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Fox Shifters are known for their wits and their tricks, and she is the Queen Of Tricks. Hired by creatures to do their dirty work.One job with a certain big bad Alpha might push her a little too deep. With enemies coming out of the woods and secrets hiding behind every corner, The Queen Of Tricks can't seem to trick her way out of this one.

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Nikolina Gagić
This is great book. I allready read it in some other app and I am glad it can be read here. ...️
2023-08-09 06:09:55
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Delinda Schumacher
64 chapters 7-24-23
2023-07-25 02:07:13
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꧁Elle Frost꧂ ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
I am loving this story! Vienna is hilarious with her foxy tricks and strong will. A wonderful plot with twists and laughter ! I cant wait for more updates.
2023-07-12 12:36:16
She had watched Vienna the fox swiftly move through the forest, avoiding all species that were roaming the land. It did not take long for her to find the small cabin where the alphas had planned their secret meeting. Even she was impressed at the young fox's skills. It did not take the fox long to learn the details of the meeting, where it would be, who it was with, and most importantly, what it was about. There was a reason she had personally asked Vienna to look into the dealings of these alphas.Of course, Vienna did not know that it was the Goddess herself who hired her.Vienna had only been banished from the Fox's court for two weeks before she started wreaking havoc on anyone that crossed her path. Stealing, lying, cheating was all it took for Vienna to gain a reputation for being a trickster. It took Vienna five weeks to realise that her talents of wreaking havoc was of interest to others. Soon every creature around the world knew that if they were desperate enough, they could
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The younger wolves of the pack were in the downstairs rec room playing video games. The sound of their constant banter making its way upstairs. Ribbing each other on their skill, or lack of skill from what I heard. I could also hear the background noises of the football game they were playing. They were getting ready for their real football game that would start in a couple of hours. I heard their laughs of joy as one team beat the others, and the sound of fists flying as one team did not beat the others. It had been a while since I had been inside a packhouse while no one was trying to kill me or torture me, but the day was still young. Goals were still set. The pack house was big, three floors, lots of space. The top floor had about ten bedrooms, six in permanent use, and four for guests. One of those I slept in last night. The second floor was a huge kitchen, where I was currently making myself a snack for the past twenty minutes. The other half of the second floor was a sitting
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"My uncle wants me to stay here permanently. But I don't know if I could handle your guy's... rules." I grinned. The rules of never being allowed to steal, cheat, or lie for another person other than one alpha. Definitely too strict."My pack is a lot more lenient.""It's not as bad as you think. It's just a little training at six. Bed by Ten. You have to show up at every pack meeting. You get used to it." SJ gave me a wink, laughing at my face."Six? In the morning?" My eyes widened at just imagining the pain of trying to wake up that early.The pack members who were around laughed at my expression, nodding their heads. My face went blank. I sure as hell was not sticking around for long if he thought I was going to wake up anytime close to six o'clock."So you don't like to train?" A young female wolf asked. Her eyes narrowing at me. Not in a 'you suck' way, but a 'what kind of pack do you come from' way."Oh, I do. Just not in the morning. Never in the morning." I shuddered at the th
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Walking into the clearing, making sure my fox scent was replaced by one similar to a wolf. It took most foxes years to learn the scent trick, some foxes never did. It took me two weeks of living on my own.As I shifted into my human skin my black tights, favourite hoodie, and white jacket appeared as if nothing had changed. When most creatures shifted into their animal form, the clothes they wore would rip from their changing bodies. Only a trained and highly skilled creature could master the ability to keep their clothes on their human form. I, of course, had been able to do it since I was a child.Not many creatures could. Some shifters never bothered to learn as a body was just a body. But I always found that when being hunted by my enemies, clothes made it a lot easier to blend in.I walked through the bushes that surrounded the clearing. The clearing was as big as a professional football field. Along the edges, wolves of all ages watched as the teams tackled each other. There was
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"No there's not. If you don't want to do it though, we can work with what we have. It's not that bad." SJ gave me another small smile.I looked down at Christan, his face full of pain. Then I looked back at SJ, my face full of determination. "I'll do it. Let's beat these Viribus babies."SJ gave me a wide smile.Christan tried to cheer, but it sounded more like a hiss because of the pain. He did give me a thumbs up, saying, "Thanks V. You got this."I did not deserve their kindness. I had to stop myself from cringing again as SJ and another pack member picked up Christan, each taking a leg, while the doctor supported his broken leg as they carried him off the field.The safety who levelled Christan walked over to him apologising. It surprised me that the Viribus member would apologise. It was a game, accidents happened. 'Accidents' happened.The male actually felt bad for the pain he caused. He walked with Christan to the bench where the doctor would continue looking at his leg.The m
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Alpha Cassar Salvaterre of the Viribus Pack had graced us with his presence after all.One could say he was decently attractive. Long legs, built chest, broad shoulders. His jaw looked like it had been chiselled from stone. I couldn't help but notice he had nice lips too. His face was the definition of 'manly'.5 o'clock shadow graced his bronze skin. His hair was a dark grey colour, normal for shifters. He kind of looked like the bad boy version of super man.And his eyes, they were warm, almost shining, but blacker than midnight. Staring at me and the male who was still laying on his back beside me with his head up staring at the Alpha.Every creature in the forest seemed to have stopped breathing. Except for me, I was still laughing at the sulky Alpha who needed to learn it was just a game. I didn't care what he was, he needed to chill.Of course, I knew who he was. The moment he set foot beside the clearing when I was making my first play I could feel his alpha presence.He only s
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"See," I made the 'see all' gesture with my right hand. "then we need to tackle each other to play." "No. As in, he should not have touched you." He glared at the male again. His fists clenching. I threw my head back, staring at the blue sky, not a cloud in sight. Pinching the bridge of my nose to calm down. "Then what do you want us to do?" I made a lot more gestures than I needed to, hoping to once and for all distract him from the male. His eyes snapped to mine. "Don't call me dumbo." I gave a hard laugh, then asked. "Are you dense or something?" For the hundredth time, he growled at me, baring his teeth. I raised a brow questioning his sanity. "That's it," I exclaimed jumping up, a wide grin replacing my frustrated scowl. "You are dense. That's why you think I'm your mate." The only thing this guy seemed to know how to do was growl. "You are my mate." I took one large step closer to the alpha so we were only a couple of feet apart. He gave me his full undivided attention.
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An hour later he didn't once get distracted.He didn't get distracted when a group of young wolves ran onto our path. It took one icy look from the female wolf for the kids to turn on their heels and run like they saw a bloody ghost.He also didn't get distracted when a squirrel almost ran over our feet. Which made me really disappointed because I thought dogs loved squirrels. And he was clearly a dog.The four of us walked at a slow pace through dark trees for over an hour. We passed rivers, walked over creaks. Climbed up hills. The sun was just starting to set, the four of us barely speaking. Cassar's eyes lightened to a natural dark brown colour.Once in awhile Cassar would look at me. Open his mouth like he was about to say something, but quickly snap it shut when he saw my glare. Good. I didn't want to speak to him anyways.Every step we took he seemed to calm down more and more. Every step I took I became more and more anxious. I was running out of time to make my getaway.I mad
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"Here we go again. He did not attack me, he tackled me." Every word I gritted out became louder than the last.He growled, but before he could say anything else Gage let out a cough. Alpha Cassar gave him a look, but he stood up straight not falling for my trick. He put his arm around my shoulder pushing me toward the car, making me squirm out of his touch."Just get in the car." He struggled with the word. "Please.""No." I said again, slamming my feet into the ground."What do you want?" He asked me."What?" I gave him a confused look. What does he mean what do I want?"What do I have to do to get you in the car?" He looked serious, like he was actually contemplating making a deal."Let me go." I put my hands on my hips looking up at him."Other than that." He sighed.He was serious. He was actually willing to bargain with me. Too bad he didn't know I was was called the Queen of Tricks. I stood there for a moment thinking."I want a meeting with Alpha Soren." I finally decided. I wa
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My jaw was on the ground. Why I hadn't robbed this pack yet was mind blowing.I looked at the others in the car. They didn't seemed fazed at all. Only Cassar Salvaterre had a reaction, but that reaction was directed at me. He had a slight smile on his lips. Amusement in his eyes. That just made me glare at him. How dare he look at me when I wasn't paying attention."We can go inside." The Alpha said getting out of the car. Pack members started appearing out of nowhere to see who had arrived."Pardon?" I stepped out of the car, looking at him like he had three heads. He gave me a blank stare."We can" he gestured between us, "go inside." He gestured to the castle. Then he mumbled to himself. "Who's dense now?""Still you," I mumbled right back. "But why would I go inside? So you can finally kill me?"He took a deep slow breath. "I'm not going to hurt you.""I know that pup. I would like to see you try." I smirked at him. He growled at the pup comment. He probably could hurt me, but at
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