HEAT AND RUT. (Alpha Lycan and his Omega Tiger) (MxM)

HEAT AND RUT. (Alpha Lycan and his Omega Tiger) (MxM)

By:  AlphaKelly  Completed
Language: English
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"What Is Fate, Alpha Of Alphas?" Fate: In the heart of the training grounds, the Alpha of all Alphas stood, his presence commanding and his aura crackling with electricity. With his black hair billowing behind him like a cape, he fixated on a mysterious figure that materialized before him. As his eyes transformed, reflecting the colors of his father’s Wolves, his Beta’s urgent question fell on deaf ears. Without hesitation, he aimed his wolfsbane arrow at the target, his wolf battling for control. Against the pleas of his inner beast, he released the arrow, piercing the heart of his prey. The aftermath left him shattered, consumed by guilt and sorrow. But Fate had more in store for him. As he knelt, broken and weeping, his Lycan roared within him, demanding answers. The Alpha Of Alphas, rising to his feet, faced the lifeless form before him. Tears streaming down his face, he addressed his Beta, speaking softly of the cruel twist of fate that had befallen him. Forty years without a mate, only to be granted one by the Luna Goddess herself—a fierce Tiger, and not just any Tiger, but his sworn enemy. And then, a voice emerged from the shadows. A child. Fate just got a whole lot more badass.

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2024-07-07 17:03:27
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bree M
I loved it.
2023-12-13 01:15:00
default avatar
BEST WEREWOLVE BOOK EVER!!!! Like if you haven't read this, you should. You will not regret it. I can't wait for book 3 to come out. AlphaKelly, please when is the book 3 coming out? Do you have a date for it?
2023-11-10 23:29:05
default avatar
I love this book
2023-10-02 13:12:33
default avatar
Wow! What a rollercoaster! This was a great read & excited for book 3!
2023-08-19 22:49:11
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Anvika Dhiman
The author rocks ...🧍‍♀️...
2023-06-10 18:03:04
default avatar
Dee Fullashape Salmon
Absolutely perfect as always
2023-04-16 03:15:29
default avatar
Ndu Excellent
all in one book and the thrills oh thrills is keeping me on the edge like I can’t wait for the next chapter to drop literally and I’m so happy the author is updating everyday like it’s the best please give me more and more chapters Heat And Rut is Gold and I am happy I found this book. You will too!
2023-03-13 05:01:42
user avatar
I can't believe that Lycan, I'm still angry with what he did and now this?? I've never been so angry with a character.
2023-02-04 01:50:14
user avatar
I am loving this book so much already and it has only just started I'm sorry author-nim but Alpha Conri is a jerk and so is his Lycan too I hope they pay for what they're doing to my baby. ... ...
2023-01-21 13:29:15
user avatar
Hajiah Tsotsoo
I'm loving this book , author pls update more
2023-01-30 16:28:53
64 Chapters
(From 'When His Wolves Sing' Comes Another Epic Tale)"What Is Fate, Alpha Of Alphas?" The Alpha of all Alphas was standing in the center of the training grounds. The air around him seemed electrified as he paced, his long black hair flowing behind him like a cape. His dark eyes were locked on a figure that had appeared in the middle of the clearing. In an instant, his eyes began to change colors, taking the colors of his fathers Wolves. His Beta had asked a question but he did not hear it over his own heartbeat and roaring blood within his ears. His wolfsbane arrow was already drawn and aimed at his target before he fully processed what he saw. His wolf was fighting for control, begging him to put down his bow, he must not take that shot! His other hand gripped tightly the string of the bow, ready to fire. "Alpha, wait!!" The voice rang in his head but he did not listen. Not until the arrow had left his quiver and embedded itself in the heart of his prey. He watched from afar as the
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Chapter: 1.*****The full moon blazed brightly in the night sky. The wind blew softly, rustling through his hair, rippling the grass in its wake. The soft hum of cicadas filled the air, adding to the peaceful sound of the forest at night. He took a deep breath, enjoying the cool night breeze and calm nature that accompanied it. It was a rare moment to be outside and feel the crisp air on his skin. A few seconds longer he stayed still, listening to all the sounds and scents of nature around him. It was one of his favorite times. The Full Moon. He couldn't wait to let his wolf out, to watch him run, hunt, and kill, it was all too exhilarating. He felt his Lycan stir within him and a smile tugged at his lips. "Come, brother. I need you out tonight." His words were said almost like a whisper, but his intent was loud, and clear in his mind. It was an invitation, a sign to come out. "It's our favorite night." He whispered again, letting his voice travel further into the darkness. His fing
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Chapter: 2.*****A faint cry distracted him from his happy feast and once his eyes went in the direction his ears pointed to, a sudden smell wafted his way. With a snap of his jaws, Rafa turned toward the source and met nothing. The scent was strong; it was of wood fires and fresh herbs and it made his nose and his blood roar. Abandoning their fresh kill the Lycan sniffed the air, his sharpened nostrils picking up the scent of an omega, an omega in heat, alone on a full moon hunt night, and even worse she is releasing her pheromones in great amount that any Alpha could hurt her if they were nearby.Fur prickled across the Lycan's spine in response to the thought, making him growl low in his chest. He was furious, angry that an omega would venture on such a hunt on their own, and enraged that they would go on a full moon hunt at all, unprotected and completely unaware of the danger they were in. He has given specific instructions that Omegas shouldn't be left alone unprotected. Omegas
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Chapter: 3.*****A TRIP INTO THE PAST. PT:1.******A helpless kitten was caught in a hunter's trap. He sat there whimpering and calling for help but after having sat there for nearly two hours he began to accept that no help was coming. His mother had told him not to go wandering around alone, they'd only just moved here and they weren't familiar with the grounds yet. The sixteen-year-old sat there crying and watching his leg bleed out. He has lost way too much blood already at this point he may even be losing a leg. Fuck, he should have listened to his mother. That regret was coming a little too late. Giving up on trying he lay in the damped grass and waited for death to take him. At least he would die with some dignity. He didn't know how long he lay there before a shadow loomed over him. Looking up he saw a pair of flaming-colored eyes staring back at him. It was the eyes of the Lycan he had heard so much about. Suddenly the impaled legs weren't hurting anymore as he grew terri
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Chapter: 4.*****A TRIP INTO THE PAST. PT:2.*****Conri was on a ground patrol with his Betas when he felt his chest burn and his ears pick up a sound from a distance and he followed it. He had only taken his first shift yesterday and he was in a good mood, happy to run with his wolf and to get used to him. His Lycan was different, and he loved that."Where are you going, Alpha Of Alphas?!" Collen called after him when he saw him take a different route. The Lycan didn't bother to reply and the Betas left him to wander. As if a certain voice called to him, Conri ran, shifting on the way and by the time he reached the source of the cries, he couldn't think straight. As if a fog had clogged his sense of reasoning, the Lycan went crazier by the second. Once he had freed the Kitten and saw him try to run away. Both man and Beast lost consciousness as they gave chase. Crushing and setting the forest aflame with rage and unimaginable craving. The desire to ram into the little kitten unti
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Chapter: 5.*******PRESENT DAY.******Mariana watched her son closely as he taught the little cubs. Little paw prints littered the snowy mountains. She must say he was starting to get back to his usual self since the Alpha's Reject. Hissing at the dreadful thought, the Werecat began to approach the little group. The memories from the night her son had run home, bleeding profusely and burning up with a high fever. Those moments made her stomach churn. Once Caleb ran into her embrace he fell and fainted. Unconscious for four days before they were able to bring him back to life then another four to recover his strength as for the wound, he still hasn't healed from it because it was a wound inflicted through Rejection and only the Alpha who left the poisoned mark is capable of healing the wound. Caleb was forced to wear a band around his neck to prevent it from getting infected while his mother tried to keep the wound healthy with her magic.Although she could tell from the marks on his
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Chapter: 6.******"What happened last night, Alpha?" Colleen asked, his Alpha as he gently placed a mug of calming potion by his side. Conri hissed and ignored his question as he reached to grab the mug and drank it all in one go, wincing at the taste. He could feel his face heat up at how bitter the taste was. Damn, they keep upping his dosages. He's going to get tired of drinking this shit sooner than later.Conri set down the now empty mug with a heavy sigh and glared at his Betas. He could see how bothered they were. He wished he could tell them what had happened last night but he couldn't. Even he doesn't want to accept whatever the hell it was that had happened."Can we please focus on the mission first?" He snapped, pushing himself away from the table. They should've known better than to ask him about last night's activities when he was so adamant about avoiding answering their questions. "Alpha!" Dom growled, moving around the table to block the exit to the room. Conri sighed
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Chapter: 7.*****Tangled limbs and soft snoring could be heard from the large bedroom when the first Beta stepped into the room. He took a moment at the door, collecting his thoughts and preparing himself for the wrath of the sleeping Alphas and once he had settled his breathing enough he began to slowly walk to the bed. Malin stood at the foot of the bed and very cautiously tapped on the Alpha's shoulder. Leonardo stirred with a frown already plastered on his face and a death glare directed at the one who had woken him up. When his eyes met the apologetic ones of his first Beta, Leonardo settled down and sat up in bed, stretching tired muscles and grunting loudly when Thrift surfaced within his eyes. "What is it, Malin?" He asked with a low voice laced with annoyance, "You know what time it is?" He asked as if expecting an answer but Malin didn't reply he knew exactly what time it was, it was the Alphas sleeping time after an exhausting night shift with their Luna, Phoenix, the fu
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Chapter: 8.*****Chaos. It was all chaos. The sounds of screams filled the night air as Weretigers tried to find shelter, but it wasn't enough. There were too many. They have invaded their land and now they are fighting back. Trying to defend their Clan and territory but these wolves were far too powerful. They didn't even bother with wolfbane bows. Only jaws and claws. And they were going to take what they wanted. Blood and tears ran down the faces of weretiger warriors as they fought against the Werewolves. Their only chance left, to save themselves, was to retreat in defeat. But they would not do that just yet until they were certain their Lady had led the Cubs and Omegas out the lands out of harm's way. The battle raged on as the moon cast its light on the ground below. The moonlight was bright enough for them to see the enemy that was running through their lands but they kept them away from the Mainlands, waiting patiently for Scott to return with the news then they would retrea
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Chapter: 9.*****Caleb stumbled around the fighting field in a daze. He tried to keep his head clear, to not get overwhelmed by the sudden onslaught of noise and motion. His eyes kept darting from one side to the other, from Werewolves to Weretigers. His ears were ringing, and his head was spinning. He couldn't hear the warning being yelled from Scott and by the time he responded it was rather too late, a Werewolf launched at him, sharp jaws clenched into the side of his stomach, biting down, Caleb cried and crouched down on both knees, both hands grabbed tightly around the neck of the Werewolf but the wolf wouldn't bulge and Caleb fought desperately to prey the jaws apart before the wolf rips his ribs out, as a last resolve he shot a light of magic through his hand and the wolf went flying halfway across the battlefield and Caleb shot up on his feet instantly, looking around for the remainder of his group but they had fled the scene leaving just him behind. Grunting in both pain and
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