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Two childhood sweethearts - A perfect match but abruptly parted their ways due to some misunderstandings in their highschool -- He was the president of the Emperor International. He was worth hundreds of billions of dollars. -- He is known as the Devil ,Cold , Dominant , Heartless President . She grew into a cute adorable girl .What happens when they reunite in the name of " ARRANGED MARRIAGE ". She thought to hate him but it's impossible when love dominates hate .He thought to forget her but it's impossible when her picture is printed in his heart . *Let's see what will be the long-lasting childhood sweetheart fate ..? Destiny brought them together then what about fate ..? Are they meant to be together..? or a venom snake like best friend cum step-sister enters into their relationship . To know about them ..Read my novel -- " CEO HUSBAND'S ADORABLE WIFE". guys this story about a husband who dotes on his wife aimlessly .A wife who supports her husband in every stage of their life . # marriage#love# revenge# doting#romance

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interesting opener, can't wait for more! Do you have any socmed that I can follow you on?
2021-07-15 16:23:36
9 Chapters
" Welcome back little teddy bear "- voice made Amara Whitlock smile & cry at the same time ."Omma I miss you so much "- saying that Amara threw herself on her mother ." Aww cute girl became chubby this year's "- her father said teasingly .Amara laughed and hugged him .It's an international airport ,the emotional family drama went on overboard .Whole staff & passerby were eyeing them like they were celebrities .Of Course Amara is an elegant & beautiful lady who turned 20 .Her Milky skin,slender long legs gave her a composure like a model ."Alright Let's get back ..we don't want to be in headlines ..? Aren't we .? "- said Amara Brother who is silent till now .Amara rolled her eyes on him ." What type of welcome is this ..for God sake your little sister came back after 4 years ,you didn't even wish me pathetic my condition is ..?"- said Amara with a hint of mockery & dramatically ." Ok stop it shorty let
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Unexpectedly meet
" Sir Ms.laura is waiting in the lobby . should I send her inside .?"- Pa - Liam asked slowly ." What does she want now?Tell her I'm busy attending meetings"- said a deadly handsome man who is considered as a ruthless king in the business world .--EDWARD HARRISON - A ruthless billionaire  .He is clever , cunning & time-oriented person .He is the Ceo of the " Edara empire "who owned business all over the world .He is arrogant,cold ,yet Handsome , sexy and the Most eligible bachelor of New York .He is the role model for all youngsters .He had won many prizes ,prizes .He is always on the front page of every magazine .Everybody is afraid of him & He enjoys there fear .*Bang*" Sweetheart what's the matter in lying to me " - said Laura banged into his office l
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My whole stopped when I saw her infront of me .I just didn't saw the route nor I didn't observed my surroundings I just immersed myself in my phone whole the journey .When I saw her after fucking 5 years ,I felt like my World wents ups &down .God she is freaking goddess .She became more sexy & beautiful like a fairy .I can't even move my eyes away from me .When I saw tears in her eyes my chest tightened .I immediately came out of thought when my mom is talking to her ." O my beautiful amara became so stunning "- mom said for which she smiled I must say a forced smile .Why is she not happy seeing me again .?I had a thousands of questions which I need a answer from her .I will be waiting for a right time to talk to her .She can't escape from me Not any more ." Let's go inside "- said her mother .we went inside .She is stood in her place rooted .What's her problem .? I want to ask her .I want to hug her tightly .I just miss her .
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First meeting after ages
 ##### CHAPTER : 4:-First talk  "Are you ok Doll.?" - I snapped out of my thoughts when my brother called out . " I -I think so brother please take eddy ..I mean Edward to my room .I will be back in 5 mins"- I said while going away to one of my favourite rooms . I just can't hold back myself .I cried out loud .I am happy to marry Eddy. It's like my dream comes true but b-ut it's very dangerous thing which I can't do .Never I can't ..I can't put anyone's life in danger . I need to talk to Eddy .I will ask no beg him to withdraw from this Marriage .Yes I can do ..I can do it .You can do it . I calmed myself but my tears were nowhere to be stopped .I wiped my eyes &a
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She is back -her worst nightmare
Liam contact our private detective and asked him to find out amara's whereabouts in this year's .Every single thing I needed by tomorrow"- Edward commanded . " As you say president"- after bowing respectively Liam went out of his office leaving Edward in deep thoughts . Where did you go, munchkin.? I can't bring myself to hate you .? You are still my munchkin no matter what .Where is your stubborn,bold ,sassy nature now ? You became so weak .You never cried in the past .Why now .? What's happening in our lives? Can't I have you whole myself .? I love you damn it . " Master, it's time to meeting "- Liam reminded Edward . He straightened his suit ,went towards the meeting room followed by Liam . 
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Piggyback ride ️
" I think there are a lot of things I should know alright .?"- jor asked as soon as amara is ok now . " It's not what you think brother .I'm just anxious "- amara said nervously . " Why anxious?"- jor questioned seriously .amara stayed silent by biting her lips . " You know right doll .I love you so much ,I'm here to help you .For that you should open up .Ok now be a good girl and tell me everything "- jor voice is so gentle .He is helping amara to open up . " I wish I could tell you but it's not as easy as you think brother .I better not involve anyone in my mess "- amara whispered but it was heard by jor . " Well ..let's keep this matter aside .You should know I'm always here like a pillar ,I can lend my shoulder to my dear sweet sister .Now tell me you are still loving him right .? "- jor words made amara heart feel warm .She became dumbfounded . How does
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mm they are planning for marriage .? Does she think I'm useless sitting back silently when she had my man all by herself .? "- Jasmine laughed evilly . " Let me give a little trailer tomorrow my dear amara ,you dare to come back ..tsk ..tsk surely have guts ..I think I should punish you "Jasmine is talking to herself .She is the reason for Amara's disappearance . ** Next few days are normal . Amara became alert when she saw Jasmine .She is simply scared of very little things . Soon there are only two days left for the engagement and wedding .No one knows about it .Edward wants to reveal this news .So he visited W
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As His master command Liam ( assistant) submitted the investigation file of Amara on Edward's desk .Edward came back after attending the meeting .His mood is not so good ,so he thought to check it after sometime .But as he remembered about the wedding dress ..He instantly got up from his place ." Liam handle things for today .Give me a call if anything urgent comes "- ordering him Edward went back to amara house .** Will he come or not ..?. Should I call him .? No no Why should I call myself ..? He ordered me right .Then why the hell he didn't come in time ..? Such a hitler …" Oh ..stop Walking like that ..I'm feeling dizzy by seeing you "- jor said annoyingly ." What ask your friend to maintain time sense "- amara said frustratedly .." Well ..I think better if you say him by yourself "- jor said " Mm ...wh-at ..why should I?" " Because you are the one complaining not me "-
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Wedding ❤️
Wedding was held at the very biggest hm5- star hotel .It was decorated impressively with a lot of lights, candles and flowers around the room. There were three glamorous wedding photo albums, showing tables right at the centre of the official gate. The principal colours were likely to be white and violet, so all the guests were requested to wear clothes with one or both of these colours. Guests are seated in chairs waiting for the groom and bride .The atmosphere is so Rich and peaceful .. everything in the decorations speaks of rich .. of course it's the marriage of the most No.1 bachelor and a very beautiful princess of WHITLOCK 's .A selected reporter is allowed not to create any issues .. every single thing is live broadcast all over the world .. Everything is fine for now ..Then what about the groom and bride .? Are they really happy? Of Course ..why won't they .." Ya ..finished mam ..Omg are looking stunning like a fairy "
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