Chapter 4

*** LONDON'S POV **** 

I stare awake a few times but I am too weak to stay focused, to know where I am, or even move an inch of my body. My muscles are taut, and my eyelids fall under tight pressure dragging me to sleep. 

I dream about Oliver, him hitting me several times while I don't even try to protect myself, I am too weak, he is stronger than I am, and then, I am jerking forward with a rippled cry through my lungs. 

I pant, sweat beading my forehead, I force my eyes open, but I can't see well through my right eye, and the left can only see as much as when an object is about five steps closer to me. 

I am still in a haze, wondering where I am when I hear the scrape of a chair close to the bed. I flinch, throwing my hands in the air before bringing it to hide my face, in case I am about to get punched again. 

Oliver! The dickhead has instilled an everlasting fear in me. I am always on the defensive stance. 

"You are awake, Little human," a warm voice calls out to me. 

I freeze, I have never heard that voice before. And it dawns on me that I don't even know where I am. The last thing I remember is Oliver dragging me out of the house, that is before I was whooped into complete darkness. 

I turn to the man and startle when I see a large and tall man, standing in my peripheral, so, I don't have to stretch my neck to figure him out. But then, I do not know him, he doesn't look familiar at all. 

Opening my mouth, I can't seem to find the words to say. 

Understanding dawns on the stranger when he figures out that I have a dry throat, he grabs a bottle of water, adds a straw to it, and brings it to my lips. 

"Only a sip, honey, a sip at a time," he tells me. 

I sip it until I have had my fill, then, I look up at him, hating myself for not being able to see better. 

"Who are you?" I ask when I try my voice again. It is hoarse, but the words just sound as bad as they can be. 

The stranger chuckles, and brushes his hand over my head before responding, 

"Someone you will be living part of your recent life with," he says warmly. 

I don't understand but there is this authority that sparks out of this man, I can't help but poke at it. 

"I was at my apartment... How..." I look around me discovering that I am in the hospital, but it doesn't explain the fact that I am here and a stranger is hovering around me. 

A smiles warmly, I see early morning stubble on his face, a sign that he has been stressed out, and good use of a good bath and a shave. 

"I know you have a lot of questions to ask, but right now, there is nothing to worry about, you are in the right hands, but I will like to know about something..." the stranger says leaning close that I get a good whiff of his manly cologne. It might be a flint but it is so manly, so unique. 

"What... What do... you... want?" I ask my voice a soft wavering sound. 

I hate how weak I sound, I feel even worse. 

"Who did this to you, London? Give me a name," he says. 

A full-body shiver rakes through my body like a wave just crashed through me. Who is this man? Unlike how terrifying I am when Oliver is around, this man spikes me, but in an intriguing manner. 

"Who are you?" I shoot out again. 

The stranger looks like he wouldn't tell me, but on a last note, he gives in, his eyes hooded as he straightens to his full length, I have to lift my head upwards to see him better. 

"Zane Vincenzo," he says calmly. 

A feel a bucket of iced water being thrown at me, my entire body goes rigid. 

Zane fucking Vincenzo is standing in front of me and I look like shit. I have only heard his name a handful of times, he is a monster, an Italian mafia whom anyone wouldn't want to cross paths with him. 

"Holy shit, I am in trouble, aren't I? I didn't do anything, I swear," I say snorting. 

I know I am blabbing but Zane being in front of me? Anybody would. He kills with his bare hands. I have heard a lot of dark shit about him to want his attention. 

"Not yet, honey, but I need the name of the person who hurt you now," he says firmly and I shake my head. 

Oliver will do more than beat me up the next time if he finds out I put him in trouble. I deviate from the question. 

"How did you find me, and what hospital am I?" I ask curling my fingers hoping that Zane forgets his question. 

A relieve a small smile when he doesn't push forward, but it turns into a full shock with the revealing truth he shoots out at me. 

"You are in Lake City, Colorado, London, and how you got here? Well, I sent my men to come get you. It is quite sad that they brought you home in pieces and now, you have to get fixed," he says. 

His words whirl in my head, my heart rate picking up so fast. 

"You know my name," I blurt out. I just noticed this is the second time he has said my name in a sentence and the hair on my neck starts prickling, scaring shit out of me. 

A small chuckle vibrates through his chest as he replies, "Oh, yes, Little human, I know your name and everything about you. I also know that you have a name to give me and that person will pay for hurting you so badly," he notes. 

My head spins, throbbing heavily. 

"My home is in New York City," I blurt out, I feel another wave of fatigue sweeps through me. 

When strong fingers wave back strands of hair from my face, I relax gently but Zane's words put me back to the edge. 

"No, London, your home is with me, you just don't know it yet, and I am about to show you how good that might be if you accept without me having to convince you,"

I open my mouth to speak but words fail me. Zane Vincenzo scares me, but the idea of a home with him? It terrifies me even more, but it can't be a bad idea if I give it a thought. 

I am consumed with the weight of sleep before I can form a reply. 

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