling his coarser lips away from her cherry lips.What did he mean? She was startled by his claim. Was he looking down on her because she was a witch?
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Chapter 10 Entering her private chamber
Hanshan bowed his head in reverence.“Kind Sir, I would be most grateful if you could indeed save my Xi’er. I will promise you anything.”
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