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My world is darkAnd I'm obsessed with the darkness around meI feel like I'm the darkness itself.A young man faces sexual and verbal abuse when he was a child. His past experiences in the hands of his step parents created a dark cloud around him. His quest for revenge for the people that hurt him made him grow up to become someone else and something called the darkness. He became so obsessed with his dark world as he unleashed vengeance on the people who hurt him. But then everything changed when a young lady was kidnapped and brought to him to defile. He found out an important truth about her that changes his life forever and that would lead him to the light.Would she be able to bring him out of his darkness? Would he be able to complete his conquest when he finally meets the light? Follow me for more episodes on this book titled " Dark obsession"

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Siyethemba Mbuyisa
best novel ever written
2024-05-14 18:30:38
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Oluwatoyin Olubiyi
wow very interesting hoping to continue this journey with you author I hope Eden have the last laugh he deserves
2023-06-05 20:01:20
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eden was abuse child and he just became dark will he molested. some children are living that right now.
2023-01-23 08:30:08
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Manasseh David
nice book,a lot to learn in it ......
2022-01-03 16:44:01
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Anna Gift
The story's kinda good just read the first chapter any way 😁😁😘🤩
2021-04-17 17:25:28
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Denise Danglad
very intresting book...sad to say that these are true life experiences so many go through...hope i will get to read to thd end...
2023-01-07 22:31:55
189 Chapters
"Emilia!" "Emilia!," She heard her name being called down the stairs. She hurried up from the bed immediately and looked at her five year old son who was beside the bed doing his homework silently. "Your father is back," she said, turning to look at him. The boy looked at her in a perplexed manner before turning to his books again. The door flung open instantly, showing a young man in his late twenties, he was tall and able bodied, fair in complexion with blonde hair. His face depicts anger and his eyes were bloodshot as he walked in dressed in a black fitted suit and tie. "You shameless bitch!!," He slammed at her. "You thought I wouldn't be able to find out about your affairs uh!!," he yelled as he walked closer to her. She shifted backwards gently, she knew what he was talking about and so she summoned courage and fixed her gaze on him. "Oh.. It's a good thing you finally found out about the scandal," she smirked "How could you!!!" He yelled and grabbed her throat while
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It was dark and raining when they arrived in Mexico city. The car stopped in front of a bungalow which was painted brown. Emilia pulled him out of the car with his luggage beside him and they both rushed into the building with the rain splashing all over them. Everywhere looked strange to him as they walked into the house. The lights were dim and he couldn't see clearly. The sitting room was small, compared to the one at his Father's mansion. There were three Sofas and a small glass table in the middle of the room. A soft music was playing in the background and the smell of jade perfume filled the room. "Hey".. a voice startled him and he turned to see an able bodied man standing behind him, wearing a fierce look on his face and his chin was covered with beards. He flinched at the sight. Who could he be? He reasoned as they both stared at each other with the Man's look intimidating his frail mind. He felt like peeing on himself when his mother walked in. "Hey baby," she said and
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He woke up with an acrid pain on his head. He looked around the room and it was morning already. The pain of yesterday was still fresh in his mind and he thought about the lady who helped assuage his pains. He didn't know her name, and she had left without a trace. He stood up from the bed and heard his mother's voice from the living room. He knew she was back from her trip already. "Hey son," Emilia called on sighting him walk into the living room. "Hi," he mumbled and tried to walk back to his room as he saw Derrick behind her. "Hey, what happened to you?!!!" She panicked as she saw his wound. He stopped and turned to look at her. He could see Derrick's eyes piercing him from behind. "What happened son?" She asked, looking at the wound carefully. "Um ... I.. Um.." He tried to speak while Derrick continued to smirk from behind. "I fell, I got injured at school," he lied. "What!! How many times have I warned against playing dangerously at school!!" She fumed. "Hey honey, tak
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Those were the kind of vibes he actually needed. Most times, he would sneak into Derrick's room to look for a stick of cigarette which he took to his room and lock himself in the bathroom to smoke. One day at school, Julius taught him about smoking and how God hates it. "Would he stop being my friend if I smoke?" Eden asked curiously "Yes, if you want to keep being his friend you must stop smoking," Julius advised. And from that day, he decided to quit cigarettes. He stopped sneaking into Derrick's room to steal his cigarettes, yeah he needed to come clean he reasoned. As he laid on his bed doing his assignments, he heard his mother scream his name from the living room. He got up in a hurry and walked out to meet her. He found her standing angrily with Derrick beside her, he was trying to calm her down. "Get your ass here right now!!" She yelled as she saw him. He wondered what he had done wrong. As he approached her, She grabbed his ears and twisted it so hard that he let out a
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He ran through the dark night as Derrick chased him from behind. "I'll kill you tonight!!" Derrick yelled from behind him. He continued to run as fast as he could and then he saw Mrs Sergio's house not far away from him. Halfway to her doorpost, he stumbled on a stone and fell to the ground panting heavily. He looked behind him and saw Derrick with a knife running towards him like a maniac. "Haha!! I got you!" Derrick rejoiced as he caught up with to him and lifted his hand upwards with the knife. "No!!!!!!" He screamed and woke up from sleep. He sat up on the bed panting heavily. He looked around the small room and everywhere was bright with the sunlight penetrating through the window. This isn't home, he thought as he continued to look around. His eyes caught someone lying close to him on the bed. "Juli..us.." He tried to call but he felt an acrid pain in his head. " Ouch"!! He screamed and placed his hand on his head. He noticed that a bandage had been placed on his wound an
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A new home
They got to Lopez Mateo at about 5:30pm in the evening. He couldn't help but look around his Father's mansion which was so strange to him now. Emilia opened the car and brought him out with his bag and they both proceeded into the house."Welcome home young master," the gardener greeted on sighting them. "Eden!," a lady in her early forties cried as they walked into the house. She used to be his nanny. She rushed towards him to carry his bag while she ruffled his hairs and Eden smiled.He stood beside his mother at the foyer waiting for his father. Not long, Emilio walked down the stairs with a lady probably of same age with Emilia. She was carrying a baby in her arms with two little girls running down the stairs happily. Eden wondered who they were."I can't remember telling you to keep standing," Emilio slammed as he walked towards them."I have better things to attend to instead of sitting around this damn place looking at irritating faces,"Emilia fired "I take that as an insult E
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The next morning, he watched as the nanny dressed up Clement and the other kids for school after breakfast."See you later Eden," Juliet waved at him."Bye Eden," Tracy giggled as they walked out of the house. He stood at the balcony watching them leave."Hey son," his father said, walking towards him."How are you?" He asked"I'm fine".. Eden mumbled"You'll be starting school tomorrow ok? But for now just take your time and relax. I'm off to work now," he said and Eden nodded."Be a good boy to Grace, she is your new mother now" He added while Eden nodded again. He wondered why he would always have a new father and a new mother all the time. His mind flashed back to Derrick and fear crept through him. The last time he had a new parent, things didn't end well with him. What if history repeats itself now that he is about having a new mother, he thought.He walked back to his room to take his bath. As he unclad to shower, he noticed the bedroom door made a creak. He heard footsteps and
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The whole family ate dinner silently that morning with Eden excluded."Where is Eden?" Juliet whispered to Clement who was sitting beside her."I don't know, he's sleeping" ... Clement replied grumpily."Is he alright?" Tracy whispered to him"I don't know, go check on him yourselves.." He grumbled."What's the matter with you all?" Grace asked, looking at the children."Nothing mom, we were just asking about Eden," Juliet replied"What is your business with him?" She asked"Um.. He's not here for breakfast so I was worried.. Don't know if he is alright.." Juliet replied."Maybe we could go check on him!" Tracy voiced."You will do no such thing! Now eat and go to your rooms now!" Grace slammed and they all nodded fearfully before turning to their meals. He laid on the bed with his body aching so hard. He couldn't get the memories of last night off his head. He had cried out his eyes till morning without Clement noticing. The verbal abuses he received from Derrick was nothing compared
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All through that night, he couldn't sleep as he continued to battle with nightmares. He dreamt of Derrick stabbing him with a knife and Grace coming to take him. He woke up from the bed soaked with perspiration. He continued to pant heavily as he looked around the dark room. He rubbed his palm on the necklace given to him by Julius as tears flowed down his cheek. He wrapped himself with the blanket and began to sob again as his body trembled with fear. All through Emilio's stay in the house, she didn't come for him and everything became normal again. One night he heard his door creaking, followed by footsteps. He woke up vehemently, looking around in fear. The lights were dim but he could see her silhouetted figure standing in front of him. She walked closer to the bed and pulled him closer to herself. "Hush…" She muttered inaudibly with her fingers on his lips. He began to fidget as she caressed his body, running her hands through his thighs. "Pl...e..as.." He cried but she
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The cold morning breeze swept across his face as he struggled to raise his eye lids. The nightmares were here again. This time around he saw Grace and Derrick laughing maniacally as they chased after him from behind. "No... No... No!!!!! No!!!!!" He screamed and woke up panting heavily. He looked around the room fearfully and noticed he was in a strange place. "Hey... Are you ok?" He heard a lady's voice converging the room. The room was bright with the lights from the sun penetrating from the windows. She walked Into the room dressed in a black nightie and he flinched on sighting her. "Hey. .. Don't be scared…" She said as she approached him on the bed. "Where I'm...I'm..I?" He asked fearfully as he continued looking around the room. "You're safe with me..I've succeeded in reaching your grandma and she's on her way here" she replied with a warm smile. On hearing that, his nerves relaxed and he exhaled deeply. His body ached badly and his lips were sore and swollen. He held on
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