Chapter 3


I am from a meeting when my phone rings and I pull out of the driveway sighing when I see Reaper's name on the home icon. Answering it, I connect it to the blue tooth of my car, relaxing as I drive to the house. 

I live on the West side of town, the place is luxurious, and it is a big mansion. I love it. 

"Do you have the girl?" I ask as I ride into the main road. 

Silence hits me from the other end of the line and I frown. Reaper isn't the one to chew his words, he says them raw. 

I wonder if Micah might have given the wrong address, well, I wait to hear what he has to say. When I am hit with a long silence, I speak up angrily. 

"Oh, well, Reaper, has the cat gotten your tongue? Have you gotten the girl or not?" I snap angrily, making sure my eyes are on the road. 

I hear murmuring, probably Reaper talking to Caleb and then, there is a small clear of the throat. 

I get this distinct feeling, one that just makes my soul bounce heavily. 

"I think it is best you come to Fraternity Hospital and come see this for yourself," Reaper says. 

Hospital? Why the fuck...

I halt my tongue anger flashing in my face. Reaper can be a dick when he means to, but his energy is always reserved for the people who deserve it, the men who will dare fuck with our club, or me. 

"The instruction was to bring the girl alive, Reaper, I swear, if you as much as pulled a hair from her head, I will kill you with my bare hands and bury you myself," I threatened ending the call. 

The bastard should figure out an explanation as to why he is in the hospital. 

As I reverse the car, I take the road that leads to Fraternity Hospital. I owned a fair share of the hospital, holding seventy percent of the hospital. That is why Reaper will go there, the services are top-notch. 

 But as I drive to the hospital, I can't help but feel a sense of dread cloud me. I focus on the road. 


Twenty minutes later, I park in the parking lot and dash into the front of the well-lit hospital building, it is about nine p.m. now, and the inside of the building is painted white, and a pale baby blue color. 

Reaper is pacing the reception hall while Caleb is at the far end of the room, leaning against a wall with a plastic cup of coffee in his hands. They both seemed startled when they see me, fear rippled in Reaper's face. He never shows emotions, thus, this is serious. 

"Boss..." he starts but I cut him off. 

"Where is she?" I ask anger laced in my voice. 

Reaper gulps before answering but is cut short when a doctor walks towards us. He recognizes me and a small smile pulls across his lips.  

"Mr. Vincenzo," Doctor Smith greets. 

"Can someone explain what is going on here?" I ask confusion lacing my voice.  

Instead of directly answering me, Dr. Smith nods curtly, silently demanding me to follow him. We take the elevator to the fourth floor where there are rooms filled with hospitalized patients, I follow the doctor into a room where a lady is on the bed. 

She has an IV on her hand, and it is connected to an IV pole. 

Machines are beeping in the room, showing signs of life and anger purrs through me as I walk close to the bed. 

This lady is an angel, straight from a storybook with long blonde hair, but what takes me back is her face, it is swollen, with a big white bandage around her head. 

Sensing the high energy in the room, Dr. Smith breaks the silence. 

"The wound on her forehead was a deep cut, and surgery had to be performed immediately. She had bled out, and if she wasn't brought in at that time, we would have lost her," he says. 

Lost her. 

Anger flushed through my body causing me to shake. Turning with full force, I stride the room in three long steps and grab Reaper by the throat, squeezing him with his tie and shirt, tightening it as I hit him full force again the wall. 

I punch him once, getting into his face, my voice deadly as never before. 

"You had one job, you big chunk of muscles, to bring the girl to me alive, well, looking at her now, I guess she is just an inch to death, what is wrong with you?" I ask punching him twice. 

Reaper doesn't hit me, he just stares at me.

I don't know why I am reacting like this, but any man who sees the lady on the bed will react the same. I don't know why but my instinct to protect her is strong. 

Caleb speaks, and his voice is calm and calculating, knowing I could pounce on him too. 

"Reaper didn't touch the girl, boss. Neither did I, we met her in her room like that, and we had to rush her down here so that "The Fraternity" could give her the best services," he explains. 

Guilt makes me remove my hand from Reaper's throat at once but I don't apologize, I never do. 

"Who did this to her?" I ask. 

"I don't know boss, but I promise to find out," Reaper says arranging his tie. 

"I trust you find that motherfucker, and then, bring him to me, I will find pleasure in separating every limb from his body," I say. 

They nod their heads. 

Dr. Smith explains for a while that London's cuts are superficial, and the swelling will soon go down, but it will be best if she is kept in the hospital to observe if more swelling might surface. 

I am left alone with this lady and I just stare at her. She is small, physically, she looks tiny laying there in the hospital bed. She is pretty, even with her face swollen, her beauty doesn't escape my eyes, and anger purrs in me. Whoever did this to her will pay. 

She is mine now, her brother might have made a simple deal to save his life, but London will be under my protection, and I will make her happy. 

It is six a.m. the next morning when London first stares awake, only her left eye is fully open, she doesn't see well through the right one and I notice a healing black spot there, her attacker might be a current one and I can't fight the huge to protect her any further. I had stayed all night watching her like a bear, Reaper had bought me a blanket and a bottle of water before I had sent him and Caleb home for the night. 

I gently brush my hand over London's blonde hair, and when she looks at me, I know she is still in a haze, her gaze unfocused. 

"I will protect you, little human, even if it is with the last breath of air I have left in my body," I say, then lean down to place a kiss on her hair. 

It was cleaned but it still has streaks of blood in them. 

She closes her eyes, the weight of her pains drawing her back to sleep. I return to my sit, watching her, she seems to be my new favorite show, and I am about to get obsessed over it. 

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