Middle Land

Middle Land

By:  Molly Chu  Completed
Language: English
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Evelyn’s ancestors made a deal with demons to save their land in the human realm. But to pay off the debt Evelyn is forced into slavery in another realm where vampires, faeries, witches, and werewolves are very real. She was supposed to be starting her career, not falling in love with vampires and dark magic. And not only has she given up her life, against her will, as an IOU to a clan of vampires but she also finds out that not everything in her life is what it seemed to be...

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can't wait what will happen next. by the way, do you have any social media to discuss your story further?
2021-07-12 18:48:24
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Lots of mature content and crazy plot twists. Like a soap opera meets fantasy meets erotica.
2021-03-27 03:16:03
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Tia Keen
I read it so fast, which is a sure sign of a good story, though there were moments of vacancy. So much more could be done with this story I am deflated that I reached the “room for more” end. Thank you for your story
2021-07-26 20:24:05
43 Chapters
Chapter 1
The club was hot and sticky. Only an hour ago it changed from a decent pub into a nightclub. Usually I'm out of here before the switch happens but with my thesis turned in, I had to celebrate.   Oxford, England has been my home for the last few months. I was ending my educational chapter with a bang. How many students from the USA get to say they had graduated from Oxford?!  Graduating with a degree from Oxford University is crucial for me to get the high paying, eventually C-suite, job in New York City.  I would miss the amount of nature and history that surrounded this place, the Harry Potter fanatics touring the different colleges that make up Oxford University, but most of all I would miss the people I met here.    Okay, so I won’t miss the tourists when I move back to New York City.   This place is eerie, almost magical. It felt like the spirits were ethereal and all around.
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Chapter 2
  "Umm...Leonard you must be seeing a ghost because it's just me and you." A quick glance at the monitor on his security screen and I see that there is someone behind me. A large, intimidating, jacked male.    Turning around slowly, knowing I was already behind the one guard gate that locks in place as soon as someone comes in or out; I felt ok, but not totally safe.     I looked up into bright blue eyes and almost translucent skin. Fuck. Ghosts must be real.    The ghost stories here are too many to keep track of, although Leonard knew them all.    "Which story is this ghost from, Leonard?" I had a bit of liquid courage left.     Leonard didn't answer me but I had hope that he'd hit the security button at his desk. It was a silent alarm.     Then it spoke.    "I guess you coul
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Chapter 3
Coming to I feel my head pounding and try to rub the sleep from my eyes but I'm restrained.     This is not my bed.    The sheets are white satin covered by a large grey-blue quilt with a navy blue down comforter that reminded me of the night sky. The entire room is a mix of dark leather seating, mahogany wood furniture, and was made of stone. No windows to let natural light in and at least 4 doors, one must lead to the outside world.    On the wall across from the king sized bed is a wall of books stacked sky high, like I was in the Beasts library from Beauty and the beast. He also had a built-in fire place which is lit with stacks of wood along the wall attached to that one.    It could use some brightening up, but overall it's comfortable. He had standing lamps around the room, Edison bulb lighting hanging from the ceiling and white candles galore.    It's a ver
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Chapter 4
He combs his thick wavy dark brown hair with his hand and let’s put a loud sigh. I can feel before I see his eyes glaze over as he stares out.     This can't be good.    "So why am I here?" He sighs at my question.  "We've established I'm not dreaming and my dead mom is somehow part of it."    "She's not dead."    "What?" I could barely breathe. "I w-went to her funeral. My step-dad and I watched her lowered into the ground...but-but...How?" I could barely get the question out. I can't even fathom it.    "She's alive. Trust me. And remember Leonard?"    "He's alive too?!" I perked up.     "No, but thanks for the laugh love." He turned toward me and actually was laughing. How dare he?! "I can make people bend to my will, see what I want them to see, and other fun tricks."
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Chapter 5
  "And we aren't allowed to fuck her? She's bloody getting herself off in the shower."    I turned around to find two men looking at me. Oisin and the person I assumed was his brother.    His brother had dark golden-brown eyes that reminded me of scotch. I didn't know brown eyes could be so intense. He was a bit shorter than his brother and had a different hair style but both had short dark brown hair and fair skin. Although he was going to kill me, his presence or aura didn't make me feel as on edge as Oisin did. Maybe it's because he just watched me get myself off in his brothers shower.    "Don't you dare." Oisin held his brothers' arm who was yanking off his shirt. "We promised her mum and the bloody king of the faeries for Christ sake." He growled.    "She wasn't a bloody bombshell then, she was a little girl. Too young for even my liking." He winked at me. I just stood in shock. My
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Chapter 6
Oisin’s POV    I hear a muffled cry for help and run into Fiona's room, breaking her door down. To be honest I've been staying close by knowing it was only a matter of time before my brother tried to take Evelyn for himself.    Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck    I watch in horror as he takes her to the end of the bed, still pulling her hair, but she's not crying.    Is she in shock? All cried out?    Or is she into this?    Faeries are highly sexual by nature, but she's still half human. A human that has been through sexual assault before. She didn't scream out because she liked it, she screamed for help.    What do I do?     Everything is happening so fast. My mind is trying to sort through thoughts from long ago in double time.    I realize I gave up my right as ki
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Chapter 7
  "Well, well, well. Brava! Easiest and most fun way to the top. Have your snatch, snatched by a royal who can make you a legal immortal being. Was this your idea or his?" Fiona was by my side in seconds. "Now we need to get you a bath, Liam? Would you draw a bath for our guest here?" Looking over her shoulder at him.    "As you wish my love." He smiled and gave me a nod then disappeared into the bathroom.    Fiona had me in her walk-in closet going on and on about something, hopefully not important, because I needed to take this in. A walk-in closet that feels like a store. It has all the latest technology and organization for her heels to her jewelry.  When she was disguised as Liv she did mention that I could basically live in her closet and she was right. No dungeon or edge of a bed for me!    I held tight to the blanket while I walked along, touching all the fabrics. Long dresses, ballgowns, old gown
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Chapter 8
  I couldn't believe how large their home was, half underground to keep out the light and above looked like an old estate owned by some Duke or Earl.    I could barely walk in my heels, so Fiona carried me until we were above ground. Everything went by so quickly I didn't get to take it all in, but now that I knew there was a lot more to this place I felt the urge to explore!    The evening was chilly and damp, the moon almost full and could be seen clearly through the open French doors. Everyone looked like they were normal humans but there were so many of them.    "Is this a dinner party or a party party?"    "It's a ball actually. Dinner will be served there."    "But you don't eat..."    "Shush! Just have fun!" She pulled onto my arm holding me tight to her. "We can eat human food, we can't live off of it and we certainly don't prefer it.
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Chapter 9
  "No! Absolutely not. Only drinks from out suite that Liam makes." Fiona took the glass of champagne I finally found and downed it.    "I'm sorry Lady Fiona, I didn't know." Jennifer looked scared and stepped back from the table looking between Fiona and Oisin.     "Yet you know all about her..." Fiona looked at Oisin and put her hand up to stop before he said the wrong the thing.     "Master Oisin, please." Jennifer couldn't even look at him.    "Why don't you find Rian and make sure that he has someone to distract him from declaring war during this amicable event."    "But - But...I thought I was your date Oisin?"    "Jennifer, you belong to King Rian. I suggest you find my brother before he finds you."    She was owned by Rian? Why were they being so mean to someone who has seemed nothing but nice.&nbs
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Chapter 10
  Last night was amazing with the werewolves! I learned that the average pack gained about 2 werewolves per event, which sounds small but they are an endangered species. But the ball was an overall success, with Alphas added to their packs by over the average and a handful of true mates were united. The howling was almost deafening. I couldn’t believe how emotional I had gotten. The sadness of being alone, the joy of finding a mate or a pack to be your family or both; no wonder they howled.    Apparently the last time this event was held here almost a decade ago, most wolves were solely looking for their mates. Alpha's that had mated with their Luna's hadn't bothered to show up for two reasons:    1. Thought it was a trap because who trusts vampires...    2. They thought they would be challenged for their position.    But what the Alpha’s had failed to recogni
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