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When will I see my fate? When will my dreams came true? You are my one and only wish... That will not happen... How can you recognize true love? Where did I gone wrong? Is your love deceitful? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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Hello World
2021-07-20 23:31:36
14 Chapters
Peter was blindly in love with Mike, that he would do anything for him. In their three months relationship he already introduced him to his family. His parents knows and accepted his sexuality and always supporting him, even though they don't really like Mike because of his odd attitude towards them they welcome him to the family. Peter always plan ahead for their relationship, he has different ways to earn money and saving it to their joint account, he always want it to be perfect for Mike. He even requested an apartment to his father for them to live in when they start to go to college, which will be granted after their high school graduation two months from now.One day Mike was gone together with the money that Peter saves for them, and it shaken him. Eventually the news sank in Peter's mind that Mike only uses him for his mon
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Chapter 1
~LUCAS POV~ When I woke up I found myself on a bed with one of my hand been restraint by a handcuff and I felt a pain from my head up to my chest. I was wincing in pain when someone enters the room. "Oh, your awake! How's your feeling?" "Who are you?" I tried to talk but my voice was hoarse. And I can see the man become mad "Don't fucking kidding me Mike!" The man shout at me "I am not Mike" I softly said to the man "Don't play dumb with me Mike! You cannot trick me again Mike!"
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Chapter 2
~LUCAS POV~ It's been almost two weeks since that incident happen and Pete was still nowhere to find and I was back for being locked up to this room. These past few days I was feeling so restless and tired. I was easily got dizzy if I move abruptly. The maids always leave some food and snacks when its meal time, and they always answer that they don't know where Pete is. One morning I woke up late, and I just found a letter at the night stand. Lucas,The doctors will come and they will accompany you to the hospital for your check up. I leave another phone here, for you to contact your parents. See you!-Pete I don't know why I smiled a
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Chapter 3
~PETE POV~ I was so happy, finally my father approved my request to lend me one of our apartment. so that me and my boyfriend Mike will have a place when we start our college years. I met Mike at Brightline's Atelier four months ago, I enroll to enhance my skills in photography as my hobby. As we know each other, I learn that he was openly bisexual. We share some interest and hobbies, that the reason we just click to each other. I court him for almost a month, he was living in apartment because his parents were both working abroad and just sending him his monthly allowance. When we reach our third month I introduce him to my family simply because I don't want to lie to them, and I am happy that they welcome him in an open arms. I was making some work and profits under my father's surveillance. I want to save for our f
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Chapter 4
~PETE POV~ I walk inside his room and I can see him wincing in pain. I asked him if he was okay, but he just throw another tantrums that he didn't know me. I got mad and raise my voice to him, I heard him whisper and I grab his arm. "Stop it Mike! You know what?! I'm so stupid to listen again to you! Now where is my money?! And why you try to leave me?!" I yelled at him and tighten my grip to his arm, now he starts to cry because of the pain, and I can't hear what he was trying to say. That's when our family doctor came in "Hey Peter! You are hurting my patient!" he said to me and I just looked at him. I contained my anger and hissed at him "Remember this! You are mine!" b
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Chapter 5
~PETE POV~ I need to make it right.I freshen up and get out of my room, I made an arrangement to the maids to make his food so that when he woke up he will not be hungry. I also tell them not to answer him if he asked about me. After some arrangements I get on my car and drove back home, I need to talk to my dad and fix these mess. When I came home I was surprise to see my cousins Xandee and Xander together with my older brother Patt at the living room. "Hello guys what are you all doing here?" I greet them politely and I can see Xandee stand and stormed on me in anger. "You! What have you done! Your a jerk!" she accused me and I was stunned
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Chapter 6
~PETE POV~ When we came home I thank my siblings and bid goodbye to them. I hurriedly drove back home, when I reach my apartment I asked Mr. Ram our butler how is he and he said that he was already resting after eating dinner and take his medicines. I go to my room and check the CCTV footage in his room and suddenly a smile breaks into my face, I miss him already but he need his rest. I quietly go to his room checking his condition, I caress his face and place a kiss on his forehead and I felt peace beside him. How I wish that it will last forever. I know that our start was a bit off and out of place because of the misunderstanding, but what I felt for him was true. Maybe I was only attracted to Mike and confused it by love, but for Lucas I know it's beyond different.  My heart was beating like crazy when I am with him, like I know him for years even though we just met by an accident. For me it was like meeting him was inevitable but sta
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Chapter 7
~PETER POV~3 months have passed and it was really a roller coaster ride for us, me and Lucas, and of course together with our baby. We may start our relationship from a bad one, but that's all in the past. Our life has been better, although we encounter some ups and downs with our starting relationship. I feel so blissful together with him and I cannot give up right now. Male pregnancy was quite shocking to us, but the doctor's gave assurance to us that it is possible. And with the help of our family we are coping with our new life.These wonderful three months of staying with Lucas and taking care of him and our baby was tiring but fulfilling. It was his first trimester and he was very delicate for his morning sickness, his dizziness and nausea was making my heart weak, because he keeps on vomiting that we need him to
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Chapter 8
~LUCAS POV~ After I undergo for some tests I was finally discharged from the hospital. I felt relief knowing the baby was safe. I will be staying in Pete's apartment for the meantime until I get into labor and then I will go back to my parents' house so I can continue my studies without distractions from Pete. My family was very supportive and understanding of the situation that we have right now. My older cousin Bryce begs for forgiveness for his carelessness from the event, which apparently he was assigned to take security measures and I forgive him already. I know that he was just being nice and he doesn't know that Pete and Mike broke up. Although Pete and I were on good terms, I still asked my parents to call off the engagement. I was still shaken by what happened to the event, hoping that it will not happen agai
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Chapter 9
~3rd PERSON POV~ Months have passed, I was transfer to online classes due to my situation. In the meantime, they are now staying at Peter's family house. Peter's older siblings Angela and Pattison were staying also at the house to assist them. Even Lucia was also staying in the meantime. Once Lucas asks Angela to eat some weird combination and she ate it because she was so fond of Lucas. The next thing that happens she vomits all day. Thus they entrust Lucas weird food combination to Peter to eat.  *****  Lucas and Peter are having a great dinner with so weird combination for Peter's liking. But for his baby he is ready to eat anything. After dinner they got back to their room and prepare to sleep. Lucas was having a little difficulty wearing his usual shirt, so he was pouting and looking really sad. Peter saw this and same to him, trying to comfort Lucas. "What are you thinking?"
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